NCAA Women's Round Of 16 Results

May 17, 2012

#1 UCLA (24-2) def. #33-48 RICE (18-9), 4-0 - Henry Feild Stadium
Head Coaches: Stella Sampras Webster (UCLA) and Elizabeth Schmidt (RICE)
1.  #6 Robin Anderson/Skylar Morton (UCLA) vs. #26 Natalie Beazant/Dominique Harmath (RICE), 8-7, unfinished
2.  #9 Courtney Dolehide/Pamela Montez (UCLA) def. Katie Gater/Ana Guzman (RICE), 8-3
3.  McCall Jones/Carling Seguso (UCLA) def. Kim Anicete/Stephanie Nguyen (RICE), 8-2

1.  #4 Robin Anderson (UCLA) vs. #36 Natalie Beazant (RICE), 6-0, 6-4
2.  #98 McCall Jones (UCLA) def. Dominique Harmath (RICE), 6-0, 6-1 
3.  #73 Pamela Montez (UCLA) vs. Katie Gater (RICE), 7-5, 3-1, unfinished
4.  #124 Skylar Morton (UCLA) vs. Ana Guzman (RICE), 6-3, 3-3, unfinished
5.  #119 Chanelle Van Nguyen (UCLA) vs. Kim Anicete (RICE), 6-4, 4-2, unfinished
6.  Carling Seguso (UCLA) def. Stephanie Nguyen (RICE), 6-3, 6-1

Order of Finish
Doubles: 3,2
Singles: 6,2,1*


UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras Webster
“I think we did a great job competing. The energy was good and we set the tone early. Rice, we knew, was going to fight. They also have good energy. We just wanted to come out and play tennis the way we’ve been playing all season and the girls just did a great job not getting overwhelmed with the moment.”

“I think McCall (Jones) did a great job in singles ripping her shots, playing real aggressive. And Robin (Anderson) getting up 6-0 that first set--just really setting the tone--gives the team that added confidence knowing that they’re doing well up in front. I knew every player on Rice’s team was going to fight. We just needed to do a good job staying composed, and make adjustments, and just compete.”

UCLA’s McCall Jones
“I felt like doubles to start was a little shaky with the fellow senior (Carling Seguso). We were both really excited but at the same time really anxious. It’s the first round and right now we’re playing like it could be our last match.”

“I thought it was good to get out the nervousness in doubles because when I went into singles I felt no nerves at all. I felt really loose, like I could hit away.”

Rice Head Coach Elizabeth Schmidt
“I’m really proud of everything our team has done this season. We came out today and we fought hard and we left everything on the court. UCLA is just a great team and they showed us why they were No. 1 in the country right now. We came out and gave it our all.”
On what you told the team before the match...
“I reminded them of everything they’ve done to get here. We’ve beaten a lot of good teams to be here and it’s another chance to beat an odd. We prepared like we did all year. You don’t change anything up. You just do what we do well. You play with passion and fight.”

On what it was like playing your former team...
“It’s a dream come true to bring a team to the Sweet 16 and to do it against three of the people who meant the most in my tennis career is awesome. (UCLA head coach Stella Sampras Webster) has been a great mentor, coach, and friend to me for the past 15 years. It was special to play UCLA. I didn’t cheer for them today, but I’ll be cheering for them to go win it all now.”


#9 CALIFORNIA (20-6) def. #17-32 GEORGIA TECH (16-12), 4-0 - McWhorter Courts
Head Coaches: Amanda Augustus (CALIFORNIA) and Bryan Shelton (GEORGIA TECH)
1.  #15 Jana Juricova/Zsofi Susanyi (CALIFORNIA) def. #23 Alex Anghelescu/Jillian O’Neill (GEORGIA TECH), 8-3
2.  #5 Annie Goransson/Anett Schutting (CALIFORNIA) def. Lynn Blau/Elizabeth Kilborn (GEORGIA TECH), 8-4
3. Caroline Lilley/Muriel Wacker (GEORGIA TECH) def. Alice Duranteau/Cecilia Estlander (CALIFORNIA), 8-3

