Women's Quarterfinal Quotes

May 17, 2014

2014 NCAA Women's Tennis Quarterfinal Quotes

Stanford def. Virginia, 4-2
Stanford Head Coach Lele Forood
On today’s match…
"It means a lot to our team, we had belief all year and it's nice to finally arrive at the Final Four. Virginia was really, really tough. They did a great job of hanging tough the entire match. Nobody lost their match, it was about people who won their matches. I think that's a real statement for them."

Stanford freshman Carol Zhao
On today’s match…
"Obviously it was a really tight match, I saw that it was probably going to come down to me, because Kristie was still in the middle of the second set. I just focused really hard on each point in the tiebreak and tried to get the win for my team."

Virginia Head Coach Mark Guilbeau
On today’s match…
“The important thing is to put it into perspective. It's one of those matches that you can’t do anything for but get better from. I just wish we were getting better and still playing. If the quarterfinals of the NCAA against the defending champion is the standard, and we have ranked kids across the board, that is going to lead us to another level.”

North Carolina def. Alabama, 4-2
North Carolina Head Coach Brian Kalbas
On today’s match…
“Our motto is ‘advance and dance’.” We are excited to move on. This was a great match and we have a lot of respect for Alabama . They won the SEC and are a very talented team and well coached.”

On doubles…
“Doubles was really key. Whitney [Kay] and Carolina [Price] really came through big time for us. As far as doubles, we played the best doubles match of the year. I think this will hopefully give us momentum and confidence going into the next round.”

On Tessa Lyons…
“I think Tessa [Lyons] was a huge factor for us.  She was a big factor in doubles and over at court six, even though she didn’t finish, that was their best point. That girl has not lost all year , or maybe lost once. Tessa getting that first set was a huge factor. And Kate [Vialle] winning at court five in a decisive match against another really good point for them was strong for us.”

North Carolina Freshman Jamie Loeb:
On today’s match…
“ I knew their crowd was going to be tough starting from warm-ups. I kind of used that to my advantage and fed off of that. I like that. I pumped myself up.”

“From the beginning I started off well. I had a bit of a hiccup, but I stuck to my game plan and broke her down.  I really wanted it and I think it showed.”

Alabama Head Coach Jenny Mainz
On why her team was not able to win...
"Doubles point. Doubles point. We needed it. We got a little bit tight and they took it from us. We didn't have the courage to take it from them today, so credit to North Carolina. They played a great match but we just didn't quite have the courage there to step up and take it from them.”

On the singles play...
"We had opportunities. We had opportunities in singles and we didn't capitalize on them. We got off to a sluggish start on a couple courts and it really cost us."

UCLA def. Duke, 4-2
UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras Webster
On the match…
"I thought we came out really strong winning that doubles point. It was key for us because we know that Duke has great singles players. Winning that doubles point we knew we still needed to fight because looking back at team indoors we were in the same position, winning the doubles point and ended up losing 4-3.I thought we competed extremely well, played well and we had to beat a team like Duke because they definitely have a great team and have done really well. Overall pleased and am really proud of my team."

UCLA Freshman Catherine Harrison
On the match…
"The first set I was really, really wound, super tight. I came out here and was really loud when I won points and when I lost points, and I don't play good tennis like that. So after the first set, I had a little chat with myself and said that I needed to literally just be completely calm the entire time, honestly try and say nothing when I won points, nothing when I lost points and just focus on literally the next point, not anything else around me. I told myself that there would be noise and the match would get louder as the match went on.

On if she knew it had come down to her to clinch the match…
"I had no idea what the score was to be perfectly honest. I figured, with the noise level, it was coming down to me, but I didn't really know and I didn't really look." 

Duke Head Coach Jamie Ashworth
On doubles...
"Their doubles is good. They hit the ball harder than we have seen all year. They literally hit right at us and knocked us off our feet a little bit, and knocked us back. We still definitely had a chance though, but as I have said all year, they are one of the best teams in the country and they are one of two or three teams that could win this thing."

On the Match...
"We did everything we could to try and play the best we could in singles and they were just better than us on bigger points."

On singles...
"Really liked our effort in singles and the overall fight all the way across the board. We made them earn points and earn the three matches that they won and that is all that we can ask for. Against a team like that we give ourselves a chance and that is all we can do. They are a really, really good team and that was the one team that I thought could give us a lot of trouble and they did."

Florida def. Georgia, 4-1
Florida Head Coach Roland Thornqvist
On the match…
“I thought we played an absolutely outstanding match. This Georgia team is really good from top to bottom, and all year their doubles have been the best in the country. We challenged our team today to step up and play aggressive tennis in doubles. And that really set the tone. I thought we were flawless in doubles. This is the best we played all year. We played with no fear and I thought we really went after them more than they did us. When we played here two months ago, the doubles point was over in 15 minutes. This win ranks way, way up there.”

Florida Senior Sofie Oyen
On the match…
“She was playing really well first set. Second my goal was to just stay out there because I knew the other matches were really close. When I won the second set, I just wasn't going to lose the third set. I was telling myself to fight for every point. I didn't make a lot of mistakes.”

Georgia Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On the match…
"I think our team has had an unbelievable season, being the No. 1 seed, having the best regular season, winning the SEC Tournament. We wanted to do more than the quarterfinals, and that was our goal, but it wasn't meant today. You have to take your hat off to Florida, they just really played well against us. I think that was the best I've seen them play in doubles this year, and unfortunately we didn't get that doubles point. But we had some good starts in singles and flipped the momentum there for a little while, and then their players really stepped it up and played well to close out some sets and matches."​

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