Rider Profile: Louise Ashley
Louise Ashley

Nov. 18, 2013

By: Selby Merrit
UGA Equestrian Team  

Everyone knows Louise Ashley as “Weezy,” the girl who only eats pizza and likes to jump horses over couches. Not your average University of Georgia equestrian, many people don’t know that Ashley is also the College of Engineering Ambassador, UGA Chapter Vice President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Student Government Association College of Engineering Senator and University Council Student Representative for the Athletics Committee.

Despite being so involved with the College of Engineering, Ashley still has to balance being a collegiate athlete with an 18-hour course load, and she admits that her greatest challenge through all of it has been time management.

“There are some days when I leave at 5:45 a.m. and don’t return home until 9:30 that night,” says Ashley. “However, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because I feel like if I can survive this, I should be able to make it in the real world too.”

Ashley appreciates her role as the College of Engineering Ambassador and Senator for the many networking opportunities it has given her and values how close she has come to the engineering faculty. Dr. Gattie, one of Ashley’s favorite professors and mentors, says that what makes her unique is her incredible drive, positive attitude and determination.

“I have never seen Louise use negative things as a reason or excuse,” says Gattie. “She really doesn’t want to dwell on those things and she just pushes forward to finish what she’s started.”

As ambassador, Ashley is responsible for recruiting potential students to come to the University of Georgia for its engineering department.

“I really enjoyed being able to show potential students how friendly the college is and why the engineering program here at UGA, despite being small, gives you the most skills to succeed,” she said.



Ashley is very excited to see where her role as the UGA Chapter Vice President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers will take her. This is a fairly new organization on campus and she says its goal is to bring professionals in to meet with students, network and advise them on finding jobs and being successful in the engineering field.

When asked what she loves most about being senator, Ashley says, “I enjoy how formally it is run with the specific language they make us use and the formal attire we are required to wear; it makes me feel like I’m in an actual senate meeting.”

Ashley says that her dream job in engineering would be a management position in a green energy company or a job in pharmaceutical sales.

“I enjoy working with people and feel my ability to communicate is my greatest asset,” says Ashley. 

She believes that the teamwork skills she has developed being a member of the equestrian team will enable her to be much more successful in the engineering field. 

Whether it is in the professional equestrian world or with a prestigious engineering career, Ashley isn’t quite sure where she will be in ten years, but Dr. Gattie has faith that success is surely in her future.

“I would be careful about pigeon-holing Louise into a narrow, particular slot in this world because she is usually assessing her life with a broad perspective,” says Gattie. “Coupled with her high degree of competency and solid work ethic, she’ll be exactly where she decides she wants to be.”

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