Men's Round of 16 Quotes

May 16, 2014

2014 NCAA Men's Tennis Round of 16 Quotes

USC def. Columbia, 5-0
USC Head Coach Peter Smith
On today’s match…
"I congratulate Columbia on a great year. They had a of firsts and it was an historic year for them so that's great. I thought once singles started [that it was good that] we got the doubles point. We felt very comfortable out there. Really, this is a very comfortable place for us. I thought we played real well."

USC Junior Eric Johnson
On today’s match…
"It's great to clinch. I saw Ray was really close too. It was comfortable that we we both close to finishing so there wasn't too much pressure. I just wanted to serve it out and get a W under my belt."

Head Coach Bid Goswami
On today’s match…
"We came crashing down. We've been on a high. We won 20 matches in a row. The doubles was close. We had some chances, but with a good team, if you don't make use of those chances, you can't come back. USC is a good team."

On the season...
"Before the season, if they had said, 'You're going to lose two matches, one to the then-No. 3 and then to the No. 1 team, and both in Georgia,' I would have taken it. I should be happy. It doesn't feel very good right now but I'm proud of the guys. They are all coming back [next season]. Hopefully we can even get a little better."

Texas def. Cal, 4-1
Texas Head Coach Michael Center
On today’s match…
“They really handled us in doubles when we played them in February at the indoors so to come out and play doubles like that today was tremendous. It was a great start for our guys, we got the matches pretty comfortably at one and six but the other four matches were really up in the air. We were hanging on there a little bit in that fourth point but we talked about these matches, everybody is good and there’s going to be some ebbs and flows and how we’re going to handle that when it doesn’t go our way because Cal did not go away today they kept battling.”

On the quarterfinal matchup with USC…
“They’re a great team but we feel like we have a really good team. They’ll be the favorites but we feel good about where we are. We feel like we’re playing our best tennis. We worked hard all year to prepare ourselves to play our best tennis right now so we’ll be ready to go and we’re excited about the opportunity.”

Texas Freshman George Goldhoff
On his match clinching win…
“It was a really tough match because I was down in both sets, I think I got broken immediately right at the beginning of the set so I was always playing behind but felt like I was in control of the points so felt like if I played smart I could come back and that’s what happened.”

On the keys to his success going forward…
"I just want to stay in the moment and stay steady. There were times I felt like I was caught up in the moment and had a lot going on around me and I want to focus on my own court.

California Head Coach Peter Wright
On today’s match…
“Texas jumped all over us in the doubles today and I think that was a pretty big key to victory for them. I’m proud of the way our guys came out and fought in singles. We actually put ourselves in pretty good position to make this a very interesting match. Unfortunately we didn’t get there in the end but our guys never stopped fighting, that’s just what kind of year we’ve had. Good luck to Texas. They played well and they outplayed us today so you’ve got to tip your hat to them, but our guys were in the hunt."

Virginia def. Notre Dame, 4-0
Virginia Head Coach Brian Boland
On today's match...
“I was pleased with the way our team played today. I think it carried over from last week and helped us play our best tennis of the year. All credit to Notre Dame, this is the fourth time we had to play them this year and it's hard enough to play any team four times in one year, especially a team as competitive and feisty as Notre Dame. They're an outstanding team and they've had a great year and congratulations to them and all the success they've had. I was pleased with how we played. Some outstanding doubles and Notre Dame never gave in.”

On making adjustments…
“I feel good about this team and I have now for a long time. Our goal is to play our best tennis in this tournament. I feel like we're clicking on all cylinders, feeling really good about the team. There is a lot of confidence throughout the team.”

Virginia junior Mitchell Frank
On today’s match…
“For me it was great to clinch the match but I was just trying to help the team however I could and today it was winning the match.
I held my serve pretty easily the whole day so I think that played a huge factor in holding that first set. Once I got that first set under my belt, I felt like I played a good second set especially with the conditions out there. It wasn't easy. ​

Notre Dame Head Coach Ryan Sachire
On Josh Hagar....
"He played great. Josh has had a great year for us and he's one of the most elite players in the country. He had a great match today and he's a really great player. I'm really proud of Josh. He does what needs to do to get the job done on most days and he got the job done today.

