2014 NCAA Women's Tennis Round of 16 - Quotes

May 15, 2014

2014 NCAA Women's Tennis Round of 16 Quotes

North Carolina def. Texas A&M, 4-0
UNC Head Coach Brian Kalbas
On today's match...
"We're really excited. We lost to Texas A&M in February, and we knew how tough they would be. They got to the NCAA Finals last year. Whitney (Kay) came up big for us in singles and doubles, and Tessa (Lyons) played unbelievable. Our two freshmen clinching the doubles point for us after being down was huge. It was a full team effort, and we're just really happy to be advancing."

North Carolina Freshman Jamie Loeb
On today's match...
"I knew that last year when we played Texas A&M, I won pretty easily. I knew that I just had to break my opponent down and get her frustrated. I was prepared for her to come out strong since last time was a little bit of a beatdown. I just stuck to the same game plan as last time."

On having to play indoors...
"We practiced indoors yesterday for a little bit, but I'm used to playing indoors. It's pretty easy for me to adjust. Sometimes it can be harder to go indoors to outdoors, so I wasn't too worried about that."

TAMU Head Coach Howard Joffe
On the match...
"Obviously, it brings our season to an end so it's inherently disappointing. But when you look at how our girls handled themselves and competed given the set of circumstances, for example Ines's knees just wouldn't allow her to play today, they acquitted themselves very well. I was very proud of them. We had a match point in the doubles point and if we win that, certainly we have a chance to win the match. So it's disappointing but I couldn't be more pleased with the way our girls went about their work and you have to give North Carolina credit. They're a highly ranked team for a reason. They're awfully good."

Alabama def. Notre Dame, 4-2
Alabama Head Coach Jenny Mainz:
On the match...
"I liked what I saw today. I thought we competed well. We got our teeth in the match early and won a convincing doubles point. We struggled a little on number one, but then found our way and got back on track. I liked what I saw overall. I felt like everyone competed well and competed hard. I felt like we just hung on a little longer there. We got the 3-0 lead, but they're fighters. We knew that about them. They're a tenacious team and they play within themselves, so we knew we would have to finish, and I like the fact that we did. "

Alabama Junior Luicelena Perez
On the match...
"When I got to the court, we were winning, but I had a feeling that it would come down to me. The other matches were in the second set, third set and very close. So I was pretty nervous, but I think that's normal. But once I start playing, and playing well I got the momentum and the crowd was very helpful, and everything went great. "

"The crowd made a huge difference. That's one of my favorite things about college tennis. It makes the atmosphere fun to play in."​

Notre Dame Head Coach Jay Louderback 
On the match…
"The seniors played unbelievable. It was tough to see them go out. We have been good at doubles lately, we just lost two of the three. We just fell behind. When you start off down 1-0 against a team that good, its tough to come back. It seems like we were always playing from behind all match. We lost the two spots I thought we really had a good chance of winning. When you play on four courts, it’s really tough when it comes down to two people. It's a lot of pressure. But our kids fought like they have all year."  

Virginia def. Baylor, 4-1
Virginia Head Coach Mark Guilbeau

On today’s match...
“I could see across the board that our kids could win points with margins of about four-to-six feet from the lines. That to me has an incredible amount of positivity to it because if you’re playing that strongly, and you can win with those margins, I think that speaks loudly about what your team is doing offensively. We’re willing to play defense too and I don’t think that’s something you can really coach. The whole package is there. The team has been communicating with us coaches better than they have all year. I feel like right now, when a lot of teams might be struggling and it would be very fair to struggle physically with such a long season, we might be at our absolute best and that’s all you can ever dream of. We’re going to be ready to play one heck of a match come Saturday.”

On the play of Danielle Collins...
“She was unbelievable. I think if it’s on [Danielle’s] racket then she’s going to get it done. She’s been spurring her teammates along even while she’s on her court. She really wasn’t even feeling all that great today. I think she handled herself very well today even with something that could have been a physical excuse, but she didn’t let it get to her. Even though you see an incredible amount of fire and emotion with her, she’s also just very business like. She’s really sticking to her guns and doing things very, very well.”

