Singles Semifinals Quotes

May 25, 2014

Virginia Sophomore Danielle Collins
On today's match...
It was a little tough, but I've dealt with that situation before. I've played some matches where I was up and my opponent started playing really well. She made a big comeback there in the end, but I was confident going in at five-all and also the tiebreak. I was playing really well. I had good momentum. I was really looking forward to grinding it out. It was a lot of fun."

On the importance of her coaches throughout the NCAA Tournament...
"All credit goes to the coaches for dealing with me and helping me develop. (Head coach) Mark (Guilbeau) and (Associate Head Coach) Troy (Porco) have been really awesome. I wouldn't be in the finals if it wasn't for them. I couldn't imagine playing without them on my court. I trust them the most. They know my game better than anyone else. They're so positive and always have a lot of energy."

Cal Sophomore Lynn Chi
On today's match...
She (Tere-Apisah) was hitting some really nice shots, and I was just trying to stay in the match. I was just trying to calm myself down. A few points in the 5-6 game went my way, and in the tiebreak I just went for it. And then I broke, and most of the balls went my way, so I'm glad about that."

On pre-match expectations...
I did not have any expectations. I was glad to just get into the tournament. I did not even imagine me being in the finals. I just figured there are so many great players in the tournament. It really is about just a few points. Look at my first round match, I had to save match point, so if that one didn't go my way then it could be a different story."
On facing Virginia's Danielle Collins in the Final tomorrow...
"I actually grew up with her, so I know her pretty well. It should be a good match. We'll see how it goes tomorrow."​

UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On today's match...
"I'm glad I looked relaxed because I was definitely a bit nervous out there just with it being the NCAA Semifinals. But once I got going, I settled down a bit. He (Hess-Olesen) was a really solid opponent, and it was a tough match, but I knew that coming into it. I'm just looking forward to coming out tomorrow and trying to win."

On teammate and No. 1 seed Clay Thompson's early departure...
"He (Thompson) just told me to come out here and keep it going, and now we don't have to worry about facing each other. We laughed about it, but he just told me to bring home the title."

Pepperdine RS Senior Alex Sarkissian
On today's match...
"He (Nguyen) played really well in the first set, and it was just a momentum shift after the first set. It kind of went towards my favor and I got really lucky. We were both playing really well because it was a big match, going to the finals, so it was a good win."

On advancing this far for Pepperdine…
"It feels great, especially since we didn't have a good season. It's good to see that Pepperdine is doing well and hopefully Pepperdine can continue to have a lot of success in the future."
On playing the final match of his collegiate career tomorrow...
It's a bittersweet moment. I've had a lot of good times, and Coach Stein has helped me a lot through the last couple of years, so I'm very thankful for the opportunity Pepperdine has given me." 

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