10 National Championships

SEC Gymnastics Titles


The Gym Dogs won their fifth straight national title, sending Suzanne Yoculan out on top!
 back row (L-R): Grace Taylor, Lauren Johnson, Lauren Sessler, Marcia Newby, Cassidy McComb, Amber Trani, Courtney McCool; middle row: Tiffany Tolnay, Paige Burns, Abby Stack, Courtney Kupets; front row: Gina Nuccio, Kat Ding, Hilary Mauro, Mariel Box
Proved to be the best in the country as the Gym Dogs won their fourth straight national title with a 197.450
  back row (L-R)Abby Stack, Courtney Kupets, Cassidy McComb,
Lauren Sessler, Marcia Newby, Lauren Johnson, Lauren Johnson;
middle row; Tiffany Tolnay, Christi Fortunato, Audrey Bowers,
Megan Dowlen, Courtney McCool; 
bottom row: Grace Taylor, Katie Heenan, Nikki Childs, Hilary Mauro

Defeated Utah, Florida, and UCLA to complete another pair of back-to-back NCAA seasons and finish the season 31-2-1
Season Review
back row (L-R): Marcia Newby, Lauren Johnson, Audrey Bowers, Paige Burns, Lauren Sessler; third row: Christi Fortunato, Katie Heenan, Megan Dowlen, Nikki Childs, Courtney Kupets; second row: Abby Stack, Adrienne Dishman, Ashley Kupets, Kelsey Ericksen, Courtney McCool; front row: Grace Taylor, Tiffany Tolnay

Defeated Utah, Alabama, and Florida to complete another pair of back-to-back NCAA seasons and finish the season 36-0
Season Review
back row (L-R): Emily Bridgers, Paige Burns, Audrey Bowers,
Megan Dowlen, Abby Stack, Nikki Childs; middle row: Katie Heenan, Tiffany Tolnay, Brittany Smith, Kelsey Ericksen, Ashley Kupets
front row: Adrienne Dishman, Courtney Kupets

Defeated Alabama, Utah, and UCLA to claim the NCAA championship and finish the season 33-5
Season Review

back row (L-R): Nikki Childs, Megan Dowlen, Brittany Thome,
Audrey Bowers, Sam Sheehan, Adrienne Dishman; middle row: Courtney Pratt, Ashley Kupets, Katie Heenan, Kelsey Ericksen,
front row: Michelle Emmons, Brittany Smith

Defeated Michigan, Alabama, and Arizona State to win back-to-back NCAA crowns and finish the season 32-0
Season Review
back row (L-R): Amanda Curry, Talya Vexler, April Hoellman,
Eileen Diaz, Emily Chell, Danielle Maurone, Kristi Lichey;
middle row: Caroline Harris, Kathleen Shrieves, Suzanne Sears, Brooke Anderson; front row: Karin Lichey, Stacey Galloway,
Jenni Beathard, Sam Muhleman

Defeated Florida, Alabama, and Utah to take the national championship and finish the season 35-0
Season Review
Back Row (L-R): Kelly Prestigiamcogo, Kathleen Shrieves, Suzanne Sears, Stacey Galloway, Brooke Anderson; middle row: Courtney Whittle, Jenni Beathard, Karin Lichey, Sam Muhleman, Caroline Harris; front row: Julie Ballard, Kristi Lichey, Amanda Curry, Kim Arnold

Defeated Alabama, Utah, and UCLA to claim the NCAA title and finish the season 32-0
Season Review

back row (L-R): Jennifer Carbone, Courtney Snyder, Sandy Rowlette; middle row: Lori Stron, Nneka Logan, Kelli Macy, Heather Stepp; front row: Hope Spivey, Agina Simpkins, Andrea Dewey

Defeated UCLA, Alabama, and Nebraska to win the national championship and finish the season 35-6
Season Review
back row (L-R): Missy DePaoli, Corrine Wright, Tanya Shuler, Lynn Messer, Lucy Wener; middle row: Andrea Thomas,
Kathy Dwyer, Paula Maheur;
Front row: Sophie Royce, Julie Ponstein, Chris Rodis, Debbie Greco

Defeated Utah, UCLA, and Alabama to take the NCAA crown and finish the season 38-3
Season Review
back row (L-R): Lucy Wener, Terri Eckert, Gina Banales, Susie Origer, Michelle Sessions; middle row: Paula Maheu, Tanya Schuler, Julie Klick, Andrea Thomas; front row: Corrine Wright, Debbie Greco;



NCAA Individual Champions

By Individual (42 titles by 20 gymnasts)
Leslie Angeles1995Floor
Kim Arnold1997 All-Around
1998 All-Around, Beam
Jenni Beathard1997 Bars
1998 Beam
Leah Brown1996 Vault
1997 Floor
Kat Ding2011 Bars
2012Bars, Floor
Cory Fritzinger2001 Vault
Brandie Jay2016Vault
Courtney Kupets2006 All-Around, Bars, Beam
2007 All-Around, Vault
2009 All-Around, Bars, Beam, Floor
Karin Lichey1998 Floor
Kelly Macy1991 Bars
Courtney McCool2008 Floor
Brittany Rogers2016Bars
Suzanne Sears2000 Floor
Agina Simpkins1993 Bars
Hope Spivey1991 All-Around, Vault, Floor
1994 Floor
Heather Stepp1992 Vault
1993 Vault, Floor
Lori Strong1994 Bars
Grace Taylor2008 Beam
Lucy Wener1986 Bars
1987 Bars
1989 Bars
Corrinne Wright1989 All-Around, Floor

By Year
1986Lucy WenerBars
1987Lucy WenerBars
1989Lucy WenerBars
Corrinne WrightAll-Around, Floor
1991Kelly MacyBars
Hope SpiveyAll-Around, Vault, Floor
1992Heather SteppVault
1993Agina SimpkinsBars
Heather SteppVault, Floor
1994Hope SpiveyFloor
Lori StrongBars
1995Leslie AngelesFloor
1996Leah BrownVault
1997Jenni BeathardBars
Leah BrownFloor
Kim ArnoldAll-Around
1998Kim ArnoldAll-Around, Beam
Jenni BeathardBeam
Karin LicheyFloor
2000Suzanne SearsFloor
2001Cory FritzingerVault
2006Courtney KupetsAll-Around, Bars, Beam
2007Courtney KupetsAll-Around, Vault
2008Courtney McCoolFloor
Grace TaylorBeam
2009Courtney KupetsAll-Around, Vault, Floor, Bars
2011Kat DingBars
2012Kat DingBars, Floor
2016Brandie JayVault
2016Brittany RogersBars

All-Around (7)
Kim Arnold1987, 1998
Courtney Kupets2006, 2007, 2009
Hope Spivey1991
Corrinne Wright1989
Vault (7)
Leah Brown1996
Cory Fritzinger2001
Brandie Jay2016
Courtney Kupets2007
Hope Spivey1991
Heather Stepp1992, 1993
Bars (12)
Jenni Beathard1997
Kat Ding2011, 2012
Courtney Kupets2006, 2009
Kelly Macy1991
Brittany Rogers2016
Agina Simpkins1993
Lori Strong1994
Lucy Wener1986, 1987, 1989
Beam (5)
Kim Arnold1998
Jenni Beathard1998
Courtney Kupets2006, 2009
Grace Taylor2008
Floor (11)
Leslie Angeles1995
Leah Brown1997
Kat Ding2012
Courtney Kupets2009
Karin Lichey1998
Courtney McCool2008
Suzanne Sears2000
Hope Spivey1991, 1994
Heather Stepp1993
Corrinne Wright1989

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