Summer Update With Shayla Worley
Shayla Worley

July 30, 2012 recently had a chance to catch up with gymnast Shayla Worley to ask about the offseason and her upcoming senior year. Worley was an All-American for the Gym Dogs in 2012. What has kept you busy this summer?

SW: I have been all over the place this summer! I started the summer with a vacation to the beach with Gina Nuccio and her family and Mariel Box. Then I've worked camps all over Georgia, in Tennessee, Ohio, Orlando and South Carolina, and luckily I'm able to workout whenever I'm at these camps! In between camps, I've been able to get a few days at home with my family! What do you enjoy most about working gymnastics camps?

SW: The best part about these camps is working with so many different kids and being able to positively impact them and to be a role model. I love interacting and joking with the kids and meeting so many new coaches and people. Have you been able to go back home to Orlando?

SW: I have probably had a total of 12 days at home in Orlando and I made the most of them. Chelsea Davis and Noel Couch were both able to make a trip home with me and we did lots of fun touristy things. Also, my sister, Jolene, was able to work three weeks of camp with me and spend time in Athens. How much do you stay in touch with your UGA teammates during the summer months?

SW: We are pretty good at keeping in touch whether it's mass emails about our previous weeks adventures or the daily texting. Whenever I'm back in Athens for a few days, it's easy to catch up while we workout together. Do you have a specific workout schedule during the offseason?

SW: Yes, we have all made individual goals for the summer. For example, condition at least four times in a week and do three days of gymnastics. It all depends on where you are physically with health or what change you are trying to make for the coming season. Looking back at the last three years, what's been your most memorable moment as a Gym Dog?

SW: One memory that really stands out in my mind was this past nationals on our last rotation. We were down about beam but instead of rolling over dead, we came roaring back with the most unbelievable vaulting performance I've ever witnessed. It was incredible, stick after sick after stick and the scores were flying! We were all screaming, jumping up and down, and by the end most girls had tears of amazement in their eyes. It was the ideal way to finish a season. Do you have any personal or team goals for this coming season? 

SW: Our team goals are still the same, to win a national title and win as many meets as possible on our way there. That's my personal goal as well. What are your plans after your graduate?

SW: I plan on sticking around for further education. I've been considering law school at UGA, and if not law school, then I will definitely get my masters in sports management. Being a senior, do you go into this year with a different mindset in terms of your role as a leader on the team?

SW: I think that naturally by default seniors are looked to more for leadership than the other girls on a team, but on our team everyone is expected to be a leader, which is why we do not believe in having a captain. I know that our senior class has had the best leaders before us that we have learned from and we are ready continue to give everything we have this last year and set an example the other girls would be proud to follow. Does being a senior provide any extra motivation knowing that this is your last year to compete at Georgia?

SW: In some ways I think it does because we all want to go out on top in a memorable manner and knowing that this number of times you wear a leotard with a Georgia G on it are limited, it makes it even more special and we seniors want to make the most of it. 



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