Equestrian Picks up Win Over NMSU
Sara Parr

Nov. 17, 2012

BROOKINGS, S.D. -  The No. 3 University of Georgia equestrian team fell to South Dakota State before rebounding for a win over No. 9 New Mexico State this weekend to move to 3-3 on the season and close out the fall portion of its schedule. The Georgia and South Dakota State competition ended in an 8-8 tie, but the Jackrabbits came away with a 1,201-1,198 win in the raw score. Following the SDSU competition, Georgia defeated No. 9 New Mexico State 12-4. Highlighting the two meets, was Georgia's six MOP honors.

"First off, we are grateful for South Dakota State for hosting us and putting on a great weekend," head coach Meghan Boening said. "I am very proud of the way this team rebounded against New Mexico State after the South Dakota State competition. We had some very strong rides and I am extremely proud of all of our MOP winners this weekend. We made some little mistakes, but were able to focus and string together some strong rides. I'm just really proud of how this team handled the long weekend. These ladies showed what they were made of and were able to come out confidently this weekend. I'm looking forward to the break and being able to work on getting better." 

"I am exstatic in the buidling of consistency in the Western squad," assistant coach Mary Meneely said. "We competed on very challenging horses and utilized many different riders today. Each of the rideres gained valuable experiences and were able to adjust and capitalize throughout the day. I am very happy with the team today and I cannot wait to return from break and begin training again!"

South Dakota State (1,201), Georgia 8 (1,198)

Carly Anthony, Sara Parr and McKenzie Lantz each earned MOP honors in Georgia's loss South Dakota State. Anthony's MOP ride came in a 78-74 win over her opponent. Parr earned the highest score in Horsemanship, with her 74.5-71.5 win over Kelsey Champagne. Lantz rounded out the MOP honors with her score of 72.5 in Reining.

The competition started yesterday, with the Bulldogs and Jackrabbits ending in a 4-4 tie on the Hunt Seat side. Anthony got things started with a 78-74 win over Lauren Kerr that put Georgia up 1-0 in Equitation over Fences. Santana Wright picked up an 80-77 win for South Dakota State that tied the event at one. Kylee Arbuckle's 74.5-70 win over Jordan Goodall put Georgia on top 2-1. Olivia Dorey sealed the 3-1 win in Equitation over Fences with a 75-65 win over Marielle Golden. 

SDSU finished with a 3-1 win in Equitation on the Flat, with Caitlyn Francis scoring the lone Georgia point. Megan Schiffman and Kerr earned the first two points for the Jackrabbits, before Francis outscored Megan Violand 74-73 to bring the score to 2-1. Wright scored the final point of the day with an 80-78 win that sealed the 3-1 victory. 

The teams waited until Saturday to compete in the Western ring, with the teams tying in both Reining and Horsemanship. SDSU took a 1-0 lead after Shelby Webb outscored Rachel Kolb 71.5-70.5. Parr rode to MOP honors with her 74.5-71.5 win over Champagne to tie the score at one. Paige Stawicki's 73-72.5 win over Lexus Hoffman allowed the Bulldogs to take a 2-1 lead, before Danielle Baker won the final ride that resulted in a 2-2 tie. 

In Reining, Lauren Tieche got things started with a 72.71.5 win over Jessie Miller. South Dakota State's Jana Basler answered with a 71-69 win that tied Reining at one, before Laura Dunlavy rode to a 71-70.5 win that put the Jackrabbits up 2-1. Lantz closed the competition out with her MOP-winning 72.5-72 win over Raivenne Scott.


Georgia 12, New Mexico State 4

Abby O'Mara, Maria Salazar and Tieche each earned MOP honors in Georgia's dominating 12-4 win over New Mexico State. O'Mara picked up the honor after scoring an 86 in Equitation over Fences. Salazar earned a score of 74 in Horsemanship, the highest score of any competitor on the Western side, for her MOP honor. Tieche rounded out the MOP awards for Georgia with her score of 73.5 in Reining. 

Georgia opened up with a 4-0 win in Equitation over Fences. Olivia Dorey earned the first point with her 78-67 win over Shannon Dooley. Anthony followed with an 80-75 victory over Laura Bostwick. In her first competition of the season, Leylan Gleeson earned an 82-79 win over Amber Tassel to put Georgia up 4-0. O'Mara's MOP-winning 86-77 defeat of Emily McConnel sealed the 4-0 sweep of the Aggies in Equitation over Fences. 

New Mexico State took Equitation on the Flat 3-1. Hannah Swarthout earned the first point before Anthony ride to a 78-67 win over Dooley to even the score at 1-1. Ruby Jenkins and Bostwick earned the final two points of the event to bring the overall score to 5-3 heading in to the Western competition. 

Anna Sasser grabbed the first point in Horsemanship, edging Megan Gould 71.5-70 to put Georgia up 1-0. Salazar followed with her MOP-winning 74-71 win over Brynn Larson. Lauren DeVoe of NMSU answered with a win that brought the Horsemanship score to 2-1. Stawicki sealed the 3-1 win for the Bulldogs with her 73-70 win over Rianna Storey.

Georgia started strong in Reining, as Tieche posted an MOP-winning ride of 73.5 that defeated Larson. Becca Haaland followed with a 71.5-71 win over Marissa Bartman, before Lantz picked up a 73-69 win over Tara Wilson. Sami Belcher completed the 4-0 sweep of the Aggies in Reining with a 73-72.5 over Stefanie Story. 

The Bulldogs will take a break from competition until January 26, when they travel to Fresno, Calif., to take on the Fresno State Bulldogs.



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