On doubles...
“That's doubles, at this level, they're always close. We could have used a point here and a point there and it would have been a little bit of a different story. I give my team credit. They created the shots when they needed to hit them throughout the whole match.”

On his pride...
“You try to keep your mindset and your focus on your day-to-day. Getting here was a big goal of ours and we accomplished that. I give Virginia credit. They did a great job of competing today and coming up with the points when they needed them. I was really proud of our effort today more than just looking at the overall season. They came here with a chip on their shoulders and the intention of winning but Virginia was just too good.”

Baylor def. Illinois, 4-0
Baylor Head Coach Matt Knoll
On today’s match…
“I thought it was a great day for us. I was proud of Tony. I didn’t see any of that match, but he was in a tough spot and he stayed out there and that helped a lot.”

“I think at this stage of the year, the less you play, the better. You know, we’re not out here to try to get a lot of exercise. You try to execute as well as you can and we did.”

On Michel Dornbusch…
“[Michel Dornbusch] had a little bit of an injury. I looked down there and he was rolling around on his back like a turtle. I was worried that something serious was going on, but he jumped up off the ground and got it done.”

Baylor Junior Michel Dornbusch
On today’s match…
“It was tough. I was up 1-0 in the first, and then I injured my back and had to take a timeout. I saw the scores, and it was close. I had to fight somehow.”

Illinois Head Coach Brad Dancer
On today’s match…
"Baylor played better than us…they really took it to us. As we've done all year long, we just kind of choked in doubles. We've had a really tough time consolidating breaks in doubles. We've got to do a better job staying on task on what we do. You've got to give Baylor a ton of credit, they've got big, strong guys at every position and they make you feel that presence."

Oklahoma def. Kentucky, 4-0
Oklahoma Head Coach John Roddick
On the play of #5 and #6 singles...
"I was happy with what we did up there. That's where we have had the most trouble all year. We were in really good position to win both of those as well. I'm pleased with the effort and I'm pleased with the way we went out and took care of things to not have to struggle."

On winning the doubles point...
"The doubles point is always a huge help. We know it doesn't mean everything, but in these tournaments when you have to play four out of five days just to have the opportunity to finish, having the doubles point helps with that."

Oklahoma Junior Dane Webb
On building off a win in doubles...
"We've been playing great singles, so we've been focusing a little bit more on doubles in practice. We feel like if we get the doubles point that we're gonna be pretty tough to beat because we're pretty tough in every single spot. It gives everybody a little confidence going into singles that we played well and that we won."

Kentucky Head Coach Cedric Kaufmann
"I think its a butt woopin'. We had two chances in doubles to go up or break. We have some opportunities but don't get them. In singles, I thought the first hour was really flat. We are missing our best player and we're missing another guy that sat out all year so we're coming in a little light. I thought we could push them to maybe the 5 or 10 minutes of the match where we could take a shot, and we just couldn't."

North Carolina def. Georgia, 4-2
North Carolina Head Coach Sam Paul
On tonight's match...
"I think we learned a lot as a coaching staff from our time when we were here two years ago. We try to keep our guys loose and focused on playing tennis. Last time, I think the crowd affected us, playing a night match. More credit to all these guys because it was a great crowd today and a great atmosphere and they embraced it.

On Georgia's hosting the tournament...
"I've been coming here since 1977. This is the first time I've been here without Coach Magill and it makes me really sad, to be honest with you because of what he's meant to college tennis and what he's done here. This atmosphere is just incredible, and Manny [Diaz] has done an incredible job."

North Carolina Sophomore Brett Clark
​On tonight's match...
"That was an incredible victory. Everyone played well, everyone fought until the very end. That was really the difference today."

On clinching the match...
"There was a great atmosphere here, but the thing I kept telling myself was to keep focusing on each point. After every point, find my teammates, and don't worry about the big crowd. My teammates helped me out a bunch. They were really fired up for me and that's really how we got through it."

Georgia Head Coach Manuel Diaz
On today's match...
"I'm proud of all our guys. We fought a very good battle today. I think that North Carolina just outplayed us. They played a little bit better than we did, and they deserved to win. They did a much better job than we did taking care of their serves. It was not easy out there. It was windy. . I think it was difficult for both teams out there today and they were just a little bit better, especially in the way that they took care of their serves. We broke, but we just couldn't seem to get enough traction. When we broke, we were usually breaking back. We weren't breaking and going ahead. They just outplayed us."

