Getting to Know Megan Southam
Megan Southam

Nov. 5, 2013

Canada native Megan Southam has become a familiar face in the arena during her time on the Georgia equestrian team. Born in North Vancouver, the sophomore has made the adjustment to life in the South while balancing the busy schedule of a student-athlete. She reflects on why she chose Georgia and life as a Bulldog.

What about NCEA Equestrian appealed to you the most?
I wanted to go to university, but I didn't want to have to take a break from riding to do it. NCEA equestrian was appealing in the level of riding paired with a high level of academics.  

Why did you choose Georgia?
When I was looking into riding during university, I wanted to go to a school that had great academics, a competitive team and a different culture than I was used to. Georgia seemed the best fit on paper and after my official visit, no other school was in contention. I immediately fell in love with the campus, the team and couldn't wait to be a bulldog.  

What was the hardest part of adjusting to the States?
I wasn't expecting it to be as big of a change as it was. There were little changes in just about everything from politics to food to sayings to climate.  

Is it hard being so far from home?
It has gotten easier as I have been here longer. I miss my family and friends dearly, but I am extremely lucky to have teammates and friends that have become family.  

What are the major differences between Canada and the South?
The biggest difference is football! I had never been to a football game before coming to UGA and had been told that SEC fans treat football like a religion. I didn't believe it at the time, but have come to realize that SEC and Georgia fans are the most passionate fans. Hearing everyone say "y'all", "ma'am" and "sir" was extremely different. The humidity killed me my first August as well. I also didn't know that grits were a real food and it shocked me when I met people that ate them everyday. 



Do you think you’ll stay here after you graduate or return to Canada?
I want to ride professionally after I graduate and that could take me anywhere! 

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