Doubles Finals Quotes

May 26, 2014

NCAA Women's Doubles Champion
Freshman Erin Routliffe
On today's match...
"We played well but they’re a great team. We played them twice before but they were really tough matches. We were just hoping to come out here, play on our terms and stay aggressive. We’re just really happy with the result. We really tried to keep them on their back foot." 

On what worked well for them today...
"We served well. Our first serve percentage was awesome. We put the ball away well and made them run. They both had good serves but we returned it well." 
Sophomore Maya Jansen
On today's match...
"We had won the other two previous times, but we weren’t really thinking about that. We played Georgia at Georgia on their home court in the finals. It’s so tough. We knew it was going to be tough. We really just stuck to our game plan." 
On whether or not it's the best they've played all season...
It’s probably one of our better matches. We both served well, returned well and we moved well. It’s nice that it came at this time. This was our first national championship for tennis. It means the world to bring it home for them. We’ve worked so hard. Hopefully there will be many more to come."

NCAA Women's Doubles Runner-Up
Senior Maho Kowase
On today's match...
"I was so happy that I could play in front of fans and with Lauren [Herring]. I am upset, but I feel very happy that I could play my last match here. They just played really well."

On her time at Georgia...
"It was the best four years of my life. I don't know what to say. It was the best four years of my life."

Junior Lauren Herring
On today's match...
"We've for some reason always seemed to struggle against them. Today, I think the moment kind of got to us, especially early, and it kind of down-hilled from there. Maho [Kowase] has been unbelievable. She's such a good teammate to have, so it's going to be hard not having her here next year. I've played in situations like this before and it hasn't quite gotten to me like this. So I don't know why today of all days I chose to play like this. I feel bad for Maho. But at the end of the day, it's just a tennis match. And they played really, really well."

Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On today's match...
"I guess in sports terms, we'd probably just have to say they pitched a no hitter. Obviously, they played really well. We got broke at love. We actually won two points in the first 18. That wasn't a good start, and they closed out that set. I thought we had some chances early in the second set. But we didn't look like we've looked the last few days, that's for sure. But they've had a heck of a year and a heck of a season. Maho [Kowase] has had such an amazing career. Tough to see her last match go down like that. But what an amazing person and what an amazing career. A great run here at this tournament."

NCAA Men's Doubles Champion
Junior Hunter Reese

On the difficulty of the match...
"I couldn't imagine a better match. We had a couple of break points but we couldn't really do anything [against them]. They had big first serves. I don't know, that could have gone either way. I'm very fortunate to take a win like that."

On Ohio State's double fault in the third set tiebreaker...
"That was maybe the chance we needed. Then Mikelis came up with a big second serve after he missed the first serve. It wasn't even where we called it. He missed the first serve by a little bit but then came up with a big second serve. He stayed with that volley off the net also. It was unbelievable. Unbelievable."

Junior Mikelis Libietis
On winning the National Championship...
"It was unbelievable. Like I said yesterday, this was going to be something special. I couldn't really sleep last night. This was in my mind. The match was great. 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. Thats why [this crowd] came, this is what they wanted to see. It was a tough match. We couldn't really find a break. They had some chances and played very well. We were holding our serves easy as well. It just went that way. Those tiebreakers are just a lottery. First tiebreaker, Hunter hit one well off the tape that went in. Then my point on 3-2, I don't know how I won that point. It was destiny."

On his touch volleys during this match...
"At first I was trying to touch them a little too much because [Ohio State] was rushing in. I had to be sharper and do the right shots. I think I was able to do that. It was amazing, just a great match. I'm so proud of Hunter. We stayed together the whole time. We've had some problems in the past in the finals of getting too excited and too down but today we were able to stay together and keep fighting."

Associate Head Coach Chris Woodruff
On how their strategy changed during this match...
"The past few matches we've been able to play the doubles style that I've coached them to play, but today it was a little harder because [Ohio State] serves so well. I thought that once we got into an exchange where we could actually get two, three, four volleys and hit a couple balls from the back we were okay. Unfortunately it took us a long time. In fact, we never really got past their serves."

On the play of Ohio State's Peter Kobelt and Kevin Metka and his thoughts on the match...
"I thought that Kobelt did a great job. He basically won the second set tiebreaker for them. He hadn't been serving real well the whole match then stepped in and clocked a forehand and clocked a backhand and a couple of good serves and that was it. We just hung in there. This match could have gone either way. We could easily be having this conversation the other way. I'm happy for these guys. This has been three years of work for this basically. We work a lot on doubles and these guys have really embraced it, so they deserve all the credit."

NCAA Men's Doubles Runner-Up
Ohio State
Senior Peter Kobelt
On today's match...
"It's tough. They're a good serving team. They showed why they are the best team in the country. They came up with plays at the end and did what they had to do. They executed. It's disappointing, but it's been a heck of a year and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. As a senior, it's tough, but you can't ask for much more than having a National Championship match on your resume."

On playing his last collegiate match...
"It's tough. It's been five years of a lot of work. It's tough but I am proud of my teammates and proud of Kevin. It's tough to swallow right now."

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