Men's National Championship Quotes

May 20, 2014

2014 NCAA Men's Tennis National Championship Quotes

USC def. Oklahoma, 4-2
USC Head Coach Peter Smith

On today's match...
"To do it with these guys is always special. You start with a group that I don't think anyone would have said would win the NCAAs back in September. It's a credit to them and how hard they worked. We've had so many great players, and it's amazing to now see a new group step up. They all stepped up. Winning one of these is so hard."

On facing Oklahoma...
"We knew a lot about them. We had all played these guys a couple of times. We hadn't played them as a team, but we knew exactly who they were. Let me tell you something: John Roddick and the Oklahoma Sooners were a class act out there. They competed hard and there was no BS. It was straightforward and it was a great match. I was proud to be a part of a match like that."

On playing the NCAA tournament in Athens...
"I think it's important to mix it up, but I certainly think every two or three years it should be here. This is the best site. It has the best town, it has the best fans and it has the best facility. It's a wonderful place to play, and the atmosphere the last two nights...I keep on saying special, but it's just different. They know what they're doing here, also."

USC Senior Ray Sarmiento
On today's match...
"I dug myself into a pretty big hole in the beginning, but since day one, Coach has just emphasized leaving it all out on the court. Whatever happens, happens. It's just a great coaching staff, and I'm just so happy for my teammates."

On playing in Athens...
"It's definitely a great place to play, and the great atmosphere here just makes it so special."
USC Sophomore Max de Vroome

On today's match...
"There's so much going through your mind out there, but seeing your teammates right next to the court and the coaches on the court, they just help you through it. There's no way I could have done it without them. It's just about fighting for them and keeping going with the plan. It's about discipline."

Oklahoma Head Coach John Roddick
On tonight's match...
"USC played a tremendous match and they competed great. They really deserved it. We played well and we had chances but they overcame some tough situations, especially early, and my hat goes off to them. That's probably the best singles I've seen played this year. Having said that, I think we played some of the best doubles played this year. It was a very, very high quality match. They were too good."

On what he is most proud of...
"If you look back on our season, at the beginning, we were very top heavy, with four guys playing really well. Our five and six were really not very good in February. We were able to win a lot of matches anyway, but I think those guys really pulling together, our top guys leading those guys in getting better, and all of the sudden you have a complete team. This is the first time we had a very complete team. There were some hard days in practice and some very direct conversations, and for those guys to be able to handle those, and to come out of them and get better, I think that's what we're most proud of."

Oklahoma Junior Dane Webb
On this season's accomplishments...
"It's definitely been the most fun season for me. It seems like our hard work paid off. We had a bunch of good wins, we got to #1 in the country, we got to the finals here, and if a few points go our way here and there, maybe we win it. I'm really proud of the team and the effort and I had a lot of fun. We made a lot of history for OU and that's nice to be a part of. A lot of the reason I came here is because I thought we could do a lot of stuff that had never been close to being done before so it feels good."

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