Second Round Singles Quotes


May 22, 2014

Texas Junior Søren Hess-Olesen
On the match, his play, and his opponent (Joran Vliegen of East Carolina)...
"I think it was a good match. I've never seen him play before. He's tough to play. He's got a pretty good serve. I think my gameplan was to try and stay aggressive, don't give him time because he hits the ball really well when he's got time. I had a little trouble returning his serve until the end of the match so I tried to really dig in at the end and get those returns deep and in the middle of the court and kind of neutralize the point. I think he lost a bit of patience after 4-3 in the second set."

On advancing to the next round...
"I always try to focus on one match at a time. Of course I think everyone here should have the mentality that they want to win the whole thing because everybody's good here. I'm going to take it one match at a time and we'll see. I've had a good season so far and I just want to keep it going and end on a good note."

UCLA Junior Marcos Giron
On today's match...
"First of all, Ryan Shane's (Virginia) a great player. He hits as big of a ball as anyone out there. I'm really happy to come out with the win. It was a tough match and I'm just happy to make it through. I was able to take care of my serve there in the end. I was really happy with how I did."

On advancing...
"I'm just taking it each match at a time. Everyone's a really good player. I'm going to try to take care of my body and see who I play next."

Vanderbilt Junior Gonzales Austin
On his win over Columbia Junior Winston Lin...
"I played him a couple of weeks ago in the round of 32 [team tournament]. Last time I was playing him, I felt like I was using a winning strategy and I just went away from it and he started rolling. He was up 5-1 in the third and I came back to 5-4, but he was in control of the match. I came out here and thought 'let's just stick to the strategy,' and I kind of picked up where I left off in the first set last time. I went up 5-3 and then kind of lost it there, but I knew I was using a winning strategy. I felt like I could pull through."

On progressing to the quarterfinals...
"It's pretty awesome. I'm really excited. I'm looking to make a run through tournament. We'll see what happens, but I'm really excited."

UCLA Junior Robin Anderson
On today's match...
"Today was a bit more of a struggle. Caroline is really good. She's a lefty and I haven't played a lefty in a really long time. She swung really, really heavy. She has this massive kick serve. So, it was a bit tougher for me today and it was really hard for me to get break against her. I served really well and I knew that if I could get at least one break a set that I would be okay.

On advancing...
"It feels pretty good. I've made it to the round of 16 my past two years, so hopefully I can make it past this round. I lost in the round of 16 the last two years as well. So, we'll see!"

Ole Miss Junior Nik Scholtz
On the match...
"I was happy with the way I fought. Things weren't always going my way and I just kept battling. I'm not really too happy with the way I'm playing. I still believe I can play a lot better. But all in all, a win is a win. That's all that really matters. It doesn't matter how you get it , as long as you get the "W". I need to adjust to the conditions. The wind is swirling a lot, and that really makes it tough to play. Maybe I need to play a little less within myself. I can be a little tentative, but I should be the aggressor more."

Georgia Sophomore Silvia Garcia
On the match...
"I started playing really, really well, just played my game and didn't miss a lot of balls. I think she was missing more early than she did later, and she came back in the second set. I knew it was going to be a hard match. I just hung in and was able to win eventually. It's really exciting. I was having a blast being with my teammates and my fans. It's so exciting to win and have another chance to play tomorrow. I'll try to do my best again."

North Carolina Freshman Jamie Loeb
On today's match...
"I think at the beginning today I started out a little slow, but I got in my rhythm. I feel like overall I served better today, minus the first game."

On the hot temperatures affecting play...
"It's pretty hot, but I'm just trying to take care of myself on and off the court and get ready for doubles now."

Oklahoma Junior Dane Webb
On today's match...
"We played in the finals a few days ago and I felt really well. I won my match pretty fast and ever since then I've been feeling pretty good. I've been playing loose and confident, and I feel good about my chances against the people that I'm playing."

On the success of his serve...
"Since I've gotten older it's been one of my better parts. But this year it has really gotten a lot better, more reliable and a higher percentage are accurate. Today I was serving pretty good, too. It takes the edge off. I know if I start to struggle a little bit, I can stay in it with my serve."

Georgia Junior Nathan Pasha
On playing in the heat...
"To be honest, when it's this hot out and you have conditions like this, I just have to remember why I play tennis in the first place, which is to compete. I love to compete a lot and that is what keeps me out here. That is what keeps me wanting to work every day and get better."

On earning All-America honors with his win today...
"I had no idea until (Coach) Manny (Diaz) told me. Everyone was telling me that it not being told before the match was for the best. I definitely would have been thinking about it. It feels good to be an All-American, and I always wanted to be one of those."

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