1.  #8 Jana Juricova (CALIFORNIA) def. #11 Jillian O’Neill (GEORGIA TECH), 6-2, 6-2
2.  #13 Zsofi Susanyi (CALIFORNIA) def. Caroline Lilley (GEORGIA TECH), 6-3, 6-0
3.  #30 Anett Schutting (CALIFORNIA) vs. Elizabeth Kilborn (GEORGIA TECH), 6-4, 6-1
4.  #48 Tayler Davis (CALIFORNIA) vs. Alex Anghelescu (GEORGIA TECH), 7-5, 0-1, unfinished
5.  #67 Annie Goransson (CALIFORNIA) vs. Lynn Blau (GEORGIA TECH), 3-6, 3-5, unfinished
6.  Alice Duranteau (CALIFORNIA) vs. Christina Ngo (GEORGIA TECH), 5-7, 2-3, unfinished

Order of Finish
Doubles: 1,3,2
Singles: 2,3,1*


California Head Coach Amanda Augustus
“This tournament is always tough. We prepare all year for this, and we just have to take it one day at a time. I was happy with the way we played. For us to have Jana happy is a big asset for us.”
Is this the type of performance you expected?
“You never know. We were prepared and healthy for the first time all season. That’s big for us.”

California’s Jana Juricova
“The first match is always really hard. We had some tough losses the last couple of years, but we worked really hard so that wouldn’t happen this season. I think it paid off. Everyone on the team is playing really well. Everyone is peaking right now. We got ready and it showed.”

On what she has to do before her next match...
“I think I’m pretty happy how we played today. The next team we’re going to play is going to be tougher, but I think we’re ready. There’s nothing else we need to do except come and play and enjoy it.”

Georgia Tech Head Coach Bryan Shelton
“I thought we finished the season strong. Our team started really believing in themselves and the work they put in throughout the season. I think it showed at our regional.”

“California today was just a little bit better than us. They’re very strong, especially up at the top of their lineup. After we lost the doubles point it was too much of a mountain for us to climb in the singles.”

“I think the future is bright. We’ve got four great freshmen coming in next year. We’ve got some great returners, some girls that really battled for us. I’m excited about the youth that we have coming in and the talent that we have. Also proud of this team for what they accomplished this year.”


#4 STANFORD (21-1) def. #13 NORTHWESTERN (20-9), 4-1 - Henry Feild Stadium
Head Coaches: Lele Forood (STANFORD) and Claire Pollard (NORTHWESTERN)
1.  #2 Mallory Burdette/Nicole Gibbs (STANFORD) def. #85 Linda Abu Mushrefova/Veronica Corning (NORTHWESTERN), 8-1
2.  #24 Stacey Tan/Ellen Tsay (STANFORD) def. Nida Hamilton/Brittany Wowchuk (NORTHWESTERN), 8-5
3.  Natalie Dillon/Veronica Li (STANFORD) vs. Belinda Niu/Kate Turvy (NORTHWESTERN), 5-6, unfinished

1.  #3 Nicole Gibbs (STANFORD) def. #20 Kate Turvy (NORTHWESTERN), 7-5, 6-3 
2.  #5 Mallory Burdette (STANFORD) vs. Belinda Niu (NORTHWESTERN), 6-2, 6-7(4), 1-1, unfinished
3.  #25 Stacey Tan (STANFORD) def. #82 Brittany Wowchuck (NORTHWESTERN), 6-0, 7-6(5) 
4.  #74 Ellen Tsay (STANFORD) def. Veronica Corning (NORTHWESTERN), 6-1, 6-2 
5.  Linda Abu Mushrefova (NORTHWESTERN) def. Veronica Li (STANFORD), 6-4, 6-3
6.  Natalie Dillon (STANFORD) vs. Nida Hamilton (NORTHWESTERN), 6-2, 4-6, 0-2, unfinished

Order of Finish
Singles: 4,1,5,3*
Doubles: 1,2


Stanford Coach Lele Forood
“The key to victory is just persevering and staying with it. We obviously came out (and) got the doubles point. Won a lot of first sets. And then they do what they do. Which is they don’t go away. It was good battle. A great college tennis match.”

