Doubles Quarterfinal Quotes

May 24, 2014

Junior Hunter Reese
On the keys to winning today’s match…
“I think we were struggling a few games with our returns. A few games when we were able to break, it was really big. One was really big especially because we were breaking back. Then to go up a break was big because we were both clicking at the same time. That last break took forever with eight or 10 deuces. Just staying together with one another and pushing through, we were able to win it.”

On not becoming frustrated at long break points…
“That’s tough. That could have gone either way. If they had gotten that game after we had all of those break points, then that would have been really tough for me. Either way it was kind of a tough game for us. We just had to keep going and trusting. We were getting a lot of good looks and just had to trust that we were going to get it eventually.”

Junior Mikelis Libietis
On his confidence in today’s match…
“I told Hunter that I was a little stressed. I couldn’t make returns at first. In the last six matches I was returning unbelievably but today I couldn’t buy a return. I got a little bit frustrated but the game that we broke at 6-5 I made a few returns and Hunter was returning everything. That just helped me. The second set I started returning a little better. We just stayed together and played a good match.”

On the significance of advancing to the NCAA Semifinals...
“It feels great. It’s awesome. We’ve been playing really well, especially in the tournaments. We’ve only had one loss and it was in the National Indoors. We are just really used to each other. I know what he’s going to do and I think he knows what I’m going to do. We just play. We don’t overthink anything. We just play and know that we’re good.”

Junior Lauren Herring
On the win today...
"That was the most fun I think I've ever had on a doubles court. We were laughing the whole time and everything seemed to go our way. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and it was awesome."

On the crowd's energy...
"It is a huge advantage for us and everyone knows that when we get a little momentum, it turns into a lot of momentum and I think that is because of the crowd. When they are having fun, we are having fun, and that makes for good tennis."

Senior Maho Kowase
On today's match...
"I knew they were a very tricky team. We just wanted to hit our balls and that worked. We try to just have fun on the courts. We were not really thinking anything, so that is why we did really well. That was the best match of my life, so I am just so happy."

Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On today's match...
"Lauren served really, really well. Both of their serves were working. The foot speed just showed tremendously. They had a blast out there. From start to finish they were just all smiles and loose. They were playing super aggressive, complementing each other, and setting each other up. It was just high-level doubles."

Sophomore Maya Jansen
On today’s match and what was working well for them…
“It was a really tough match. Miami played really well and we played well. I think it really came down to a couple of breaks and a couple of service games. Overall we played well and I was proud of the win. We returned really well today, which was good. We returned and were able to move off of first balls and served pretty well so I think when we’re able to do that it sets us up pretty well.”

On what advancing to the semifinals means to them as a team…
“I haven’t really had any time to digest it yet but we’re both happy with it. We knew that was going to be a tough match. Getting through that and moving on is really good. We’re very happy about it.”

Freshman Erin Routliffe
On today’s match…
“We played pretty well. They’re a really good team so we knew that we were going to have to come up at them at the beginning and be aggressive and try and play on our terms. I think we let it slip a little bit but they played really well. They had great volleys and great serves. I’m just really happy that we were able to pull out the win.”

On what advancing to the semifinals means to them as a team…
“It’s awesome. It’s our first year playing together. We hoped to do this well. We just came into the tournament and tried to play aggressively and on our terms so I’m happy that we get to do that.”

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