Round of 16 Singles Quotes

May 23, 2014

Georgia State Senior Abigail Tere-Apisah
On today's victory...
"It wasn't the way I wanted the match to end. I knew I needed to stay in the match. I was down three-love so I just told myself to stay in there and maybe she would falter, or maybe not. I just needed to play my game."

On advancing to the quarterfinals...
"I'm just happy to be past this round now. Next round I'm just going to go out and have fun. I need to make sure I play my game but I want to enjoy it as well."

North Carolina Freshman Hayley Carter
On today's match...
"It was a hot today and I was a little tired, I think we all are. So I had to really work hard to fight and give it everything I had on every single point. I think that's what I did. [Jenny Jullien] came up tot he net a lot so I had to kind of stay on the baseline and try to push her back. I tried to dip it at her feet when she came to the net. I just kind of played consistent today."

On what to work on in the quarterfinals...
"I definitely need to be a little more aggressive. I think I've been a little too defensive the first three matches of the tournament. I'm looking forward to just playing. It's an awesome opportunity to be in the quarterfinals here and I'm so excited."

Pepperdine Senior Alex Sarkissian
On today's match...
"Well it's a good run to get the All-American status. I got that yesterday and so it's a little different from here on out. It's good to pull it through."

On being in the quarterfinals for the first time...
​"It feels great. The winner of this tournament gets the wild card to the US Open so there's a big motivation factor there. I'm just looking forward to playing it match-by-match and looking forward to tomorrow."

UCLA Sophomore Chanelle Van Nguyen
On today's match...
"I thought I played pretty good for not having a day off. Each day I'm going to be tired. But usually I do not feel as tired as I would have expected, so that's good. I am going to try to recover as best I can and drink tons because it is super hot right now. I need to take an ice bath and rest. I need to use all the rest I can get."

Duke Sophomore Beatrice Capra
On today's match...
"I've never played Sylvia [Garcia] before, so I really knew nothing about her. It was a grind. Every point was a lot of balls. I told myself to just hang in there and wait for my opportunities. Eventually, it worked out. But she is a really tough competitor. I had to work really hard to win today."​

Harvard Junior Daniel Nguyen
On advancing to the next round...
"I'm obviously super excited to be in the final eight players here. I like coming here. Coming here, I just wanted to win a match. I really wanted the second one for the All-American title. This one is just an extra bonus."

On being in Athens...
"The biggest part is we don't have school. We've finished school. Going to Harvard and playing tennis is very difficult because you have to balance school and tennis at the same time. During regionals, I had to take finals on the road. There's nothing holding me back now. I'm just focusing on tennis. Im just competing. It's really nice."

UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On today's match...
"I thought it was a really good match today. (Nathan) was playing well, and I played well, and I'm really happy with how I struck the ball today. I knew coming in that it was going to be a tough match because he's a heck of a player, so I'm really happy to come through in straight sets, especially with this heat."

On the high temperatures affecting play...
"I like playing in the heat. It's a little different than California, in terms of humidity, but I still enjoy it. It's fun. It's NCAAs, so it's all going to be battles."

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