Level Sands Sires Foal


Feb. 9, 2004

The Equestrian breeding program proudly announced the birth of its first foal sired by retired race horse Level Sands on Feb. 6.

The foal's mother, Sassy, has strong hunter-type characteristics.

"While some of these babies are going to go off and race and be successful in that realm, this would be one that we're interested in for the team to ride and be a future horse for our championships," Boenig said. "This is looking like a keeper."

UGA alumnus Roy Dorsey of Atlanta donated Level Sands to Georgia's breeding program in November of 2002. The stallion's pedigree includes Kentucky Derby winners Secretariat and Northern Dancer and he boasts a stud fee of $1,500. As well as integrating his offspring into the equestrian program, Georgia hopes to use his stud fees to generate revenue that will help finance the breeding and equestrian programs.

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