Men's Quarterfinal Quotes

May 18, 2014

Virginia def. Baylor, 4-0

Virginia Head Coach: Brian Boland 
On doubles…
"We had some guys who have played a lot together this year so we mixed it up a little bit. Alex Domijan and Justin Shane came through and that was a great tennis match won at a high level. I thought coming out, our doubles was at a high level. I thought the excitement of the match was great and you really have to appreciate the ability to play in this kind of environment. I hope the guys enjoyed that, I know I did. I couldn't have been more impressed with our guys with their focus and enthusiasm and energy brought to doubles and we squeaked out the point."

On singles...
“We got off to a great start in singles so we used the momentum but then Baylor kept fighting, they didn't let down. They made it hard for us all the way to the end, they hung in their and did a good job.” 

On Alex Domijan Performance...
“Alex is playing some great tennis and he's our team leader. The he way he is playing right now...he is quick on all cylinders, playing some of the best tennis I have ever seen him play. He's the guy everyone looks too and is really pleased with the way he is playing and I know he is enjoying the moment. 

Virginia Senior Alex Domijan
On the Match…
"Great crowd considering we were here at Georgia Tech and I thought we used it to our advantage. The courts are a lot faster here and I knew going in he was a big hitter I was going to play so I needed to take advantage of the first ball." 

On clinching the doubles point...
"I thought it was very critical that we won the point. I knew the doubles point would be huge as far as carrying the momentum into beating Baylor in four singles spots.

On playing USC next…
"Well, we haven't played them this year but they are a great team, and we have played them before. We are looking forward to it. I think the doubles point is going to be critical again as well as using the crowd and energy. It’s going to be a fun match, I think its going to be really close."

Baylor Head Coach Matt Knoll
On today's match...
"I really thought we had a chance in the doubles point today, but we didn't execute. Virginia played big, as we expected, and we have to give them credit."

On the importance of the doubles point today...
"We needed any points we could get, but we weren't in position to get a lot of points as you could see. I thought that our guys fought really hard when they were backed up against the wall. We just dug ourselves too deep of a hole. We were gritty and we competed until the end, but we just didn't do enough." 

USC def. Texas, 4-1
USC Head Coach Peter Smith
On today's match...
"Sometimes you look at it like losing the doubles point is a good thing. I really felt like, you know, indoors, Texas, quarterfinals, I don't know what it was, but it really made us dig deep today. Especially for Yannick [Hanfmann] and Roberto [Quiroz], they dug very, very deep, and competed very, very hard, and that's a credit to Texas to make us work that hard. It was really a good close match."

On an early lead in the first four singles matches...
"You never think that [the five and six matches won't start]. It's foolish to think like that. You know they're going to make a run. [Soren Hess-Oleson] is such a great player. We knew he had something more left in the tank. I wasn't too pleased with the doubles, but they really came back strong in the singles."

USC Junior Yannick Hanfmann
On losing doubles...
"It was hard. The Texas guys came out there firing and I think they played a really good match. You come in [to singles], you're a little bit [angry], but you're ready to go. We know that. We've played big matches losing the doubles point. We know we can do that. We know we are capable of coming back."

USC Junior Roberto Quiroz
On losing the second set...
"I was really close to closing the match. I just have to give credit to him. He came really strong, he never gave up, and he played really good. I just tried to stay positive and take it point-by-point."

Texas Head Coach Michael Center
On today’s match…
"I thought we played a great doubles point again. Both matches here we've played fantastic in doubles. They got on us in singles a little bit early. We got behind. We hung in there. We hung in there. We had some close sets, tiebreakers. I knew that opportunities would present themselves. USC was I thought just a little too good for us today. They just don't make many mistakes. I thought they just outplayed us. I was really proud of our guys, we just came up a little short today."

On making it to the quarterfinals:
"It's hard to get down to the final eight. Going up against the number one seed, (we) didn't play with any fear. They represented each other really well so I'm really proud of the team. I'm proud of the season. I'm proud of what they accomplished. We got a lot guys back, so we'll be back next year."

Oklahoma def. UNC, 4-2
Oklahoma Head Coach John Roddick
On the match…
"It's a good win, especially indoors. It probably wasn't the best scenario for us to play indoors, I can't speak for Carolina. I know that we are a better team outside, always have been and this year is probably no exception. I'm really proud of the effort to get put in a really tough position and have a team play well against you and to pull out the win. You just want to get through it and worry about tomorrow."

On losing the doubles point...
“You don't want to lose doubles points. We've started playing a lot better at 5 and 6. We've started to gain that capability to be able to lose double points against good teams and come back and win. But we want to go out and play better doubles and get up 1-0, because I know if we get up 1-0 we're a really tough out.

Oklahoma Freshman Alex Ghilea
On losing the doubles point…
Yeah, we knew we could return the game into our favor. We did exactly what the coaches told us to do. I think it was a great day. We felt very confident in the singles. I want to congratulate all of the guys for giving a great effort, even in doubles, even if we lost. It was a great team effort. I want to thank the coaches for believing in me. We don't have much time to enjoy this win, but we have to a little bit and then think about the match tomorrow because it's a big one. As I said, I want to thank all of the coaches first."

North Carolina Head Coach Sam Paul
On tonight's match...
"First of all you, have to give credit to Oklahoma. They beat us at some of our best spots. They came back and what a hell of a match that was. Three sets at two, three sets at three, three sets at one. Our guys didn't quit. I'm so proud of our guys. The saddest thing about this whole thing is that the year's got to end some time. I don't have the chance to work with these guys anymore as a whole team. It's been certainly one of the best if not the best group I've ever had. That's the saddest part. We shared a lot of tears in that locker room because I don't have a chance to be with them anymore."

UCLA def. Ohio State, 4-2
UCLA Head Coach Billy Martin
On today's match...
"It was just so close in both doubles and singles. I really felt we were going to win the doubles point. I was really disappointed that we let No. 1 singles go after we had a break somewhat late in the match and same thing at No. 2. We've had a lot of experience losing the doubles point this year, so I think that maybe helped us. The guys don't feel like we can't win the match if we lose the doubles point, but against a great team like Ohio State, you just never know. It's hard to win three (singles matches), much less four. But we did it, and our freshmen did a a great job, too."

On having to face Ohio State indoors...
"I wasn't happy having to play this team indoors. If there's one team in the tournament that I wouldn't want to play indoors, it's Ohio State. I think these courts were a lot slower than the University of Georgia courts. That's the only plus I had. We had heard that from some of the women's teams that had played here the first day, so I kept trying to tell my guys that it's a little bit slower court so it will equalize things out a little bit. We've been practicing indoors while we've been here because I knew the forecast before we came, so I think that helped us too."

UCLA Senior Adrien Puget
On today's match...
"We started pretty good in doubles. We were looking good on all three courts, and then suddenly me and Karue are the last match and we just thought 'Oh my gosh,' and then we ended up losing. But we were still confident on our singles lineup. We know that we are so strong in singles. We came out really strong winning four of the six first sets (in singles), and it was just a great team effort."

Ohio State Head Coach Ty Tucker
On today’s match…
"It's a tough one to swallow. We had a couple of opportunities to have a shot to win this match. We have talked the last couple of days about only having one or two opportunities at the most, and we have to take advantage of them. We had some chances, and I made a couple of bad calls and kind of cost Hunter (Callahan) that set when he was serving for it. UCLA has a lot of talent. They are a good, well-coached team, and they are good enough to win this tournament. Hats off to UCLA."  

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