Georgia Bulldogs

First Visit - Where To Eat

Healthy Options
Earthfare Salad Bar (706) 227-1717 Salad, soups, & sandwiches
Jasons Deli(706) 425-4950 All you can eat salad bar, soups, & sandwiches
Pita Pit(706) 552-0051 Serves pita bread sandwiches, soups & salads
Big City Bread (706) 353-0029 Handmade breads and pastries, deli & cafe
The Local Jam(706) 850-7232 Serves fresh breakfast & lunch
Panera(706) 546-6812 Bakery, salads, & sandwiches
Carrabbas Italian Grill (706) 546-9936 Great carb load before a big game
Outback Steakhouse(706) 613-6015 Pasta, protein, & potatoes
Breakfast of Champions
Starbucks (706) 543-0114 Fresh coffee, bagels, & pastries
Five Star Day(706) 543-8552 Great Southern menu. Open for breakfast,lunch,& dinner
A OK Cafe (706) 355-3002 Grab a coffee and muffin to go
Expresso Royale(706) 613-7449 Fresh coffee & baked goods
Georgia Center(706) 542-3243 Coffee bar & hot food line
Mama's Boy (706) 548-6249 Awesome Southern cuisine
Panera Bread (706) 546-6812 Bakery, salads, & sandwiches
The Grit (706) 543-6592 Tasty vegetarian menu that appeals to all kinds of eaters
Walkers(706) 543-1433 Coffee Bar with fresh bagels & pasteries
Our Favorites
Last Resort (706) 549-0810 Large menu including, pasta, fish & hearty meat plates
Shokitini (706) 353-7933 Japanese cuisine & sushi bar
The Grit (706) 543-6592 Tasty vegetarian menu that appeals to many types of eaters
Cali and Titos (706) 227-9979 Latin American food with outdoor seating
Casa Mia (706) 227-4444 Latin Cuisine & Tapas Bar
Farm 255 (706) 549-4660 Serves local, seasonal, & sustainable food
Little Italy (706) 613-7100 Laid back pizza joint
The Grill (706) 543-4770 50's style diner open 24 hours a day
Weaver D's (706) 353-7797 Best Soul Food around
Barberitos(706) 549-9008 Southwestern Grille & Cantina
Willies(706) 548-1920 Made-to-order burritos, tacos, & quesadillas
Clocked (706) 548-9175 Great burger selection & milkshakes

SPOTLIGHT: I love going to Last Resort before big meets and when my family is in town. The atmosphere is awesome and truley is a gem of Athens. They have a huge variety of food from steak, to seafood, and even vegetarian opitions. The wait can be long so make sure you call ahead.

-Emily Houston, Cross Country and Track athlete

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