Coco Blog: Update From 'Down Under'
Callie Corbin Langford

April 1, 2014

Former soccer goalkeeper Callie Corbin "Coco" Langford is spending the semester teaching PE in Australia, and will be posting updates on her trip exclusively on!

By Callie Corbin Langford

While part of me is sad to hear that the world hasn’t come crumbling down in my absence, an even greater part of me is happy to hear that the team is finding such success this spring season. My first homesick day came after seeing all the end-of-the-year banquet pictures on the 900 different social media sites that I waste my time on.  It was tough not being there to celebrate my senior year, but I’m assuming my dual award for Best Looking and Most Humble is currently in the mail on its way to Australia!

While I might have spent two hours of one day wishing I were in America, I am still so happy to be here Down Under (which is one idiom that I have yet to hear anyone actually use).  Working in a high school has been challenging, but also completely affirming at the same time. I was recently accepted to grad school for a school counseling program, so my time spent here at Kent Street Senior High has made me realize that I can and actually want to relive high school for a living.  I enjoy all the students and I think that I am connecting with them as well. I had my first “Do you have to go back to America?” from a student, which I think completely counteracts the 10,000 “When is the real teacher coming back?” and “When do you finally leave?” questions that I get regularly.

In exciting news, I am a state champion cricket coach. Yes, you read that right. There has been an extreme learning curve with cricket, but it has been interesting and exciting to learn a new something so new and different from what I am used to. I had someone talk to me about being the contact person for getting cricket started in America… my hysterical laughter was a bit inappropriate when I realized he was serious.  I would still choose soccer over cricket any day.  The days when I feel most at home is Tuesday and Wednesday when I teach my soccer class.  I literally would be floundering if not for the four years of drills and games that I have in my bag of tricks.  In my last blog I might have joked about running my students through a UGA Soccer fitness test, but since then, I actually did it. I had one kid puke and one pass out. I don’t understand why the kids don’t like me! They all call me “Ms. Langford,” which makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. If only they knew how little of an adult I actually am.



When not making the students pass out in the name of fitness, I actually have had some really good talks with a few of them.  I was definitely brought to Australia for a reason, and I pray that I am making the same kind of impact that these kids and this country are having on me. I do miss America cuisine (Chik-fil-A) and entertainment (Netflix), but this has been such a learning and growing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I am so thankful for my time down here, but also extremely thankful for Steve Jobs and the invention of FaceTime. 

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