“We’re just happy to have won today. You play that regional round last weekend and you have a long delay until you get the round of 16 match. So it’s really hard to find the right balance of taking the court, being prepared. But also not having waited so long to play that everybody’s a little crazy at that point. We did a good job.”

“We have to tighten up some things. I thought we got out to big leads. We have to find a way to finish some of those matches a little better in the future if we’re going to be a contender here.”

Stanford’s Nicole Gibbs
“I felt really good about my play in doubles. I came out a little shaky in singles. I think I’m still kind of calibrating to the courts here and the general environment here. A little bit of a shaky start, but then I picked it up and I was playing pretty good tennis by the end.”

“In singles, second set... “I started connecting with my shots a little more. I had a little more confidence going into the second set. I just felt more comfortable out there.”

“Mentality going forward... “We’re just really excited for whoever comes our way. We’re hoping it’s USC for a little bit of a PAC-10 grudge match.”

Northwestern Head Coach Claire Pollard
“We’ve done that all year. What’s plagued us this year is we weren’t able to win many doubles points. We’ve had to learn to fight and we’ve got pretty good at it. its just tough against a team with this caliber to win four singles.”

On being the underdog against Stanford...
“We have the utmost respect for them, but they’re still human. If you play hard and play well, you have to believe, otherwise it’s a waste of everyone’s time to come down. I think our team did a good job believing. WE played them last year in the round of 16 and hung with them. Were closing the gap.”

On the season being over...
“I’m proud of the team. Its been an up and down year. There’s been a lot of adversity. We’ve been basically playing with six. I’m proud of the way we finished the season. We return everyone who played today, so hopefully that’s a good thing.”


#5 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (23-3) def. #12 BAYLOR (25-8), 4-1 - McWhorter Courts
Head Coaches: Richard Gallien (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) and Joey Scrivano (BAYLOR)
1.  #3 Kaitlyn Christian/Sabrina Santamaria (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) def. #78 Megan Horter/Nina Secerbegovic (BAYLOR), 8-4
2.  Ema Burgic/Diana Nakic (BAYLOR) def. #49 Valeria Pulido/Zoe Scandalis (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA), 8-4
3.  #75 Danielle Lao/Alison Ramos (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) def. Nicole Kosakowski/Sona Novakova (BAYLOR), 8-5

1.  #14 Zoe Scandalis (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) def. #23 Nina Secerbegovic (BAYLOR), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4
2.  #19 Danielle Lao (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) vs. #16 Diana Nakic (BAYLOR), 3-6, 7-6(4), unfinished
3.  #26 Sabrina Santamaria (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) def. #56 Sona Novakova (BAYLOR), 4-6, 6-2, 6-3
4.  #89 Kaitlyn Christian (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) vs. Ema Burgic (BAYLOR), 7-5, 2-6, 3-2, unfinished 
5.  Jordaan Sanford (BAYLOR) def. Gabriella DeSimone (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA), 6-1, 6-0
6.  Valeria Pulido (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) def. Megan Horter (BAYLOR), 6-1, 6-3

Order of Finish
Singles: 5,6,3,1*
Doubles: 1,2,3


USC head coach Richard Gallien

Were you worried after your team went down early?
“What I always look for is the looks on our girls faces. And if I see moping and sadness, I know its trouble. I actually didn’t see that today. Everyone looked to be focus and hungry. As long as that was the case, we had a very good chance to come back. They’re a very good team. I don’t know that they’ve been healthy on year until recently. That’s a really good win for us.”
On freshman Zoe Scandalis
“For Zoe to finish as a freshman, that’s even sweeter. I hate to single out people in individual sports, but matches like that can really spring people on. I’m very proud. We’re just happy to have won.”

On Saturday’s match against Stanford...
“I think they’re hands down the best team in the country. When they were healthy early in the year, the beat the pants off of Florida. It’s a big challenge for us.”

