Getting To Know Morgan Orobello
Morgan Orobello

Dec. 11, 2013

Morgan Orobello was a late signee to the Georgia Bulldogs for the 2013 soccer season, coming to Athens from Tierra Verde, Fla., and Berkeley Prep. Orobello was both a goalkeeper and right midfielder in high school, starting for her team for five seasons with 12 goals. She served as a back-up keeper for the Bulldogs her first season.

Q: What was the biggest difference between high school and college soccer for you?

A:  The biggest difference is definitely the environment. In high school, sports are everybody’s thing and they’re more for fun than anything else. Here, everybody shows much more interest and dedication. Everybody is always happy because there’s nowhere else they would rather be. The transition between high school and college weeds out all the players that don’t have the heart for the game, which is why the bonds I’ve made in college are stronger than the ones I made in high school.

Q: What was it like coming in with such a big freshman class?

A: Coming from Florida and being as late of a commit as I could have possibly been, I started a little out of the loop. Most of the girls in my class already knew each other from club soccer or even just from the official visit that I never took. I was pretty intimidated from the start, but my teammates immediately calmed all of my nerves. It took a little while for everybody (including the coaches) to realize that I’m just a shy, awkward nerd, but when they finally did, I never wanted to be without at least one teammate.

Q: How have you settled in with your teammates and what have they been like since your arrival?

A: My teammates have been very helpful in my individual growth as a player, a student, and as a person. The older girls are illustrious examples showing us how to effectively prioritize and balance the different areas of our lives. They make it easy to look up to them.



Q: How have you developed during your first season here at Georgia?

A: I strongly believe that I have learned how to be a more positive player on the field. From the encouragement and inspiration that I constantly receive from my coaches and teammates, I have become exponentially stronger. I know that in my next three years here, I will continue to improve mentally and physically.

Q: What was the best moment of your debut season?

A: It wasn’t so much a “moment” that made my season, it was more of a happenstance. I had an avulsion a month or so into the season on the top my foot, which meant crutches for a couple weeks and a boot for six. Despite constantly feeling gross and out of shape, I think this was a blessing in disguise. From the bench, I was able to better understand our team’s dynamic. I got to watch the way my teammates work restlessly; I got to see how happy they always were. Not having to be anxious about my performance on the field every day enabled me to calm down and enjoy the time being surrounded by my friends. This in turn, made me better after my time out than before.

Q: How did you found working with the coaches everyday as opposed to only knowing them through recruiting? 

A: I have loved getting to know the coaches better. I had a very short recruitment process, so I didn’t get to know them too well anyway, but they’re so much cooler than I thought five months ago. I think their energy is very important to our team. Each of them offer something different that we couldn’t have gone without this year.

Q: How did you find playing in the SEC?

A: Being a part of the SEC feels great. It’s empowering just to think that we are in one of the most competitive conferences in the country. I know “titles mean nothing”, but in a trivial way, it makes me want to be better.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve personally before the beginning of next season?

A: I would like to see myself improve on consistency. Anybody can tell when I’m having a good day or a bad one. It’s easy to detect. I’d like to not let that show anymore. In the spring, I plan to leave my emotions in the locker room

Q: What are your goals for your sophomore year?

A: I have challenged myself to be accepting of whatever role I am assigned on this team next year and those after. I want to serve my team with whatever I am best at; all I have to offer is a promise to work my hardest and to be my best.

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