Georgia 2, UNC 1 - Quotes

May 20, 2012

Georgia Head Coach Lu Harris-Champer
“I couldn’t be more proud of our total team effort both offensively and defensively, and on the mound. We played very hard today. [Christine] Olney was very clutch at the plate. [Ashley] Razey took a big walk at the right time. There were a lot of clutch things happening for us all game long. Again I am most proud of our team heart, team fight, and everyone getting it done together.”

On the defense...
“I think the biggest thing is just to come out and compete. Our defense has been great all year long, I couldn’t be more proud. I think they really played with a lot of heart, and a lot of guts, and they did their little drills they do everyday and took it into the game and did a good job with it.”

Georgia Pitcher Erin Arevalo
On making it back to the Super Regionals...
“It’s awesome, it just shows all of the hard work that we put in all season long. I am very excited.”

On facing UNC again...
“We really had the same game plan as we did for the last game. Just take it one batter at a time and go at them and get ahead. I just went out and worked my pitches and had faith in my defense and we got it done.”

Georgia Right Fielder Christine Olney

On making it back to the Super Regionals...
“We’ve been thinking about this since we lost last year and it feels really good to be back.”

On her RBI hit...
“I knew she was going to come right at me because she had walked the batter before me. She had been pitching me outside all game but came right at me, and I was really just thinking about working the top half which had been our plan all game and I stuck to that.”

North Carolina Head Coach Donna J. Papa
"I thought that game was very well-played by both sides.I thought both pitchers did a great job. Lori (Spingola) did a phenomenal job for us this entire weekend.She pitched every inning of every game for us.I thought she really matured as a pitcher. They (Georgia) got one hit when they needed it.We had our opportunities.We had a runner on third early in the game and we didn't capitalize.It was just a matter of who was going to capitalize on their opportunities.But I was very proud of our team, and I'm really excited going forward.I want to congratulate Georgia.They did a fantastic job today."

North Carolina pitcher Lori Spingola
On pitching every inning...



"Honestly, it wasn't that tough.With every game, I feel like I'm just getting tougher and tougher.Yes, I have a lot of bumps and bruises, but once you pitch a bunch of games all season, and you have an amazing team behind you, you get past that.Today I basically threw every pitch like it was my last one. I feel like I threw everything I could at them and just trust my defense."

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