Inside The Gym Dogs: Kat Ding

Feb. 15, 2011

By Amber Trani

Kat Ding, a junior on the Georgia gymnastics team has been in the sport for quite some time.  A native of Reno, Nev., Ding started gymnastics when she was five thanks to her inability to keep a beat.  

"We did gymnastics during the last five minutes of the dance class I took when I was younger," said Ding, who switched from dance to gymnastics. "I couldn't keep a beat, and the only thing I looked forward to was the last five minutes."

Many people know Ding as a superstar gymnast, but that is only one side of this multitalented young woman.  Ding is majoring in advertising with a minor in fashion, and her dream job is to own a boutique that features dresses and other clothes of her designs.  She is already on a great start towards her dream; four of the leotards that the Gym Dogs will be wearing this season have been designed by Ding.

 "Since she was a freshman she has been putting her input into our leos and has been very interested in the process," said assistant coach Julie Clark.  

This is the first year that Ding's designs have been brought to life.  Last year she gave input and help choose designs and colors, but this year she has four leotards; one is for the pink meet against Alabama on Feb. 25, two are for postseason, and the last one has not been chosen for a competition just yet.  

"Kat has a unique creative personality and she likes to be different and add an angle to something that is already there," Clark said. "She has a passion for finding something that can be original. It is a great opportunity for her since she wants to have a career in fashion."  

"I think it is great that we are wearing some of Kat's designs this year since fashion is what she wants to do," said teammate and roommate Gina Nuccio.



Ding has also been known to have fashion sense outside the gym and will help teammates with clothes as well.  

"Sometimes I'll see what Kat is wearing and try to copy it, or I'll ask her if what I'm wearing looks okay," Nuccio said.

Ding will also go to the mall with teammates and friends and help them pick out what she thinks will look best on them.  So keep an eye out for Ding's designs this season, and hopefully in the future as well.

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