Your Team, Our Vision
Your Team, Our Vision

Oct. 18, 2013

Your Team, Our Vision
The Georgia equestrian team is off to a strong start in the 2013-14 season as they are currently undefeated, 1-0 in SEC competition and have maintained their No. 1 spot in every coach’s poll thus far. Captains Olivia Dorey, Selby Merritt, McKenzie Lantz and Paige Stawicki have high hopes for this year’s team as they continue on the hunt for a program sixth national title.  

The team’s motto is ‘Your Team, Our Vision’, which can be seen on the equestrian poster, as well as a large banner at the equestrian complex that the team passes each day at practice. The captains explained why the motto describes this year’s team and the goals that have been set for the season.

Your Team
In creating this year’s motto, it was the desire of the equestrian team to acknowledge that it is the Bulldog Nation they are riding for. 

“When we say we are ‘your team’ we are telling UGA as a whole that we represent it. It means committing to the G, taking it even one step further and incorporating our vision,” Merritt, a Hunt Seat captain, said.

Junior Western captain Stawicki added that “Your Team” represents the Bulldog Nation as a whole.

“It is not just our team, it is our school’s team, our parent’s team and our supporter’s team because we could not do it without them.”  

Our Vision
Lantz expanded on the importance of the “Our Vision” aspect of the motto. 

“It refers to the goals we have set for the season. Not only do we have goals of winning an SEC and National Championship, but also have the goal of practicing our hardest each day and taking each meet one at a time.”



When asked why having a vision is so vital for a team she answered, “Without one you have no set goals and don't have the end in mind. Without a vision there would be no drive to be the best and to have top performances in postseason competition."

Georgia has come incredibly close to winning a championship the past three years, earning three consecutive Reserve National Championship titles. Lantz says that knowing the feeling of falling short is a driving force behind the team this year.

“That in itself is enough motivate us constantly and have that National Championship on our mind. I think it’s safe to say everyone wants that ring.” 

What It Will Take
“We not only want it but we can see it at the end of the road and are so excited to turn it into reality.” Dorey said. 

As she enters the season with three years under her belt she realizes that it is visualization and enthusiasm that will make the difference this season in getting Georgia over the second place hump.

The captains do realize, however, that nothing will come easily.  Merritt notes two key factors of having a successful season.

“Unity and fearlessness. There is nothing stronger than our team when we are all together on something and that will be our greatest asset as we continue the season.”

The Georgia equestrian team will continue SEC play as they host Texas A&M on Nov. 11 at the UGA Equestrian Complex in Bishop, Ga.

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