Singles Finals Quotes

May 26, 2014

NCAA Men's Singles Champion, UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On claiming the NCAA Singles title...
"It's an honor, but now I'm so fatigued. Being out here in the humidity all week long is pretty draining, even though I've had some straight-set matches this week, my body is still pretty fatigued. It's tough playing in the hot and humid conditions all week long."

On facing an in-state opponent in Pepperdine's Alex Sarkissian
"Growing up and playing tournaments all year round in Juniors, we always traveled and you seemed to play guys from your region no matter where you are. I just kind of took this match like any other match and just tried to focus."

On fatigue being a factor that worked against Sarkissian today...
"I noticed that he wasn't changing directions quite as strong as he usually does, and so I wanted to make sure I used the entire court making him run and not have too many straight up points. He's a big guy and can hit big, so I wanted to really make him more tired. I know he's had some really tough matches this week, so I imagine that had to have been effecting him a little bit."

On being the 11th UCLA Bruin to win an NCAA Singles title...
"I'd just like to thank the UCLA program. They've done an unbelievable job. (Head Coach) Billy Martin and (Asst. Coach) Grant Chen have done an awesome job and have just really supported me throughout the season. To become a part of such an exclusive group of champions is just an honor, and I'm just honored. I don't know what to say. Thank you."

NCAA Men's Singles Runner-Up, Pepperdine RS Senior Alex Sarkissian
On today's match...
"It was a great run for both of us, especially for (Marcos) Giron. He ended up winning the tournament and is getting the wild card to the US Open main draw, so it's good for him. He came out playing incredible tennis today, and I was expecting it. He's a good player. It's a great run and great tournament for both of us."

On the team aspect of the NCAA Tournament...
"It's a great thing for Pepperdine because we had a tough season and things didn't go the way we would have liked. So it's a great way to end the season for Pepperdine. Hopefully this momentum shifts to our next season. It's a long way, but I hope it continues."

NCAA Women's Singles Champion, Virginia Sophomore Danielle Collins
On winning the National Championship…
“It’s incredible. I still can’t believe it. It’s all really shocking to me and I’m still really caught off guard right now, to be honest. I’m just really excited to be able to do it for myself and also our program. I know it’s the first time the women’s side has had this much success. It’s been a pretty historic career for us and I’m really excited to do it for my school and for my coaches. I know how much it means for them, too. They’ve helped me so much this year and I think it’s been night and day since I came to Virginia. A lot of credit to me but I think we should also give a lot of credit to the coaches. They’ve been out there with me for hours and hours, and they know me better than anyone else on the court. I couldn’t imagine having anyone [else] on the court with me. They’ve been awesome.”

On becoming the first women’s singles player to win the National Championship at Virginia
“It feels really awesome. I got so many texts and a lot of great messages from people today just congratulating me and wishing me luck. It’s just awesome. I know how much it means to my school and to everybody, my teammates and my coaches. It’s just incredible. I’m just happy that I was able to do it.”

Virginia Head Coach Mark Guilbeau
On Collins' win...
“Sometimes it takes until that late in the stage of a match to really figure out where the match is going to kind of turn or how it's going to go, but I can tell you that Danielle was really focused on playing the forehand. She’s unbelievable tactically and strategically. And her composure there - that was not an easy match. She can tell you the tactics as well as I can, and that’s what I’m most proud of."

On coaching Collins...
"I’ve done this for 23 years, and I have got to say this is as good as it gets. This is as close as you can get. She’s given us that opportunity. Danielle has gone out of her way to spend time with us coaches. This entire tournament we’ve spent time, and we’ve watched tennis, and we’ve talked tennis. She opened up to us and allowed us to really dig into the knowledge of the game basically, and through that you build a really strong bond. I know that Danielle has been just an incredible, competitive, hard-working kid for many, many years. She deserves this. When someone like [Collins] lets you in, and you can really help them, it’s just such a blessing.”

NCAA Women's Singles Runner-Up, Cal Sophomore Lynn Chi
On today's match...
“[Collins] played really well at the end. I mean, she hit some really nice shots.  I made a few errors. I had that one game, I think, where I hit four balls in the tape or around the tape area. To make it to the finals for me was just unbelievable. I never expected that or anything near that. I’ve learned so much this tournament. I’m just going to use it for next year.”

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