Fourth Annual Bulldog Invitational

Feb. 27, 2012

Fourth Annual Bulldog Invitational
Friday, March 2nd
Cleveland St. vs Minnesota9:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Minnesota vs. Mercer11:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Ohio vs. Mercer1:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Rutgers vs. Ohio3:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Georgia vs. Cleveland State5:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Georgia vs. Rutgers7:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Saturday, March 3rd
Ohio vs. Minnesota9:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Georgia vs. Ohio11:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Georgia vs. Minnesota1:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Rutgers vs. Mercer3:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Rutgers vs. Cleveland St5:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Mercer vs. Cleveland St7:00 p.m. ETGametracker
Sunday, March 4th
Minnesota vs. Rutgers9:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Cleveland State vs. Ohio11:00 a.m. ETGametracker
Georgia vs. Mercer1:00 p.m. ETGametracker



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