2014Gabby SeilerCollege Sports Madness (2nd Team)
2007Carrie PattersonNSCAA (2nd Team), SoccerBuzz (2nd Team)
1998Stephanie YaremSoccer Buzz (Honorable Mention)
1997Stephanie YaremNSCAA, Soccer Times, Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
Freshman All-America
2010Alexa NewfieldSoccer America (2nd Team)
2007Kelli CorlessSoccer America (1st Team), SoccerBuzz (1st Team)
Caroline SimpsonSoccerBuzz (3rd Team)
Danielle AbelsonSoccerBuzz (4th Team)
2006Carrie PattersonSoccer Buzz (2nd Team)
2004Susie WeberSoccer Buzz (3rd Team)
2001Charisse CoSoccer Buzz (Honorable Mention)
1999Carolyn CayardSoccer Buzz
1997Kristy BongiovanniSoccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Player of the Year
2008Megan TomlinsonSEC Defensive Player of the Year
2007Kelli CorlessSEC Freshman of the Year
2006Carrie PattersonSEC Freshman of the Year
2005Ali WilliamsSEC Offensive Player of the Year
Coach of the Year
2007Patrick BakerSEC Coach of the Year
NSCAA and SoccerBuzz South Region Coach of the Year
2014Gabby Seiler(2nd Team)
Marion Crowder(3rd Team)
2013Torri Allen (2nd team), Marion Crowder(2nd team)
2012Torri AllenFirst Team
2011Alexa Newfield(1st Team)
Jamie Pollock(2nd Team)
Ashley Baker(3rd Team)
Bailey Powell(3rd Team)
2010Alexa Newfield(2nd Team)
Ashley Baker(3rd Team)
Torri Allen(3rd Team)
2009Laura Eddy(Top Drawer Soccer All-Rookie Team)
Carrie Patterson(1st Team)
Jamie Pollock(3rd Team)
2008Megan TomlinsonNSCAA (3rd Team)
2007Carrie PattersonNSCAA (1st Team), SoccerBuzz (1st Team)
Kelli CorlessNSCAA (2nd Team), SoccerBuzz 3rd & Freshman Team)
Megan TomlinsonSoccerBuzz (2nd Team), NSCAA (3rd Team)
2006Randi-Lynn BrusoNSCAA (2nd Team)
Carrie PattersonNSCAA (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
2005Randi-Lynn BrusoNSCAA (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
Ali WilliamsNSCAA (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
2003Jessica WintonNSCAA/adidas (1st Team), Soccer Buzz (1st Team)
Andrea VelascoNSCAA/adidas (3rd Team), Soccer Buzz (3rd Team)
2002Carolyn CayardNSCAA/adidas (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz
Andrea VelascoNSCAA/adidas (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
2001Carolyn CayardNSCAA/adidas (3rd Team), Soccer Buzz
Andrea VelascoNSCAA/adidas (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
2000Nicole WilliamsNSCAA, Soccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Stefanie BertcherNSCAA (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
1999Nicole WilliamsSoccer Buzz (2nd Team)
Carolyn CayardSoccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Catherine HolderNSCAA (3rd Team)
1998Kristy BongiovanniSoccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Allison ThornburySoccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Stephanie YaremNSCAA (2nd), Soccer Buzz (2nd Team)
1997Nicole WilliamsNSCAA (3rd), Soccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Stephanie YaremNSCAA, Soccer Buzz
1996Suzannah WeathersbeeNSCAA (2nd Team), Soccer Buzz (3rd Team)
Stephanie YaremNSCAA (3rd Team)
1995Jennifer AhernNSCAA (3rd Team)
Freshman All-Region
2007Danielle Abelson, Marah Falle, Caroline SimpsonSoccerBuzz
2006Carrie PattersonSoccer Buzz
2005Kristin GarmanSoccer Buzz
2004Susie WeberSoccer Buzz
2003Marilee EbackSoccer Buzz
2001Charisse CoSoccer Buzz
1999Carolyn CayardSoccer Buzz
Catherine HolderSoccer Buzz
1997Kristy BongiovanniSoccer Buzz
Nicole WilliamsSoccer Buzz
2015Caroline Waters (2nd Team), Sydney Shultis (All-Freshman)
2014Gabby Seiler (1st Team), Marion Crowder (2nd Team), Kelsey Killean (All-Freshman)
2013Torri Allen (2nd team), Marion Crowder (All-Freshman)
2012Torri Allen (Second Team)
2011Alexa Newfield, Jamie Pollock (1st Team), Jenna Owens (All-Freshman)
2010Alexa Newfield (1st Team), Ashley Baker (2nd Team), Rebekah Perry (2nd), Torri Allen (All-Freshman), Kelli Corless (Preseason All-SEC)
2009Carrie Patterson (1st Team), Laura Eddy (2nd/All-Freshman/Freshman of the Year), Susannah Dennis (All-Freshman), All-SEC Team
2008Megan Tomlinson (1st Team), Carrie Patterson (1st Team)
Bailey Powell (2nd Team and Freshman), Ashley Miller (Freshman)
2007Carrie Patterson (1st), Megan Tomlinson (1st), Kelli Corless (2nd and Freshman), Marah Falle (Freshman)
