Travel Tales: Bulldogs Enjoy Season Opening Trip to Hawaii
Caroline Brinson

Jan. 19, 2014

The No. 4 Georgia women's tennis team is in Hawaii to kickoff its spring season against Hawaii-Pacific, No. 29 Oklahoma State and No. 44 Illinois. In addition to the competition on the court, the team will be taking in everything that Hawaii has to offer. Each day during the trip, the players will take some time out of their schedules to keep fans up to date on what they are up to. Be sure to follow @UGAWomensTennis on Twitter and Georgia Women's Tennis on Facebook for more pictures and updates.

Georgia newcomer Caroline Brinson checks in on Saturday from Maui:

Picturesque Dinner on the Water...

Saturday morning we all got to sleep in a few extra hours, which was great! Some of us got up and went on a little walk on the beach before breakfast but after we all ate, we headed down to the courts to teach an adult clinic. We taught the clinic with the Hawaii Pacific team and the adults loved it! We made a good friend named Wolfgang..he was definitely the class clown, but we had fun listening to his stories and helping him with his game.

After the clinic ended, we had a little time to relax before we warmed up and played the Hawaii Pacific team. We all won our matches so there was not much to complain about! After that, we headed to the shops and the beach just in time for sunset. The sunsets on the water here are incredible...picture perfect! We ended the night with a delicious dinner at a restaurant on the water. It was such a fun and eventful day and we don't even want to think about leaving!

Go Dawgs!


Georgia senior Maho Kowase gave fans a look into Georgia's Friday in Maui:

Paddleboarding in Maui...

Aloha everyone! We have been enjoying every single moment in Maui! :) 

We had another good day on the court! We played early matches (7:45am start) against Oklahoma state and we fought really well on every court. It's very hot and humid here, so adjusting to this weather has been a little bit challenging, but all of us were more adjusted to it than yesterday! 

After eating at the villas, we went to the beach and did team paddle boarding! Everyone did a really good job of standing up and balancing on the board. We went about 100 yards off the shore and some of us were even laying down on the board and floating :) 

The view of Maui from out in the Pacific Ocean was just priceless.... mountains, very fine clean sand beach (no trash!), palm trees, and a full rainbow over the... I couldn't believe that I wasn't dreaming!

The coaches tried surfing and there were some really big waves in Maui! Some waves took them out and they looked like they were riding in a  laundry machine, and sometimes they were able to ride all the way to the shore.

Later, we covered Kate in sand and transformed her into a mermaid!! :) We also met some locals and they were very nice and friendly...and of course everyone is so happy here. Who can't be happy living in Maui?!?

We showered and then went to eat some fish tacos and grab some ice cream. It was really delicious (so fresh and tasty!). We had a really full day from the morning and it was another great day for us! 

We are very fortunate to be here and are having great lifetime experience! We're all very thankful for this opportunity! 

Thank you for reading and GO DAWGS! 


Georgia senior Kate Fuller recapped Thursday:

Another Beautiful Day in Maui...

Today was simply another amazing day in Maui! It ended up being sunny with a high of 84 degrees and a slight breeze. We really can't imagine it getting any better than this!

The day started off a little later than we anticipated. When we woke up at 6:15 a.m. we discovered that it had heavily rained overnight and the courts were soaked. Doubles play was supposed to begin at 7:45 am sharp, but because of the rain didn't end up getting started until about 9:00. We helped squeegee the courts and talked to local members of the club as they arrived for their morning drill sessions.

We had a really good day on the courts and experimented with the new trial format. We ended up getting lots of sun at the courts and finished up play around 1:30.

Afterwards we changed into our bathing suits, had lunch at a great local place, and headed to the beach.  The shoreline at this beach was better for swimming than the beaches we had been to over the last couple days so we were able to spend a couple hours playing in the water, body surfing and boogie boarding. We also walked up and down the beach, saw a few surfers and listened to Bob Marley while playing in the sand.

After seeing another magnificent sunset we headed back to our villas to shower off and get ready for dinner.  We ended up going to this local restaurant that was started by three surfers. Many of us had Monchong fish, ahi tuna, or sushi and all of it was really delicious!

After another long satisfying day on the island, we all were very tired and went straight to bed to get ready for day two of matches and day four of our trip of a lifetime!

Go Dawgs for life!


Georgia senior Lilly Kimbell gave us an update from Wednesday:

Bulldogs Enjoy a Day in Tropical Paradise... 
Today was absolutely amazing. At 7:15 a.m., our team woke up for breakfast and watched the sun come up over the horizon. It was such a breathtaking view; the palm trees and the ocean here are a dream come true. With the courts only being about 100 yards away, we headed over to practice at 8 a.m. The club is gorgeous and the people are very welcoming! After getting a two-hour workout in, we were drenched in sweat from the humidity.

Following practice, we ran back to our rooms to throw on our bathing suits. We headed down to the beach for the adventure of a lifetime. We went snorkeling with sharks and many colorful fish, watched whales flip over and over in the open water, and saw a huge sea turtle (that actually came right up next to our boat!). Continuing our day of fun, we visited a few beaches for some swimming and to watch the sunset. Watching the sun set in Hawaii is definitely the most picturesque things that I've ever seen. The colors of the sky change every second while the sun slowly disappears behind the mountains. I wish we could have that view every night!

To wrap up the night, we went to an awesome restaurant located close to our hotel where most everyone ordered the Mahi-Mahi and it was amazing! We headed back from the restaurant for a good night's rest. We start playing matches  on Thursday at 7:45 a.m.! As we all get ready for tomorrow, I know today is one day that my teammates and I will never forget. We couldn't feel more blessed or thankful for this fantastic day in tropical paradise!


Georgia sophomore Mia King provided Tuesday's update:

Georgia Arrives in Maui... 

Today was our first day in Hawaii! We are all so excited to be here and we are looking forward to the great week! Today was a very early morning for us--we had to leave Athens for the Atlanta airport at about 4:30 a.m., but none of us are complaining...we're going to Hawaii. We spent all day flying and finally arrived in beautiful Maui at about 3 p.m. local time.

The weather is gorgeous was about 75 degrees when we arrived. We checked into our hotel and headed to explore the beach right away! After a fun few hours enjoying the ocean, we got cleaned up and grabbed some dinner at a yummy local restaurant. The food was amazing! Because of the time change and all of the travel, we were all exhausted by the time we finished dinner. We have an early practice Wednesday and then a fun afternoon planned, which will consist of a boat ride, snorkeling, and whale watching! We are looking forward to a week full of great tennis and some fun adventures!

Go Dawgs!



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