Virginia Sophomore Danielle Collins
On the team’s performance today...
“The last couple of days Coach Guilbeau has really put a lot of emphasis on coming back from losing the doubles point against Kentucky. We definitely learned a lot just based on the way that they played even though we didn’t lose the match. I think it was a very beneficial learning experience and it definitely helped us today because we had a lot of things that we recognized we needed to work on. We went out and practiced on that and we came out today and everything we worked on was working perfectly and we were able to run away with the win.”

On advancing to the Elite Eight for the first time in school history...
“We’re so excited. The whole year we’ve had a goal of being able to go the whole way. Definitely after winning the ACC Tournament we have a lot of confidence. Also, winning the first matches of the weekend helped us a lot. We’re really looking forward to playing. We’re playing a very good team tomorrow but we’re ready for the challenge.”

Baylor Head Coach Joey Scrivano
On today’s match...
“Virginia is just a really good team and they played very well today. We just didn’t have enough.”

Stanford def. California, 4-3
Stanford Head Coach Lele Forood

On the team’s comeback victory…
“There were a lot of moments it didn’t look very good at the end there, but it was one of those sea-saw matches. We were down 1-0 from the doubles, they totally outplayed us, but we had good starts in the singles. We came out pretty well. We won a lot of first sets and even the six was a competitive first set, so then I started to feel pretty good about where we were sitting in the match.”

Stanford Freshman Caroline Doyle
On serving at 15-40 while down 4-5 in the second set…
“I hit every single point. We came all the way out here to go far in the tournament and I was just trying to leave it all on the court. Even if I ended up losing I just wanted to know that I gave it 100 percent. I ended up getting those points and securing the game.”

On teammate Taylor Davidson fighting through injury to win her match…
“I saw her fall on the court and I saw her on the ground and it wasn’t looking too good. But I knew she was going to give it her all and wasn’t going to default. It’s awesome. I’m so proud of her that she came back and even ended up winning that third set while cramping. That just gave me a lot of confidence and I had to pull through for the team.”

California Head Coach Amanda Augustus
“Obviously that was heartbreaking for Maegan (Manasse). We knew that this match was going to come down to the wire, as it does every time we play our rival. It was just great tennis on every court. Unfortunately, we had a couple of match points that we didn’t convert, but that’s what can happen when you have two freshmen out there at the end. You don’t really know what you’re going to get. I think Stanford will go really far now in the tournament. I think we’re two of the better teams this year, so I wish them luck. If it can’t be us, I want it to be someone from our conference. My team fought really hard today and left it all out on the court. You can’t ask for anythng else.” 

Florida def. Vanderbilt, 4-0

Florida Head Coach Roland Thornqvist
“I thought we played really well. We obviously knew Vanderbilt from playing them during the regular season. They have players from 1 to 6 who are just fighters, good athletes, smart players. We knew it was going to be a tough, tough contest. I thought we came out of the gates and played great doubles; all three courts. We had a little bit of a delay because of some officiating issues. We lost a little bit of the momentum, initially when we started singles. In general I was really pleased with our play. We look like we moved well, we played smart.”

Florida Sophomore Brianna Morgan
“I think I just mentally tried to stay tough, especially in the third set, to get the win.”

Vanderbilt Head Coach Geoff Macdonald
On tonight’s match...
​“That’s a tough Florida team. We needed the doubles point and it got tight there. But they’re just relentless and really good. I give them a lot of credit. It was an incredible experience for our team and I’m just really proud of the way they battled. You cannot replace the education you get from these matches.”

Georgia def. USC, 4-3

Georgia Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On tonight’s match..
“Our crowd today was amazing and Lauren Herring was just as amazing. It was a great match and I thought our team really played well. I thought USC played absolutely fantastic, just an epic battle. Either team could win in that great match. [Lauren Herring] was just amazingly tough at the end and [Maho Kowase] got it done quick, it was unbelievable.”

On USC’s seed...
“I knew Southern Cal has had a great program and team. Every time we play them -- I think this is like the tenth time I’ve played them, I think I’m 9-1 -- it’s an epic battle like this. I just feel like when you get to the Sweet 16, every single one of these teams is great, has had a special year, and comes in here believing they can have a special week. I just thought that both teams really played some high level tennis.”

