Manny's Memo: Reasons To Look Ahead
Manuel Diaz
Aug. 14, 2014



Hi friends,

It has been a while! First, I want to thank all of you who came out to support our team during the NCAA Championships in Athens in May (especially our many lettermen who came and supported in addition to our 1999 national championship team, which celebrated its 15-year reunion!). As usual, it was a great event that showcased our amazing facilities and our special town. While we didn’t have the team finish that we would have hoped for, we saw plenty of great things from our guys – including a 37th SEC championship. The good news is, most of them are back in 2014-15, and as the fall season approaches, we’re already looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

We’re very excited about the schedule we’ve put together and the many challenges that lie ahead. We haven’t officially released it yet, but I can tell you that there will definitely be some dates to circle on your calendars! One thing we do know for sure is that we will once again be hosting the ITA Kickoff here in January, and will be aiming to make it back to the ITA Team Indoor Championships – the first team event of the season on a national stage. We can also let you know that we’ll be hosting this year’s SEC/Pac 12 Showdown here in Athens, bringing in great teams in Florida, USC, and UCLA.

We also have plenty of reason to be excited about our team. We’ll be welcoming in three new players – Wayne Montgomery, Andy Martinez, and Peter Bertran – while Paul Oosterbaan will play for the first time after taking a redshirt year. We know the freshmen will make big contributions and they’re ready to fight for their places in the lineup!

I would be remiss not to mention the big piece of news that came out recently in our sport – the rules changes. I think we had a good many years in the past where tennis went to no-ad scoring in college, and we produced many great players during that time. We also attracted many new fans that are still fans of college tennis today. I think college tennis was exciting to watch with no-ad. Our attendance improved during those years, and playing no-ad did not hurt our players once they went onto the professional tour. They were able to adjust easily to regular scoring on the tour, and maybe even excelled, because of the experience they had had playing no-ad in college.

Just my two cents!

Well, that’s all for now, but I would encourage you to keep checking our men’s tennis page for the latest on our boys. They begin fall classes on Monday, August 18th, and we’ll begin practices here shortly as well. Before we know it, the fall tournament season will be underway and we can’t wait.

Thanks, as always, for your support and GO DAWGS!



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