USC’s Zoe Scandalis
On the long match...
“I loved the fight. NCAA’s is totally different from the regular season. Everyone’s willing to kill themselves to win.”

What was it you did to pull away?
“I have such confidence in how tough I am. I really don’t think anyone can hang with me if it gets down to grit. I’m just think I’m flat out tougher than almost every girl.”

Baylor Head Coach Joey Scrivano
“There’s a lot of things we have to do better. It’s hard to think about the good things when you just took a loss that we probably could have won. There’s a lot of things we have to get better at. That’s really the only positive is that we can get better. That’s the positive. We can definitely do better than the way we played today.”

“It was a winnable match. USC is a great team. They didn’t give us the match. Sometimes that’s all you have to do is just show up and be solid, and not give away the match. They did that today.”


#6 GEORGIA (24-4) def. #11 TEXAS (19-8), 4-0 - Henry Feild Stadium
Head Coaches: Jeff Wallace (GEORGIA) and Patty Fendick-McCain (TEXAS)
1.  #46 Kate Fuller/Nadja Gilchrist (GEORGIA) def. #44 Lina Padegimaite/Noel Scott (TEXAS), 8-3
2.  Chelsey Gullickson/Lauren Herring (GEORGIA) def. Krista Damico/Cierra Gaytan-Leach (TEXAS), 8-4
3.  Lilly Kimbell/Maho Kowase (GEORGIA) vs. Elizabeth Begley/Aeriel Ellis (TEXAS), 6-3, unfinished

1.  #7 Chelsey Gullickson (GEORGIA) vs. #40 Aeriel Ellis (TEXAS), 6-4, 5-3, unfinished
2.  Nadja Gilchrist (GEORGIA) def. #68 Krista Damico (TEXAS), 6-4, 6-2
3.  #58 Maho Kowase (GEORGIA) def. Lina Padegimaite (TEXAS), 7-5, 6-1
4.  #70 Lauren Herring (GEORGIA) def. Noel Scott (TEXAS), 6-3, 6-3
5.  #96 Kate Fuller (GEORGIA) vs. Cierra Gaytan-Leach (TEXAS), 6-1, 4-5, unfinished
6.  Lilly Kimbell (GEORGIA) vs. Elizabeth Begley (TEXAS), 6-4, 1-4, unfinished

Order of Finish
Doubles: 1,2
Singles: 2,4,3*


Georgia Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On moving the match indoors...
“I thought we did a great job of going indoors. We were kind of hoping we could stay outside. Once they said its time to go indoors, our players put their game faces on. We started well, kept momentum, and were able to get it done. Last week we had a rain delay – about the same amount of time, so it was similar to that. We’re not going to look at it if it’s annoying, we’ve been through it before. It’s just part of our sport. Our players responded well once the committee made the decision to go indoors.”

Thoughts on the match...
“It was very encouraging. I told our players after the match that from start to finish, this might have been our best match of the year. What a great time to be playing and peaking. I was thrilled with the effort that they game and the way they all played. It’s very exciting for us to move on. We’ll be ready come Saturday.”

On playing in Athens...
“The crowd was awesome today. They were absolutely phenomenal. WE hope they come back Saturday and bring two new friends. They were inspiring and really into it.”
Georgia’s Chelsey Gullickson
On moving the match indoors...
“We played the team at indoors earlier in the year back in February, so we knew what to expect. The courts are faster, and there is an echo with the ball. It’s a different atmosphere as well. It’s a different game that you have to play.”

On playing with a fast tempo...
“We came out strong in doubles. We were great from the start. WE came out strong, and we finished strong. We didn’t let the rain delay get in the way of anything. We had a goal and that’s what we wanted to do.”

On if the Clemson match was a wakeup call...
“Sometimes you need those hard matches to give you the confidence to get you through. We were able to get through against Clemson. The team came together to get through today We won’t be as tired.. We’ll be able to rest tomorrow and be ready to go Saturday.”

Georgia’s Lauren Herring
“I feel like they are a better indoor team as well. For some of their players, it suits their game pretty well. It wasn’t too big of a difference. It’s just a little faster.”

