Bulldog Update: Liz (Pace) Morgan
Liz (Pace) Morgan

Sept. 28, 2012

ATHENS, Ga. - Born and bred to be a Georgia Bulldog, Liz (Pace) Morgan came to Athens in 2002 where she was a libero and defensive specialist until 2006.  Originally a walk on, Morgan stayed dedicated to the sport she loved and by the end of her final season earned playing time and a scholarship.  From her first day of practice, where she tripped in the first drill of the preseason, to graduating with the Marilyn Vincent Award, Morgan has kept many memories from her time as a Bulldog volleyball player. 

Memories weren't the only think she took with her after graduation, as her finance degree from the Terry College of Business has "given [her] the opportunity to travel the country as an investment banking analyst and work in an industry that [she] loves within corporate finance." She said that the rigor of the courses she took at UGA helped her be better prepared for the "real world" and equipped her with the skills and resources needed.  This also led to her earning a position in management at a young age at the grocery company Winn-Dixie.

Now living in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Rob Morgan, she traded in the tennis shoes and volleyball court for flip flops and the ocean.  Some of her hobbies include boating and weekly trivia nights.  Morgan still tries to come back to Athens once a year for a visit and a football game. When asked if she had any advice for current players, ­ Morgan said, "Stick with it. No matter how hard you have to work, or how selfless you need to be at times, stay the course and make the team bigger than yourself."  As an alumnus, she is proud of the volleyball program and the legacy that has already been made and her advice for the program is to "continue a legacy of hard work, but [to] most importantly win and lose with class."


Alumni Survey

Full Name:  Liz (Pace) Morgan



Hometown: Dallas, TX

What are three of your favorite hobbies? 

We are surrounded by water so we spend most of our time boating and hanging out on the sandbars or beach. I also started a couple of local groups that play trivia every week.  

What do you remember most about Georgia Volleyball?

I remember my first freshman preseason like it was yesterday. I tripped over my own feet in the first drill. I was nervous and excited and anxious to play. By our first game, we were all so amped up and ready to go.  

How has your athletic experience at UGA affected your life?  

It has given me discipline and drive. I walked on at UGA and had to earn everything I got.  I earned respect, playing time and a scholarship by the end of my four years. It has taught me that there is nothing that I cannot endure and leave my mark on.

What do you think of the Georgia volleyball tradition and legacy?

I think we should continue a legacy of hard work, but most importantly to win and lose with class. As a group, treat each other and our competitors with respect and do not compromise your character for anyone or any goal. So many schools and teams are under scrutiny and have failed this most basic test.

What is your favorite trip or vacation spot you have visited and why?  

We have had the opportunity to travel extensively, but my favorite was a weeklong trip to Napa and Sonoma. By the end of the trip we called the place "Narnia" because it looked like something out of a storybook and you felt close to God. Plus, there was wine everywhere! 

List your three biggest accomplishments to date:  

1- Graduating UGA with the Marilyn Vincent Award.  

2- Having the courage to leave a job I hated and move to the beach, hoping everything would work out (it did) 

3- Marrying my soul mate, Rob.

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