Round of 16 Doubles Quotes

May 23, 2014

Senior Maho Kowase
On their rally during the second and third sets...
"In the first set, it was hard to break. In the first game of the second set we could break so the momentum came off of that. In the final set we tried to break the first game and it happened so that was the key."

On having to consistently stay in the air conditioning today and preparing for tomorrow...
"[The match] was long-lasting and physical, so we just need to hydrate well, eat well, and try to refresh for tomorrow."

On her chemistry with Lauren Herring and why they work so well together...
"We just have fun. I just try to make her smile. She's so smart, and I just like helping along and having fun."

Junior Lauren Herring
On today's match...
"I did play better today, but I still wasn't too happy with it. Once again, Maho, I think, kept us going. I think the longer the match went, the better it got, especially the last couple of games I was really finding my groove. It's sad that it took three sets for us to find it, but I am kind of glad we played a longer match, that way I was able to hit more balls. Overall, I thought the last two sets were pretty good."

On playing long, close games...
"Honestly, I feel like I am in really good shape, and I have the best trainer in the world. But I think you can never really prepare enough for those types of situations."

Head Coach Jeff Wallace
On today's match...
"Lauren played very well. In fact I think she got better as the match progressed. I thought Maho was her usual self, just playing great tennis. They got super aggressive at the end. Lauren was moving all around the net which was a huge help, and Maho was setting her up nicely."

On Herring and Kowase playing together...
"I love their foot speed when they're playing. They are both so quick. They get to so many balls. They have a lot of energy, and Maho seems to do the 'high knees' after every time they win a point. It's really funny."

Sophomore Maya Jansen
On what worked well during the match today...
"I think we served and returned well. We moved a lot on good points and that always helps us. We worked really well together today."

On battling the high temperatures...
"We're used to it so it wasn't too bad. Plus, it was doubles. It was hot, though. We just made sure we stayed really hydrated so we'd be prepared for it. I know we have to work on our serves a little bit but we'll just keep doing the same things we've been doing."

Freshman Erin Routliffe
On today's match...
"We felt pretty good. We could have served a little bit better, but we returned well and put a lot of pressure on them when they were serving."

Head Coach Ricky Doverspike
On today's match...
"They returned very well. We started off a little slow with the returns, but I thought we picked it up towards the end. They did a really good job of staying solid on the baseline and working at their pace, putting the ball deep at their feet very well. We were able to close on top of the net pretty well. There were a lot of crucial points being won that lead to games, sets and eventually the match."

Senior Alex Sarkissian

On today's match...
"It was a great match to win. We were playing for the All-American this round so it was a good win to get out her. Especially for [Alcantara]."

On what making All-American and the quarterfinals means to them...
"It means a lot. It's our last tournament because we're seniors so it's probably going to be the last time that we play together as college student athletes. It was good to get out here and [North Florida] is really good. It was good to get that win. [Findel-Hawkins and Nemcsek] are good players. It's good to get the win and All-America status."

Senior Francis Alcantara
On today's match...
"It was my third try for All-American, so I guess we saved the best for last. Thanks to [Sarkissian]. We played really well yesterday and today. Hopefully we can continue until the end of the week."

Junior Gonzales Austin
On today's match...
"[Jordan Angus and Malte Stropp] are really solid. We've played them twice this year before that and it was 8-7 and 8-6. We had some pretty controversial finishes both those times but we came out on top. This time was just a grind again. Same story, but it's good to get through that."

On the importance of this win...
"This is the last tournament I'm going to be playing in with [Lipman] so it means a whole lot to me. This guy is my brother. We've been through it all so it means a whole lot to me."

Senior Ryan Lipman
On today's match...
"They're a really good team and everyone we play here in the NCAA Tournament is tough. It's just nice to get another win here and move forward."

On what this win means to them...
"It's pretty awesome. This is our breakout year and my last season. It means a lot to me. It's very special."

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