“I played last weekend but that was the first couple matches I’ve played in a couple of months. So, actually I wanted to get a win in for confidence purposes. I haven’t served in a while, but I thought my serve was the best part of my game today, so I was pleased.”

Texas Head Coach Patty Fendick-McCain
“[Georgia] just played better than us quite frankly. We played with a lot of heart but they just outplayed us today and it’s as simple as that. We needed to have our A+ game today if we wanted to beat them.”

On what to tell your team after the tough loss…
“For us it has always been about putting in your hard work every single day and it’s about consistency.  We had a lot of ups and downs this year but we showed great resiliency and fought through a bunch of hard knocks and were able to bounce back. I think us getting here and making the final 16 was great for us. We wanted to go deep in the draw and I thought we had the talent and the toughness and everything necessary to go deep in the draw but they just outplayed us today. We gained a lot of experience from this and we’ll use it to our advantage next year.”

On the impact of the rain…
“I was doing a little rain dance at one point, but unfortunately their top two girls were really good indoors. I was hoping we could flip a coin and get our five and six out there first, so I was a little disappointed when they said the top four were going first."


#3 DUKE (28-2) def. #14 VIRGINIA (20-8), 4-1 - McWhorter Courts
Head Coaches:  Jamie Ashworth (DUKE) and Mark Guilbeau (VIRGINIA)
1.  #31 Emily Fraser/Li Xi (VIRGINIA) def. #21 Mary Clayton/Ester Goldfeld (DUKE), 8-5
2.  #17 Beatrice Capra/Rachel Kahan (DUKE) def. #43 Hana Tomljanovic/Erin Vierra (VIRGINIA), 8-4
3.  Maria Fuccillo/Lindsey Hardenbergh (VIRGINIA) def. Monica Gorny/Hanna Mar (DUKE), 8-4

1.  #2 Beatrice Capra (DUKE) def. #22 Emily Fraser (VIRGINIA), 6-3, 6-2
2.  #110 Ester Goldfeld (DUKE) vs. #43 Lindsey Hardenbergh (VIRGINIA), 6-4, 4-5, unfinished
3.  #59 Hanna Mar (DUKE) vs. #118 Li Xi (VIRGINIA), 5-7, 3-2, unfinished
4.  #85 Rachel Kahan (DUKE) def. #125 Hana Tomljanovic (VIRGINIA), 6-4, 6-0
5.  #66 Mary Clayton (DUKE) def. Erin Vierra (VIRGINIA), 7-5, 6-2
6.  #97 Monica Turewicz (DUKE) def. Caryssa Peretz (VIRGINIA), 6-3, 7-6(3),

Order of Finish
Doubles: 3,2,1
Singles: 4,1,5,6*


Duke Head Coach Jamie Ashworth
On the long match...
“I thought that we didn’t play very good doubles. Things that went wrong shouldn’t be going wrong in the third week of May for us. But I thought our team believing after we lost the doubles match (was key). Our team has so much belief in their singles play.”

On getting the tiebreaker at the end...
“Not just clinching the match, but I think momentum wise, she was up 4-1 and 5-3, and we just couldn’t give them anything to feed off of. We’ve done a good job all year with our singles getting one or two quick matches. Monica (Turewicz) played more aggressive in the tiebreaker than she did in her whole second set.”

On facing Georgia...
“We’ve never played them here as long as I’ve been the coach. It’s something I’m definitely looking forward to. Hopefully there will be a good atmosphere and a good crowd. When you get down to this point, you have to take your chances. We’re one of eight teams to have a chance to win.”

Virginia Head Coach Mark Guilbeau
“The doubles is a huge, exciting part of the match and we fought hard for that point and did a great job. You could see right away that Duke was very committed to trying to turn it back around, and we were committed to trying to finish. I think that as a team we really tried our hardest to beat them in the singles, and I’m proud of that. We do a heck of a job defending points but to be the best you have to be able to win points. I think there were some times we were maybe pressing too much and trying to win too much, and you really have to give Duke a lot of credit, and I am extremely proud of our team.”

