First Round Singles Quotes

May 21, 2014

South Carolina Junior Andrew Adams
On today's upset victory over third-seeded Julian Lenz (Baylor)...
"I think that we both started out pretty tight for a first round match. We were both kind of struggling to begin with. I got a little lucky and got off to a little bit of a better start than he did. I got an early lead and it worked out well in my advantage. I think I was playing solid today. I tried to build on that and towards the end I started building more confidence and feeling a little more comfortable. Towards the end of the match I kind of knew that I had it and I wasn't going to let [Lenz] dictate it, and I think that's the way I won today."

On using this victory as momentum moving forward in the tournament...
"I just need to keep building. Next match will be against a different opponent so I'm probably going to have to play differently. I think it's a whole new ballgame so tomorrow is a different animal for me. Tomorrow, mentally, I'm going to need to approach the match a little differently but that's what tonight's for. I'll be getting ready for it tomorrow."

UCLA Freshman Mackenzie McDonald
On facing Virginia's Mitchell Frank in the first round...
"I was pretty excited to play Mitchell again because I lost to him at the beginning of the year. It's the end of the year, and I thought it would be a great match to see improvements and kind of see where I am. I'm really happy I pulled it out because it shows me that I've improved and done better since the start of the year."

On the importance of second set...
"The thing with Mitchell, the difference between him and a lot players is that he is always in every single point. That last game I played was really tight with my service game. I'm really happy I was able to keep my focus. Every point counts against him because he can change things around pretty quickly. He's a good player."

On advancing to the next match...
"I'm just focusing on the next match. I'm not going into too much detail with tennis. For me a lot of my game is just mental and if I can stay positive and stay aggressive and do the things I do well then I'll be fine. So I'm just going to focus on that and go to my next match."

Stanford Sophomore Krista Hardebeck
On today's win over fourth-seeded Julia Elbaba (Virginia)...
"I haven't really had the best season and my team, unfortunately, lost in the semis so I just came out here and tried to give it all and just swing away. At this point I don't really have anything to lose. I was really happy that everything was going well and that it worked out in my favor."

On using this victory as momentum moving forward in the tournament...
"Taking out a seed in the first round is always a great thing. Everybody here is tough though, so it doesn't really matter. This is a big confidence builder so that will really help me. I just need to keep swinging loose and have a good time out there."

UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On the win...
"I felt like I played a good first round there. I played solid, didn't make too many silly mistakes, and took care of my serves. I'm happy to get through this round. It didn't take too much out of me, which is great, but Hunter is a tough player so I'm happy to make it through."

On preparations for the second round...
"I'm going to go watch my opponent, see a little bit of them, kind of figure out their games, and then I'll just focus on what I have to do tomorrow and take care of myself."

USF Sophomore Roberto Cid
On the upset win...
"I'm very happy with the win, even though I was not expecting this, but I did work hard all year for this tournament. I'm excited for the next matches. I've been playing for two years already, but it's a great achievement to beat the number one guy in the country, so I'm excited to see what's next."

On his success today...
"Me and my coaches sat down and talked about the tactics we needed to do in order to be successful today. I think I did great on that and I'm very excited. My coaches play a major role in this. They always put in a lot of hard work and they are very excited with a win. For sure I wouldn't have won this match without my coach, so I'm very thankful for that."

Stanford Senior Kristie Ahn
On transitioning from team to individual play...
"It's really tough going from fighting for your teammates and your school to going to play for yourself. Both of us played each other - Stanford vs. Virginia - and you can tell that there was a different feeling out there. The first day is always the toughest, so I'm just glad to get through it." 

On her mentality during singles play...
"You just have to keep yourself motivated somehow, someway. For me, it's my last year, and I'm just telling myself that it could be my last match so I just have to go for it every time out there."

Georgia Sophomore Silvia Garcia
On the match...
"I think I played a really good match. In this tournament there isn't as much pressure as the team tournament. I was just out there enjoying it. You never get to play in front of your home crowd for a national or international tournament so it was really fun and I played really well so I think that helped me."

On why there isn't as much pressure for the individual tournament...
"When you play for your team you also are playing for them, but here I'm just playing tennis and enjoying it."

Georgia Junior Lauren Herring
On the match...
"She was a good player. I wasn't necessarily happy with the way I played. I was pretty flat the whole match, I thought. Hopefully I can build each and every match here. I'm fortunate to get through the first round. Just a lot balls, some long points, some long games. Hopefully next time I can convert a little sooner than I did."

On the next round...
"I don't think the person I play next round I've played before so it's always nice to get to play someone new. It's fun playing at home so I'm just looking to use the crowd and have fun. Everyone in the draw is really good. You can't take anyone for granted. I know the girl I play next round was a really good junior and she's been a great freshman for Stanford. I'll have a tough match next round. I'm just going to take it one match at a time."

Georgia Junior Nathan Pasha
On the match...
"It was really humid out there. The guy I was playing was Spanish-like. He liked to hit a lot of forehands and long points so it made for a physical match but thankfully I won."

On what he did that helped him win the match...
"The guy did really well with pace. Whenever I hit hard serves, especially to the forehand, he did a good job of counter punching those so I just started mixing up my serves and mixing up my paces."

UCLA Sophomore Robin Anderson
General thoughts on the match...
"I definitely did not play as well as I did yesterday. Usually with tournaments, the first round is really, really tough to get going. I'm glad that I made it through this match and I'm excited to play tomorrow."

Looking ahead...
"Just going off how I played yesterday, I want to try to be aggressive and not really worry too much if I make a lot of errors; just playing how I play."

UNC Freshman Jamie Loeb
On today's match...
"She was tough today. I started off really well and was playing well from the beginning, but i started to rush it midway through the second set. I was hoping to end, but she stuck around. I started missing and she was grinding out there. In the end, I pulled it together. I was just focusing on one point at a time."

On going deep into the team tournament...
"It's definitely difficult. Im sure everyone out here feels the same way. You just have to take care of your body and rest. I just want to be more patient moving forward and not try to end things so soon."

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