Singles Quarterfinal Quotes

May 24, 2014

Texas Junior Søren Hess-Olesen
On today's match...
"I hadn’t really seen him play that much before but I know he’s a really talented guy. He has so much potential. He can do everything in the book, drop shots, comes to the net. He’s just a good overall player, but I know he’s better when he’s aggressive and when he’s dictating. So, I tried to move him a little bit around because I felt like his shot tolerance wasn’t as high as mine. So, I tried to move him around and kind of force him to go a little bit too much for his shots, and I think that worked."

On making the semifinals...
"It’s awesome. I always just take one match at a time, but it’s been a great year so far and I just want to keep it going. It’s an awesome experience being here in the NCAA, and I just can’t wait to play tomorrow."

California Freshman Lynn Chi
On today's match
"Today was a good day. My coach and I came in with a game plan and just stuck to it the whole match. She played well. It was pretty close, just a few points here and there. I think that's what made the difference today."

On being in the semis...
"Being in the semi-finals is something to definitely look forward to. It is a bit of a surprise for me. I'm not used to having these kind of results. I know they are both really good players so I'm just going to watch a little bit and go out there and try my best tomorrow."

Georgia State Senior Abigail Tere-Apisah
On today's match
"I just came out today, and because I had played her before I went in thinking that she is really tough and she is going to get every ball back so I was willing to be out here. I just really enjoyed it and I guess it just flowed. Overall, even though I lost the first set, I still felt like I played really well in the first set, except I guess she played better and I was a bit sloppy at some points and couldn't finish out the big points. I just tried to stay moving and energized with my feet and I think that helped a lot." 

​On being the first in GSU women's tennis history to make it to this stage
​"I don't know what I'm feeling right now, I still feel like I haven't finished the match yet or something! Its huge."

Virginia Sophomore Danielle Collins
General thoughts on the match...
"I think I definitely played one of the biggest fighters and toughest kids in the country, so just being able to get the win over her was just an incredible feeling. She really gave me a run for my money the whole match. Every time she was down she always found a way to come back and she always made me play really hard. I had to win every single point so, really tough player, and I'm just really happy to have the win over her."

On making it to the semifinals...
"It's pretty amazing, nobody has ever done that at my school before. I'm just happy to be able to do it for my school, and obviously a lot of individual success has been nice. Doing it for my school and teammates has been an amazing feeling."

Harvard Junior Dennis Nguyen
On today's match...
"I'm super excited. I came here and it wasn't about the outcome, but focusing on my own performance and doing the best I could. It took away a lot of pressure for me because I was just focusing on myself."

"This has exceeded my expectations 10 times over. I wanted to come here and maybe win a round. I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the best in the nation. It's obviously a dream run here, so hopefully I can keep it going. Playing four days in a row has been awesome. Its allowed me to stay in rhythm."

UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On today's match...
First of all, I felt like I played a really good match out there. This is the first time I've beat Ben (McLachlan), and so coming into the match I knew it was going to be a tough one. I'm really happy with the way I played. I served well, took care of my serve, didn't get broken, and so I think that could have a been a big difference in the match. I was just taking good care of my serve and putting pressure on him early on."

On advancing to the semifinals of the NCAA Tournament...
"It feels great, It's such a prestigious tournament, and to make it to the Final Four feels great and I'm hoping to move forward."

Duke Junior Ester Goldfeld
On today's match...
"At the beginning of the match, I was really just playing her (UCLA's Chanelle Van Nguyen) game. So I had to really dig deep and try and turn things around. She's a great tennis player and made it really tough for me towards the end of the match. I was just telling myself that if I want to get the win, I have to take it. She wasn't going to just give it to me. It was a really hot day today and that made things a little more difficult, but after the break I was really able to really focus. The semifinals are a really exciting thing for me and somewhere that I have never been, so I'm ready to get back out here tomorrow." ​

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