On the effect of the rain delay...
“Both teams have to handle it. I do think that when you have the double’s point you can take that momentum immediately into singles and try and turn it into another couple of points, but they handled it well and our kids handled it extremely well. I think we came out very focused in the singles but we just made a few more errors than they did. Do I wish it wouldn’t have rained? Probably, but we all have to deal with it.”

On what to tell your team after a hard fought match to end the season...
“I’m really proud, again, of the double’s point. That’s a hard thing to do to start off the match cause that can be one of the hardest parts of the process but we handled it great. We came out and really tried to put it away, they were just good enough to withstand it and turn it around on us a little bit in some spots. I’m very proud of them, it’s been a long season and these kids deserve a lot of great experience, I’m sad that we don’t get to play again.”


#2 FLORIDA (24-1) def. #15 MICHIGAN (21-8), 4-0 - Henry Feild Stadium
Head Coaches: Roland Thornqvist (FLORIDA) and Ronni Bernstein (MICHIGAN)
1.  #11 Emina Bektas/Brooke Bolender (MICHIGAN) def. #1 Sofie Oyen/Allie Will (FLORIDA), 8-5
2.     #22 Lauren Embree/Joanna Mather (FLORIDA) def. Mimi Nguyen/Michelle Sulahian (MICHIGAN), 9-7
3.  Alex Cercone/Caroline Hitimana (FLORIDA) def. Kristy Dodge/Sarah Lee (MICHIGAN), 8-2

1.  #1 Allie Will (FLORIDA) vs. #12 Emina Bektas (MICHIGAN), 6-3, 4-3, unfinished 
2.  #9 Lauren Embree (FLORIDA) def. #93 Brooke Bolender (MICHIGAN), 6-4, 6-1 
3.  #21 Joanna Mather (FLORIDA) vs. Mimi Nguyen (MICHIGAN), 7-5, 3-0, unfinished
4.  #61 Sofie Oyen (FLORIDA) def. Sarah Lee (MICHIGAN), 6-1, 6-3
5.  #79 Alex Cercone (FLORIDA) vs. Kristy Dodge (MICHIGAN), 6-1, 5-1, unfinished
6.  Olivia Janowicz (FLORIDA) def. Michelle Sulahian (MICHIGAN), 6-1, 6-3

Order of Finish
Doubles: 1,3,2
Singles: 6,2,4*


Florida head coach Roland Thornqvist
On the match being closer than it appeared...
“The first hour and a half was tough. Doubles was very close. I was very happy to see our doubles team keep their heads and communicate very well. If we have good communication, they have a knack for finding ways to get into matches. We started to own the net. (The No. 1 doubles team) had a tough loss, but that’s a very tough doubles team from Michigan. You have to give them credit. They have two veterans that have played together many, many times. They know how to navigate through tough sets.”

On the singles play...
“I though the singles matches were outstanding. On courts 4, 5, 6 we were about as good as we played all year, and that comes out at a great time. We’re moving well, we’re playing smart, we can handle ups and downs, and we handle mistakes well.”

On the weather delay...
“If anything, we were really eager to play. In the first 15 minutes was just jitters. Once they get their teeth in it, usually we do okay. I think we were just eager.”

On getting off to a slow start...
“Singles is clearly a different game because doubles is faster. Sometimes you don’t get to touch the ball and the game just whizzes by. We’re very physical when we play singles. We like to go deep in the count. We felt more comfortable. This is what it takes. You have to be able to handle nerves and close sets if you want to advance.”

Michigan Head Coach Ronni Bernstein
“I’m pretty happy with the way we played in general. We had a shot at the double’s point, and I think that if we could have squeaked out a win there it would’ve put a little more pressure on Florida in singles. They kind of just took it to us in the singles. There were a couple of close sets but they’re just so solid and when you have chances to make something happen, you have to take them and we couldn’t do that.”

On what to tell the team after a long season…
“We made it here, which we’re very happy about obviously. We’ve been here three years in a row now, but Florida was just too good today. I’m happy with the way we competed, we weren’t scared and we definitely stepped up we just have to keep getting better. We’re young and have room and time to improve so we’ll get there.”

