Getting To Know Freshman Alexa Antetomaso
Alexa Antetomaso

Oct. 11, 2013

Alexa Antetomaso is a freshman defender from Webster, N.Y. She has started all nine games she has appeared in, initially stepping in for an injured Carli Shultis and holding the starting role ever since. She played a significant part in the Bulldogs record nine straight victories that pushed their early season record to 9-1. Antetomaso's first start came in Georgia's 1-0 overtime victory against Jacksonville.

Q: What's been the biggest change from high school that you've experienced so far?

A: Definitely the pace. Getting used to playing with different players has been awesome. Playing at the college level is a lot faster; lots of one-touch passes, but it's awesome.

Q: What has it been like coming down from New York to Athens for college?

A: Since I'm 15 hours away from home, it was a big adjustment in the beginning. I can down in June actually to do some soccer training but with the girls and the coaches, and after the first month it felt like home. It felt like I was right back in New York. The weather is way better, and I couldn't be happier playing down here in Georgia.

Q: What's it been like coming in with such a big freshman class?

A: It's awesome. The freshmen have been a huge impact for this team. The seniors, juniors, and sophomores have led us very well and we learn different things from each other. It's great because we incorporate and bring something different - all 15 of us.

Q: What's it been like working with this defensive unit alongside Torri Allen, Nikki Hill, and Summer Burnett?



A: All three of them, since the beginning, have helped me so much. They give me cues, they're always positive towards me, they tell me if I need to work on something or if I need to improve on something for the next game or next practice. They also show me how to stay positive and hold the back line.

Q: What's been the best moment for you so far?

A: Just being on this team is awesome. It's been a great journey and a great experience. But probably my first start is something that stands out. I was very anxious but I was so excited to get out there. It felt so natural, which was surprising the first time. Stepping on this field and playing for the University of Georgia is just a great feeling.

Q: How is it working with the coaches on a day-to-day basis?

A: They're fantastic. They're literally my parents when I'm away from home. They're so easy to talk to, easy to get along with, and if I have a question or a problem they're right there to support us. They make me a better soccer player.

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