2006Carrie Patterson (1st and Freshman), Randi-Lynn Bruso (1st), Michelle Betos (Freshman)
2005Randi-Lynn Bruso (1st), Ali Williams (1st), Cortni Joyner (2nd), Megan Tomlinson (Freshman)
2004Susie Weber (Freshman)
2003Jessica Winton, Andrea Velasco (2nd), Geneil Newbern (2nd)
2002Andrea Velasco, Carolyn Cayard, Ashley Lindley (HM), Tricia McKee (HM), Geneil Newbern (HM)
2001Andrea Velasco, Carolyn Cayard (2nd Team)
2000Nicole Williams, Stefanie Bertcher
1999Nicole Williams (2nd Team), Carolyn Cayard (2nd Team)
1998Stephanie Yarem, Allison Thornbury (2nd Team)
1997Stephanie Yarem
1996Suzannah Weathersbee, Stephanie Yarem (2nd Team)
SEC Player of the Week
2014 Louise Hogrell (8/25, Freshman), Gabby Seiler (8/25, Co-Offensive), Louise Hogrell (9/8, Defensive), Kelsey Killean (9/29, Freshman)
2013Marion Crowder (9/16, Freshman), Laura Eddy (9/23, Offensive), Caitlin Woody (9/23, Defensive)
2011Ashley Baker (Sept. 5, Defensive) Alexa Newfield (Sept. 12, Offensive) Alexa Newfield (Oct. 10, Offensive)
2010Alexa Newfield (Aug. 30, Freshman) Nicole Locandro (Sept. 6, Freshman) Kelli Corless (Sept. 13, Collegesoccer360.com Primetime Performer) Ashley Baker (Oct. 11, Defensive)
2009Carrie Patterson (Aug. 24) Rebekah Perry (Aug. 31, Freshman) Michelle Betos (Oct. 5, Defensive) Carrie Patterson (Oct. 21, Collegesoccer360.com Primetime Performer)
2008Megan Tomlinson (Oct. 14, Defensive) Michelle Betos (Oct. 21, Defensive) Carrie Patterson (Nov. 4, Offensive)
2007Caroline Simpson (Sept. 2, Freshman) Marah Falle (Oct. 1, Freshman) Carrie Patterson (Oct. 15, Offensive)
2006Carrie Patterson (Aug. 28) Lauren Glancy (Oct. 22)
2005Ali Williams (Sept. 7, Oct. 24) Lauren Church (Oct. 24)
2004Ashley Lindley (Oct. 18)
2003Jessica Winton (Oct. 14 and Oct. 28)
2001Ashley Lindley (Oct. 8)
1999Beth Culver (Sept. 6) Nicole Williams (Sept. 20)
1997Stephanie Yarem (Oct. 6) Nicole Williams (Nov. 3)
1995Jennifer Ahern (Sept. 12) Danielle Jordan (Oct. 24)
SEC All-Tournament Team
2010Laura Eddy, Traci Dreesen
2008Michelle Betos, Bailey Powell, Megan Tomlinson
2007Michelle Betos, Megan Tomlinson, Joni Vickers
2000Nicole Williams, Stefanie Bertcher
1999Catherine Holder
1996Mandy Aiken
SEC Sportsmanship Award
2011Laura Eddy
National Player of the Week
2013Marion Crowder (Sept. 17)College Sports Madness National Offensive Player of the Week/College Sports Madness SEC Player of the Week)
2011Alexa Newfield (Sept. 14, 2011)SoccerSavings.com/Net News
1998Suzannah Weathersbee (Nov. 16, 1998)College Soccer Weekly
National Team of the Season
2006Carrie PattersonTop Drawer Soccer (All-Rookie)
Lauren GlancyTop Drawer Soccer (All-Rookie)
Michelle BetosTop Drawer Soccer (All-Rookie)
2005Lauren ChurchTop Drawer Soccer
Kristin GarmanTop Drawer Soccer
Ali WilliamsTop Drawer Soccer
National Team of the Week
2014Gabby Seiler (Sep. 9)TopDrawerSoccer.com Team of the Week Honorable Mention, CollegeSoccer360.com Primetime Performer of the Week
2014Marion Crowder (Sep. 24)TopDrawerSoccer.com Team of the Week Honorable Mention
2014Gabby Seiler (Oct. 6)TopDrawerSoccer.com Team of the Week
2013Madeline Barker (Sep. 4)CollegeSoccer360.com Weekly Honor Roll
Laura Eddy (Sep. 24)CollegeSoccer360.com Weekly Honor Roll
Nicole Locandro (Oct. 29)CollegeSoccer360.com Weekly Honor Roll
2010Susannah Dennis (Aug. 30)Top Drawer Soccer
2009Natalie Farley (Oct. 7)Top Drawer Soccer
Jamie Pollock (Sept. 8)Soccer America
2008Carrie Patterson (Nov. 4)SoccerBuzz
2007Caroline Simpson (Sept. 6)SoccerBuzz
Megan Tomlinson (Sept. 10)Top Drawer Soccer
Megan Tomlinson (Oct. 2)SoccerBuzz
Marah Falle (Oct. 2)Soccer America
Carrie Patterson (Oct. 15)Soccer America, Top Drawer Soccer
Carrie Patterson (Oct. 31)SoccerBuzz, Top Drawer Soccer
2006Kristin Garman (Aug. 28)Top Drawer Soccer
Catherine Bruce (Sept. 18)Top Drawer Soccer
Randi-Lynn Bruso (Sept. 20)Soccer Buzz
2005Lauren Church (Oct. 26)Top Drawer Soccer
Kristin Garman (Sept. 15)Top Drawer Soccer
Ali Williams (Oct. 26)Soccer America, Soccer Buzz
2001Carolyn Cayard (Sept. 5)Soccer Buzz
1998Allison Thornbury (Oct. 21)Soccer America
1997Stephanie Yarem (Oct. 7)Soccer America
MAC Hermann Trophy Watch List/Fan Vote
2014Gabby Seiler
2012Alexa Newfield
2008Carrie Patterson

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