Note: Prior to 1990, there was no distinction between singles and doubles All-SEC honors and only in 1987 and 1993 have the league coaches selected a first- and second-team All-SEC team. In 1994, the format was changed again with the top player(s) at each position (based on record) earning All-SEC honors with the coaches also selecting an at-large squad. In 1995, the second team consisted of all doubles honorees (by position and at-large). In 2006, the format was changed again, removing distinctions between singles and doubles and just indicating All-SEC competitors.

1981: Lisa Spain
1982: Leigh Shepard, Lisa Spain
1983: Lisa Spain
1984: Lisa Spain
1986: Jane Cohodes
1987: Alice Reen
1989: Shannan McCarthy, Caryn Moss, Stacey Schefflin, Jill Waldman
1990: Caryn Moss, Shannan McCarthy, Stacey Schefflin
1991: Angela Lettiere (S), Shannan McCarthy
1992: Shannan McCarthy, Shawn McCarthy, Stacy Sheppard
1993: Anne Chauzu (D), Angela Lettiere (D), Stacy Sheppard
1994: Michelle Anderson (S&D), Anne Chauzu (D), Brooke Galardi (S)
Angela Lettiere (S&D), Lisa Salvatierra (D), Tina Samara (D), Stacy Sheppard (S&D)
1995: Michelle Anderson (S&D), Anne Chauzu (S&D), Tina Samara (D)
Stacy Sheppard (S&D)
1998: Vanessa Castellano (D), Marissa Catlin (S&D), Aarthi Venkatesan (S&D), Jane Reid (D)
1999: Vanessa Castellano (S&D), Marissa Catlin (D)
2000: Marissa Catlin (S&D), Lori Grey (D), Esther Knox (S), Anne Nguyen (S), Aarthi Venkatesan (S)
2001: Agata Cioroch (S)
2002: Agata Cioroch and Lori Grey (D), Tina Hojnik and Mariel Verban (D)
2003: Agata Cioroch /Lori Grey (D), Tina Hojnik/Douglas Wink (D)
2004: Jitka Schonfeldova (S), Alexandra Smith (S), Douglas Wink/Natalie Frazier (D)
2005: Caroline Basu (D), Shadisha Robinson (D)
2006: Caroline Basu, Natalie Frazier
2007: Natalie Frazier, Yvette Hyndman, Monika Dancevic
2008: Yvette Hyndman, Monika Dancevic
2009: Monika Dandevic, Chelsey Gullickson, Nadja Gilchrist
2010: Nadja Gilchrist, Chelsey Gullickson
2011: Chelsey Gullickson, Maho Kowase
2012: Chelsey Gullickson, Lauren Herring, Maho Kowase
2013: Maho Kowase, Lauren Herring

CHAMPIONS (1980-81, '84-'89)

Note: There were no SEC individual champions in 1982, '83 and 1990-present, since the championship tournament followed a dual match format in those years. Therefore, the players which are listed for 1980, '81 and 1984-89 are individual winners of a flighted format. However from 1993-94, the SEC singles and doubles champions were those singles players and doubles teams which won the Coaches' Indoor Tournament held each fall. No singles or doubles champions have been recognized by the SEC after the 1994 season.

No. 1 Singles
1980: Mary Lynne Smisson
1984: Lisa Spain
1986: Jane Cohodes
No. 2 Singles
1989: Stacey Schefflin
No. 3 Singles
1986: Alice Reen
1989: Caryn Moss
No. 5 Singles
1985: Alice Reen
1986: Laurie Friedland
1988: Jill Waldman
1989: Jill Waldman
No. 6 Singles
1985: Laurie Friedland
No. 1 Doubles
1988: Stacey Schefflin and Lisa Apanay
No. 2 Doubles
1981: Holly Mills and Jamie Kaplan
No. 3 Doubles
1987: Jill Waldman and Laurie Friedland
1989: Jill Waldman and Caryn Moss

The SEC sponsors a Good Works Team for all 20 of its sports. The Tennis Good Works Team began in 2004 and is made of one student-athlete from each team who gives back to their community in superior service efforts.

2004: Alexandra Smith
2005: Natalie Frazier
2006: Natalie Frazier
2007: Natalie Frazier
2008: Kelley Moore
2009: Cameron Ellis
2010: Cameron Ellis
2011: Kate Fuller
2012: Kate Fuller

1994: Angela Lettiere
1997: Michelle Anderson
1998: Marissa Catlin
1999: Vanessa Castellano
2000: Aarthi Venkatesan

1991: Shannan McCarthy
1992: Tonya Bogdonas
1997: Michelle Anderson
2013: Maho Kowase

2000: Lori Grey
2007: Yvette Hyndman
2009: Chelsey Gullickson
2012: Lauren Herring


Caroline Basu, First Team All-SEC and SEC Academic Honor Roll

1984: Jenny Thornton
1985: Susan Green, Jenny Thornton
1986: Lianna Bebeau, Susan Green, Jenny
1987: Lianna Bebeau, Lisa Apanay
1988: Elizabeth Alexander, Lisa Apanay,
Lianna Bebeau, Jill Waldman
1989: Elizabeth Alexander, Lisa Apanay,
Amila Fetahagic, Stacey Schefflin,
Jill Waldman
1990: Shannan McCarthy, Shawn McCarthy, Caryn Moss, Stacey Schefflin, Jill Waldman
1991: Shannan McCarthy, Maria Salsgard
1992: Shannan McCarthy, Shawn McCarthy, Laura Kimel
1994: Brooke Galardi, Marianna Land,
Angela Lettiere, Lisa Salvatierra
1995: Anne Chauzu, Lisa Salvatierra
1996: Anne Chauzu, Kappy Kellett
1997: Michelle Anderson, Kappy Kellett
1998: Jessica Annest, Zoë Mellis
1999: Zoë Mellis
2000: Marissa Catlin, Esther Knox, Zoë Mellis
2001: Christa Grey
2002: Christa Grey
2003: Tina Hojnik, Alexandra Smith
2004: Agata Cioroch, Natalie Frazier,
Jennifer Hodge, Jitka Schonfeldova,
Alexandra Smith, Douglas Wink
2005: Caroline Basu, Natalie Frazier,
Jitka Schonfeldova, Evgenia Subbotina
2006: Caroline Basu, Natalie Frazier,
Kelly Sandefer
2007: Natalie Frazier, Kelley Hyndman
2008: Kelley Hyndman, Sara Lett, Kelley Moore, Naoko Ueshima
2009: Lara Fakhoury, Naoko Ueshima
2010: Cameron Ellis, Lara Fakhoury, Yvette Hyndman, Naoko Ueshima
2011: Cameron Ellis, Kelli Jordan
2012: Kate Fuller, Alina Jerjomina, Kelli Jordan, Maho Kowase
2013: Kate Fuller, Lauren Herring, Kelli Jordan, Maho Kowase

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