On senior Garrett Brasseaux...
But I'm proud of Garrett and I'm proud of Hernus [Pieters]. Both were great seniors for us this year and had a tremendous career for us. And to see [Garrett] really turn himself around the last two years... He really became a force, and you saw the way he competed out there. It didn't matter if he was down a set, he was really fighting. He's never out. That's what we try to talk to our guys about. All we can do is go out there and give it our all and try to improve and try to be as close of a team as we can and we did that."

Georgia Junior Nathan Pasha
On teammate Garrett Brasseaux’s performance…
“Garrett’s a guy who’s probably one of our most clutch players on the team. He’s had a number of matches where he’s come from behind and won a lot of matches for us or kept us in a match. He’s a super clutch guy and it didn’t go his way today but I know it will next time.”

On what he said to Garrett after the match…
“There’s nothing you really can say. I just wanted him to feel my comfort and support. I’ve known Garrett since I was like ten or twelve, probably the longest of anybody on the team, and I just wanted to be there for him because I know what that feels like.”

UCLA def. Tennessee, 4-0
UCLA Head Coach Billy Martin
On tonight's match...
"I think the doubles point really [was the key]. We played really well on [court] three, but got off to a horrible start [overall]. Tennessee played really well. I think we were down 5-0 before we won a game, so it came down to [court 2]. I really felt we played solid singles, at least on courts one through four, and from the start it looked like we were always on top on courts five and six. Always good to get this first match if you are lucky enough to get here. Get this first match under your belt and get used to the surroundings and everything. We've got a much tougher opponent next round, and we're going to have to play well to have a chance."

UCLA Sophomore Marcos Giron
On tonight's match...
"I think we are all really pumped to be here. We've all been training really hard during the season up to this point and I think we've done a good job of tapering off and being fresh and making sure we've taken care of business up until now. I think our hard work and our spirit are showing. We've been playing well and I think if we continue to play well, we'll go far."

Tennessee Head Coach Sam Winterbotham
On tonight’s match...
"I congratulate UCLA on doing what they needed to do to win tonight. We should have taken the doubles point. I feel like we had the ability to do that. There were balls that we could have had in the tiebreak. For us, we needed that doubles point. We got down early in singles and we couldn't ever recover. I'm proud of how hard they fought. We were a little outmanned tonight. I'm proud of our senior [Jarryd Chaplin] out there fighting, doing everything he can to try and prolong his college career. He and Colton [Norton] have been super. Congratulations to UCLA. They were too good for us tonight."

Ohio State Head Coach Ty Tucker
On tonight’s match...
"I had to laugh to keep from crying [during the tiebreak]. I wasn't sure if we deserved to win, but we had the right horse on the table at the end with Metka. We were lucky to come through because we squandered a couple opportunities. But Coach Shelton's done an unbelievable job and has guys fighting hard. Usually we are fighting. We feel we're pretty good fighters, but we were matched today. Those guys fought hard. But for the last match, we had who we wanted out there."

Ohio State Junior Kevin Metka
On tonight’s match…
“Incredible feeling. That’s the best match I ever won. I had a good first set and then the second set he broke me early. The third set I was down the whole match and I was down 4-1 and I brought it back to four all. It’s just incredible to come back like that. It feels really good.”

On how he recovers from the match…
“We’ve got to get ready for a match Sunday. Right now I’m just really happy for my teammates for cheering me on. They’re a really good group of guys and I love them. I think we’ll just use that extra day tomorrow for an advantage to rest for our match on Sunday afternoon. I think we’re all looking forward to giving them a run.”

Florida Head Coach Bryan Shelton
On tonight’s match…
"Ohio State played great. They battled until the end and they deserved it. We fought as hard as we possibly could. I'm proud of our guys. It was a heck of a season and a great match tonight. We were one point short but I'm glad Mike Alford was the guy out there at the end of the day. He's clinched so many big matches for us but it just wasn't to be tonight. We gave it a hell of a fight."

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