On her thoughts about the season in general…
“We had a good year. We got here again and that was our goal. We wanted to take a step forwards, and improve. Overall I’m very happy with the way we played and competed all year and that’s all you can ask for. We got here and we had a chance we just couldn’t do it today.”


#10 MIAMI (21-4) def. #7 NORTH CAROLINA (24-7), 4-2 - McWhorter Courts
Head Coaches: Brian Kalbas (NORTH CAROLINA) and Paige Yaroshuk-Tews (MIAMI)
1.  #4 Shinann Featherston/Lauren McHale (NORTH CAROLINA) def. #20 Melissa Bolivar/Liat Zimmerman (MIAMI), 8-4
2.  #76 Lina Lileikite/Gabriela Mejia (MIAMI) def. #81 Haley Hemm/Tessa Lyons (NORTH CAROLINA), 8-4
3.  Anna Bartenstein/Brittany Dubins (MIAMI) def. Caroline Price/Gina Suarez-Malaguti (NORTH CAROLINA), 8-6

1.  #18 Anna Bartenstein (MIAMI) def. #38 Zoe De Bruycker (NORTH CAROLINA), 6-2, 6-4
2.  #106 Shinann Featherston (NORTH CAROLINA) vs. #27 Gabriela Mejia (MIAMI), 4-6, 4-5, unfinished
3.  #104 Caroline Price (NORTH CAROLINA) def. #71 Lina Lineikite (MIAMI), 6-3, 6-1
4.  Melissa Bolivar (MIAMI) def. Gina Suarez-Malaguti (NORTH CAROLINA), 1-6, 6-4, 6-4
5.  Tessa Lyons (NORTH CAROLINA) def. Liat Zimmerman (MIAMI), 6-1, 6-1
6. Brittany Dubins (MIAMI) def. Haley Hemm (NORTH CAROLINA), 6-0, 6-4

Order of Finish
Singles: 5,3,1,6,4*


Miami head coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews

On getting the doubles point...
“The doubles point is always pretty darn important at this level. The doubles point is always huge, it was big today. WE lost the doubles point to them the last time we played them. We had opportunities. To be able to come out today and close it out was good.”
On playing late into the night/early morning...
“I actually don’t think it had that much of an effect. Sometimes as coaches we think it’s 1:30 in the morning, but these kids are college kids. This is just another day at the park to them. I don’t think it played that much of a role. You know it’s a tough day when you’re starting your match at 9:20 at night. Once we got on court, we were ready to go.”
On UNC creeping back into the match...
“That’s the way UNC plays and that’s why they are so tough to beat, because they make you beat them. I have so much respect for these kids on UNC’s team. I mean, (Shinann Featherston) at No. 2 – she’s one of the best competitors in the country. (North Carolina head coach Brian Kalbas) made a coaching change by taking (Lauren McHale) out which I think was just a great move. It put us behind the eight ball. They play there best tennis when they’re down. You have to keep our foot on the gas.”

Preparing for the next match...
“We rest. We hydrate and take care of our bodies. A day is a long time. We have a day and a half. WE just need to prepare for Florida and enjoy this for a couple more hours.”

North Carolina Head Coach Brian Kalbas
“Miami played really well tonight and you have to give them a lot of credit. It was a very hard fought match on both parts but they were able to win the tie-breakers. We were up 7-4, 2 but we just weren’t able to close it out. I’m happy with the way our girls played. We had good chances, it just didn’t work out in our favor.”

On what to tell the team after such a tough loss…
“We were down six, seven, eight months but didn’t give up. We said that we were just going to go out and fight, and compete, and not give up and we did that so we are very proud of our team.”

His thoughts on the season as a whole...
“It’s tough to end with a loss, but only one team gets to not do that. I’m very proud of our team. The ACC is a tough conference and we only lost one match in the regular season and got to the finals of the conference tournament, and it’s tough playing [Miami] again. We played well and competed well, Miami just played better today.”



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