Coco Blog: My First Post From Australia
Callie Corbin Langford

March 3, 2014

Former soccer goalkeeper Callie Corbin "Coco" Langford is spending the semester teaching PE in Australia, and will be posting updates on her trip exclusively on!

By Callie Corbin Langford

In an effort of not being forgotten too soon after graduation, I shamelessly volunteered to keep up this blog for you, my dearest Bulldog Nation, while I am down in Australia interning as a high school PE coach for a few months.  

I am working at Kent Street Senior High School in the cricket department.  When not fighting the urge to fall asleep during cricket matches/torture sessions, I am helping out with two general PE classes and one soccer class.  Obviously, the soccer class is my favorite to teach. Shoutout to UGA Soccer for giving me four years worth of drills to put on! I put the kids through some of my favorite games that I picked up, like 300 yard shuttles, 120s, and Sebcoe. For awhile, I thought the kids didn’t understand me through my American accent, but then I realized that high school kids just hate PE. I try to be as embarrassingly enthusiastic as possible, so if they find that they are actually enjoying themselves, they don’t have to worry about being the least cool person there. The students are honestly a lot of fun, and some of them are quite talented. I usually get a little overzealous, forget about the time, and keep them for too long. Ugh, interns. They can never doing anything right. 

I did bring my cleats down here, but I have yet to bust them out. The guys in my hostel have played a few pick up games in the park right across the street, but I haven’t made my grand athletic debut just yet. Having to represent Georgia and America and women everywhere is a lot of pressure, you know? But mainly, that’s just what I tell myself as I lie on the beach instead. We did have a little pick up game one day down at the beach, but I was having too much fun watching the guys from Brazil, Japan, Spain, and Italy to join in myself.  It was soccer in its rawest, purest form, and it was beautiful.  I did take part in the shooting and juggling when things started winding down, and one guy even said, “Only American girls are good at soccer.” Did he just say I played (*looked) like Alex Morgan? I think he did. There are a few girls that I met at church who invited me to play with their team, but then they started talking about fitness and training and…. hahahaha, no. Retirement suits me well and so does eating my weight in Australian cuisine.



Fun fact: The United States and Australia are the only two countries that call our dear sport, “soccer.” (Thankfully, this means I didn’t have to pretentiously call it football on this blog to seem more worldly. Whew.)  Another fun fact: Australia is the only country to eat its coat of arms. RIP kangaroo.

Even amidst all this, I get my biggest soccer fix by keeping up with my teammates back home.  I will be following them during their spring season, and wish them the best of luck! I hope they know that I am always carrying them all with me…and by that, I mean, Georgia Soccer gear is the only thing I own.

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