Getting To Know Lauren Tanner
Lauren Tanner

Oct. 18, 2013

Lauren Tanner is a freshman forward from Buford, Ga. After a successful high school career at Mill Creek, Tanner has become a regular name off of the Bulldogs' bench. She has appeared in nine games this season with one start in the Bulldogs' 2-0 victory over Houston in the second game of the season. She scored the first goal of the fall at the Georgia soccer stadium, netting the winning goal in the annual Red and Black scrimmage.

Q: What has been the biggest difference between high school and college soccer for you?

A: I would definitely say the speed of play. All of us were probably one of the best players on our high school teams, and when you come to college, everyone is a superstar. That means the speed of play is a lot faster and everyone's a lot better, so that has definitely been the biggest thing for me.

Q: What's it been like coming in with such a big freshman class?

A: It's been incredible. We're all really close and we all have each other's backs. The cool thing is we all kind of knew each other before we came to Georgia, so we didn't have to work on forming all those relationships, which was really helpful. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them here. It's awesome.

Q: How have you developed during your first season here at Georgia?

A: I feel like I've been able to adjust to the speed of play and I feel like the simplicity of the game has come out of me. In high school soccer and club soccer, you were really able to do your own thing, whereas here you really need your teammates and you really need to play as a team. I feel like I've improved in that aspect, just trying to play simple soccer with my movement off the ball and that kind of thing.

Q: What's been the best moment so far of your debut season? 

A: I guess I would say just coming together as a team, breaking records as a team, having the nine-game winning streak, and just being able to be a part of that has been pretty memorable. I feel like making memories with the team in general, not just one specific moment, but just being with everyone all season long.



Q: How have you found playing in the SEC?

A: It's been pretty intense. Every game is a battle. It's a lot different from out of conference, because not always is the best team going to win, but sometimes it's who is going to fight the hardest and who is going to lay it all on the line that day. It's definitely a lot more of a legitimate battle.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve personally before the end of the season?

A: Going from the end of the year and into the start of next year, I'd definitely like to have a starting spot on this team, make more of an impact, and score some goals.

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