Men's Semifinal Quotes

May 19, 2014

2014 NCAA Men's Tennis Semifinal Quotes

Oklahoma def. UCLA, 4-2
Oklahoma Head Coach John Roddick
On tonight's match...
"What an effort by both teams really. It was a really good hard fought match to have the doubles come down to a breaker and the last two singles matches that finished come down to a breaker with another one at three all in the third. It's a shame that anyone has to lose that match. I'm proud of my guys. We always talk about playing the big points aggressively and even when we lost them we did it. When you do that, good things happen."

Oklahoma Senior Guillermo Alcorta
On his comeback victory over #1 Clay Thompson...
"I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a rough one. Once I lost the first set Coach Roddick came to the court and I asked him if [Thompson] was that much better than me and he said no. We're both in the semifinals for a reason. I knew that I just needed to stay focused and eventually I would get opportunities. I did get them and I thought that I executed pretty well, especially in the last set. I'm proud of the effort."

Oklahoma Freshman Alex Ghilea
On tonight's tiebreaker victory...
"I believed in myself. Coach has always said that I can do it. It was hard. [Karue Sell] played unbelievable, especially in the second set. I had to improve my game. I'm so happy that I did it. I did it for the team. It was one hell of a match. I'm so happy we won as a team. It was a great team effort.

UCLA Head Coach Billy Martin
On tonight's match...
"It was a great match. Certainly not fun to lose but it was a great college tennis match. I think it really shows, again, that the doubles point means so much when you get down to these semifinals and finals matches at the NCAA's. I thought that we had a good chance to win there today against this team. We didn't play real well at number one doubles. Number three doubles was certainly very close. It came down to that tiebreaker but it didn't go our way. It seemed like all three tiebreakers that were really crucial did not go our way today but that's the way the old ball bounces. I'm certainly proud of our team. We had a great year and lost to a great team here. It's nothing to be ashamed about, but probably that match with Karue Sell at number six was the nail in the coffin in some ways. We were up 5-2 in the third set and we lose that tiebreaker. I think that if we win that then we put a little more pressure on Oklahoma to win both of those last two matches. Unfortunately I think that kind of sparked them a little when they won that one and the pressure just shoots back to us to have to win those last two matches when we're in the tiebreaker with Clay [Thompson]."

USC def. UVA, 5-1
USC Head Coach Peter Smith
On tonight's match...
"What is it about us and Virginia? Just another epic battle between the 'Hoos and the Trojans. The doubles point was crazy. The heart that my team showed today, you know, at a point you just sit back and just appreciate how hard these guys fight. Tonight, we certainly did that."

On the turning point...
"Certainly the turning point was when Yannick [Hanfmann] won the second set and you could really feel it. You know, when there is three matches left and you've got to win one, the guys know the deal. Just one, we can get one. So what an effort by Yannick, and what an effort by everyone. They really became men today."

USC Junior Yannick Hanfmann
On being back in the NCAA Finals...
"We never expect to be here, but we were working hard to get here. It's a long season and it's always great to be back here, so many great memories. I wish we could play here every year. Could we do that?"

UVA Head Coach Brian Boland
On the match...
"Congratulations to USC. They were better tonight. That was a really tough doubles point and that I thought that made a big difference tonight, more than some of the other matches where we fell short of winning the doubles point. They [USC] were really persistent in using that momentum. I think the match was a lot closer than the overall score. But with that being said, I'm proud of my team. We had a great season. But overall, great match. I'm disappointed, obviously, to come up short. But we'll be back."

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