Know Your Bulldogs: Milena Savich
Milena Savich lists a present from Serbia as her most prized possession.

Aug. 9, 2011

Milena Savich is one of four seniors on the Bulldogs' 2010-11 roster. Since transferring to UGA from Michigan in 2009, Savich has participated in 19 of 22 tournaments; however, two of those DNCs were due to illness. Savich was named 2010 Indiana Women's Amateur Golfer of the Year after winning the Indiana Am and finishing as runner-up in the Indiana Match Play.

Favorite Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding    
Favorite Movie Star: Rachel McAdams    
What actress would you pick to play you in a movie: Sandra Bullock     
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy    
Favorite Reality TV Show: The Bachelor     
Favorite Author: Nicholas sparks    
Number of facebook friends: 1200 (when I had facebook)    
Place you’d most like to visit: Australia     
What would be your dream job: doctor     
What is your most prize possession: the cross rosary bracelet I wear my family sent me from Serbia    
Best advice I’ve been given: "It’s all about choices." – My dad    
Favorite quote: "I asked God for strength, and he gave me obstacles to overcome so I can build strength myself"    
Pre-round superstitions or rituals: ice cream after the round, always    
Favorite golf club: driver     
Favorite golfer: Rory McIlroy    
Favorite golf course: Augusta National    
Course I would most like to play: Pebble Beach    
Greatest achievement in golf: Being named Indiana Women’s Player of the Year    
Have you ever made a hole in one(s)? no    
You plus what other three people would comprise your dream playing foursome: my dad, Bubba Watson, my sister    
Golf is the world’s greatest game because…it truly becomes part of your life you can never replace    
Golf is the world’s most frustrating game because…it’s so humbling & you can never master it.
Who has had the most influence on your golf career: My dad
The most famous person I’ve ever met is: Bill Clinton     
The person I would most like to meet is: Lady Gaga    
If I could play another sport it would be: Tennis    
I chose to attend Georgia because…its prestigious golf program and great academics    
Describe Kelley Hester in 10 words or less: inspiring coach who makes us feel like we’re all family     
Teammate’s attribute you most admire: Marta’s laid back attitude    
People would be surprised to know…I’m really gullible     
Over the summer I hope to…learn as much about my golf game as possible



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