Women's Semifinal Quotes

May 19, 2014

2014 NCAA Women's Tennis Semifinal Quotes

UNC def. Stanford, 4-3
UNC Brian Kalbas Coach
On today’s match…
“I’m excited for the program. It’s the first time we’ve gotten to the finals. It’s the first time in my history beating Stanford. We know that to become a championship team, we need to go through teams like Stanford. It’s a big accomplishment for our team and I am just really excited to keep playing.” 

UNC Freshman Jamie Loeb
On being in a match-clinching situation…
“The time I played to clinch the match was against Georgia in indoors. This one had a lot more at stake. I knew if I kept my composure, like I did all match, I’d be able to slowly break her down and conserve my energy. Physically, I felt fine at the end of the match and I think that played a big part. “

Stanford Head Coach LeLe Farood
On today’s match…
“They were very tough. We had some chances. We couldn’t capitalize on some things. I mean, by the end Jamie was just pretty unconscious. Christie was heroic in her first set, and that was a good start, but Jamie just started to just kick it up a bit. It’s tough when you lose a doubles point before you have singles. As it goes, we found three and we couldn’t find the fourth.”

UCLA def. Florida, 4-0
UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras Webster
On today’s match…
“Winning that doubles point was a big point in the whole match because we have been used to winning the doubles point and it really came down to a point here or there. We were fortunate to win the two tie-breakers and the two doubles. We came out just a little tight in the doubles and once we won that point, our team just came out in singles really aggressive and played some really good tennis. We knew Florida is a great team, but we prepared our team like any other match. I’m just really proud of the way they competed and stayed in the moment.”​

UCLA Junior Kaitlin Ray
On today’s match…
"This is the best atmosphere in college tennis. I'm really thankful to be out there and healthy. It was a team effort. I'm lucky to have such great teammates that had my back when I didn't have a good night the other night against Duke. These girls always find a way to pull through, and I'm just excited for these girls. It's what you get up in the morning for. And we have a chance to play for a national title tomorrow."

Florida Head Coach Roland Thornqvist
On today’s match…
"We lost to a better team, that’s just reality. We were sort of playing downhill from first ball, especially in singles and even in doubles. In two doubles we dug ourself a big hole and somehow managed to come back. I must say as one of the greatest improvements that I've seen in my ten years, in such short notice, has been our doubles play from the SEC Tournament and the regular season to the NCAA Tournament—our doubles, we’re like a different being. That's certainly something that we're going to talk about when we meet tonight. I didn't think we hung our heads after losing the doubles point even though it was big momentum for them. I thought we had good opportunities in singles, but they really took it to us early. It was downhill for them, uphill for us from the very, very first ball. I thought really the match could have been over an hour and a half earlier, but we always like to say the third hour of singles is really when our play starts to have an effect on people. We really try to get there. We were so close, I felt like, to be able to just turn momentum a little bit, but this UCLA team has a lot of class. They're good from 1 to 6. They have ball strikers at some spots, and they have grinders that can keep the ball in like that six and other spots. All the credit, obviously, to UCLA. It's a fantastic team. Today we lost to a better team."

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