Gymnast of the Year
Event Specialist of the Year
Freshman of the Year

(started in 1993)
2009 Courtney Kupets
Katie Heenan
2003Chelsa Byrd
1999 Karin Lichey
1998 Kim Arnold
1994 Hope Spivey
1993 Heather Stepp

(started in 2014)
2014 Lindsey Cheek
(started in 1991)
2008 Cassidy McComb
2006 Courtney Kupets
2004 Kelsey Ericksen
2001 Cory Fritzinger
1996 Karin Lichey
1995 Julie Ballard
1992 Agina Simpkins
1991 Kelly Macy

SEC ChampionsAll-SEC
2016 Brandie Jay (V)
2014 Lauren Johnson (V)
2013 Brittany Rogers (UB - tie, BB - tie), Shayla Worley (BB - tie)
2011 Cassidy McComb (A-A), Kat Ding (UB)
2010 Hilary Mauro (VT-tie), Kat Ding (UB), Courtney McCool (FX)
2009 Courtney Kupets (A-A,
2008 Grace Taylor (UB, BB)
2008 Tiffany Tolnay (UB)
2007 Courtney Kupets (A-A, V, FX)
2007 Katie Heenan (A-A)
2006 Kelsey Ericksen (V, UB-tie, FX-tie, A-A), Courtney Kupets (UB-tie)
2005 Katie Heenan (A-A, BB)
2004 Cory Fritzinger (BB, UB-tie), Marline Stephens (FX-tie)
2003 Chelsa Byrd (FX-tie, V)
2002 Marline Stephens (V-tie, FX)
2001 Kristi Lichey (V), Cory Fritzinger (UB-tie, BB-tie, A-A), Kathleen Shrieves (UB-tie), Suzanne Sears (FX-tie), Marline Stephens (FX-tie)
2000 Kristi Lichey (BB), Suzanne Sears (FX)
1999 Karin Lichey (V-tie, FX), Jenni Beathard (UB) and Suzanne Sears (V-tie)
1998 Kim Arnold (A-A, UB-tie, BB-tie, FX), Karin Lichey (V, UB-tie), Jenni Beathard (UB-tie)
1997 Kim Arnold (A-A, V-tie, BB-tie), Leah Brown (V-tie, UB-tie, Floor),Karin Lichey (UB-tie, BB-tie)
1996 Lori Strong (A-A), Leah Brown (Vault, FX tie), Jenni Beathard (Bars), Leslie Angeles (FX tie)
1995 Andrea Dewey (Bars)
1994 Hope Spivey-Sheeley (Floor), Leah Brown (A-A)
1993 Nneka Logan (Beam), Hope Spivey-Sheeley (Floor), Lori Strong (Bars)
1992 Heather Stepp (A-A, Vault), Hope Spivey (Vault, Floor), Sandy Rowlette (Vault), Agina Simpkins (Bars), Nneka Logan (Beam)
1991 Kelly Macy (Bars, Beam), Sandy Rowlette (Bars)
1990 Corrinne Wright (Bars, Floor), Andrea Thomas (Beam)
1989 Lucy Wener (Bars, A-A), Andrea Thomas (Beam)
1988 Lucy Wener (Bars)
1987 Terri Eckert (Bars, A-A), Julie Klick (Beam), Corrinne Wright (Vault, Floor)
1986 Julie Klick (A-A), Paula Maheu (Vault)
1984 Kathy McMinn (Bars, A-A)
1983 Kathy McMinn (Bars)
1982 Kathy McMinn (Vault)
1981 Kathy McMinn (Vault, Bars)

2017 Lauren Johnson, Rachel Schick
2016 Brandie Jay, Brittany Rogers, Mary Beth Box, Rachel Schick, and Sydney Snead*
2015 Mary Beth Box, Gigi Marino, Brittany Rogers, Rachel Schick, Natalie Vaculik*
2014 Kiera Brown, Lindsey Cheek, Chelsea Davis, Lauren Johnson
2013 Brittany Rogers, Shayla Worley
2012 Kat Ding
2011 Kat Ding, Cassidy McComb, Noel Couch, Hilary Mauro, Gina Nuccio
2010 Hilary Mauro, Kat Ding, Courtney McCool, Marcia Newby, Grace Taylor
2009 Courtney Kupets, Grace Taylor, Kat Ding*
2008 Katie Heenan, Tiffany Tolnay, Grace Taylor
2007 Katie Heenan, Courtney Kupets, Tiffany Tolnay
2006 Kelsey Ericksen, Katie Heenan, Courtney Kupets, Tiffany Tolnay
2005 Katie Heenan, Nikki Childs, Kelsey Ericksen, Michelle Emmons, Ashley Kupets
2004 Cory Fritzinger, Chelsa Byrd, Marline Stephens, Kelsey Ericksen, Brittany Smith
2003 Kinsey Rowe, Chelsa Byrd, Cassie Bair, Brittany Smith, Cory Fritzinger, Ashley Miller
2002 Marline Stephens, Cory Fritzinger, Chelsa Byrd, Sierra Sapunar, Talya Vexler
2001 Cory Fritzinger, Kristi Lichey, Suzanne Sears, Kathleen Shrieves, Marline Stephens, Chelsa Byrd
2000 Kristi Lichey, Suzanne Sears, Talya Vexler
1999 Jenni Beathard, Karin Lichey, Kristi Lichey, Suzanne Sears
1998 Kim Arnold, Jenni Beathard, Karin Lichey
1997 Kim Arnold, Leah Brown, Karin Lichey
1996 Leslie Angeles, Leah Brown, Jenni Beathard, Lori Strong
1995 Kim Arnold, Andrea Dewey
1994 Leah Brown, Agina Simpkins, Hope Spivey
1993 Nneka Logan, Agina Simpkins, Heather Stepp, Hope Spivey, Lori Strong
1992 Heather Stepp, Hope Spivey, Agina Simpkins, Nneka Logan, Sandy Rowlette
1991 Kelly Macy, Sandy Rowlette
1990 Corrinne Wright, Jennifer Carbone
1989 Lucy Wener, Corrinne Wright
1988 Lucy Wener
1987 Terri Eckert
1986 Terri Eckert, Julie Klick, Paula Maheu
1985 Terri Eckert
1984 Terri Eckert, Kathy McMinn
1983 Kathy McMinn
1982 Kathy McMinn, Kathy Neibel
1981 Kathy McMinn



*SEC All-Freshman Team

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