Georgia Junior Lauren Herring
On the end of the match...
“Well, I had started cramping at the very end of the second [match point] and pretty bad at the beginning of the first, so I really wanted to get the points done as quick as possible on match points. I had no legs at the end.”

On the crowd...
“I could not have done it without them. Our crowd is amazing. It was really special because my grandparents are here and it was really cool.”

Georgia Senior Maho Kowase
On watching the final match as a team...
“I was just too excited. I could feel the pressure on [Lauren], so I was like, ‘Yay, Lauren!’ I was so happy that I started crying, maybe. I’m so proud of her.”

USC Head Coach Richard Gallien
“You have to give credit to Georgia. They’re a tough team. They’re on their home courts. They’re well coached, well conditioned. And yet, as the 16th seed, much undeserved, our girls were remarkable today. 

“To have any of our kids crying it just breaks my hearts, because when they compete like that the losing is undoubtedly very painful, but the level of pride I have in her and the rest of the girls is immeasurable. It’s such a long year and there is so much invested and then its over. You have to be able to see the big picture and not just focus on tonight but the whole year.”

Duke def. Clemson, 4-1

Duke Head Coach Jamie Ashworth
On tonight’s match…
“Clemson is a great team. We split with them during the year. Obviously there is a lot of familiarity between the two teams. It didn't produce the best tennis for either one of us, but the competitive level was really high. I think both teams competed well. It's tough to come here and play a conference team because you're so familiar with them. We got through, and we started with a good doubles match.”

On the late start…
“The hardest thing was that the UGA match still going on, our girls kept watching the scoreboard because they wanted to know who was going to win. I had to tell them to focus on what we were doing. We've played late matches before. Athens is a fun place to play.”

Duke Freshman Chalena Scholl
On tonight’s match…
“It feels great to advance. I got a little tight in the last two games, but I am glad I was able to pull it out. It's really good to be onto the next round. We've put in a lot of hard work to get here, and I think we can go a lot further. So I'm just looking forward to the next few days. “

Clemson Head Coach Nancy Harris
On tonight's match...
"I think in the doubles we had opportunities. We were aggressive when we needed to be aggressive, and then when we needed to finish points we didn't do that. We had just the opposite. Our team can play much better than they played today. Hats off to Duke, you know, they did what they needed to do. I think we overplayed a little bit in certain situations and then didn't make them play in others."

UCLA def. Miami, 4-0

UCLA Head Coach Stella Sampras-Webster
On tonight's match...
"It was very unpredictable. We knew that we were going to have a tough match against Miami. They play a style that we don't play very much on the west coast. I felt that we battled well tonight. We're winning at different spots in our doubles right now and I think that shows that we can win anywhere. I think the nerves were an issue a bit. Miami fought hard like they always do and it was just a tough battle.

On what to focus on going into next round...
"I think we'll play better with every match that we play. I think this first match is always the toughest here. I think everyone is just trying to play tennis, really. I think we'll play better against our next opponent. We'll get a day's rest which is good for our girls. I've got a talented team that can win in any position, which is the strength of our team. We're going to prepare each of our girls like we always do and hopefully that's good enough to win."

UCLA Sophomore Chanelle Van Nguyen
On tonight's match...
"It took me a while to get into it, but after a couple of games I felt better and started playing my game. [Lina Lileikite] was a tough opponent because she got everything back. I felt like I was being very aggressive but against her you have to use more angles because she was a little further back in the baseline."

On what was working well for her tonight and looking forward to next round...
"I think the angles were very effective. My forearm was definitely on. My backhand could have been better but my slices were good. Next round will be a tough match so with each match I just need to focus on the match and I will get into the game quicker."

Miami Head Coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews
"I think we actually played pretty good tennis tonight. I'm not upset with the tennis we played. UCLA is a great team and they deserved to win the match. I was a little disappointed with the doubles point. I thought that we gave away some early opportunities at No. 3, and that could have changed some momentum moving forward. Overall in singles, I think we played a good tennis match and UCLA was just better tonight."



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