1983 Football Lettermen

Ansley, W. Bradford
Brown, James A.
Burroughs, Steven F.
Campbell, M. Scott
Dean, Charlie
Dooley, Stanley M.
Frate, Paul J.
Gilbert, Freddie G.
Gray, Warren D.
Harper, Jimmy L.
Hoage, Terrell L.
Hood, Winford D.
Jones, Daryll K.
Kay, Clarence H.
Lastinger, John A.
Lewis, Thomas H.
McAlister, R. Jay
McIntyre, Guy M.
McSwain, R. Keith
Moore, Edwin M.
Painter, David W.
Reynolds, Timothy B.
Simmons, Melvin B.
Thurson, Thomas N.
Walker, Herschel
Wisham, James M., II
Young, Barry G.
Andrews, Melvin D. (Chip)
Auer, James Robert
Brinson, Michael D.
Butler, Kevin G.
Cantrell, Gary Leroy
Chumley, Donald W.
Culpepper, W. Knox
Harrell, James S.
Harris, Kevin G.
Hewatt, Carlyle
Holmes, Andre
Sims, Kenneth
Weaver, MIchael L.
Williams, E. Scott
Anderson, Peter R.
Archie, Herman L.
Flack, Anthony T.
Hockaday, James E.
Jackson, Bertrand F.
Johnson, Keith
Loy, Andrew James
Mitchell, G. William
Montgomery, W. Keith
Moss, Gary J.
Norley, Walter N.
Richardson, Jacob L.
Waters, Gregory H.
Williams, Todd D.
Boswell, Steven Lowell
Floyd, Jaybez Frank
Harris, Henry Oscar
Holton, Jimmy Bryant
Lane, Frederick Ferdale
Little, John Steven
Manning, Elbert Lee
McCluskey, David Eugene
Ruff, Calvin Cedric
Sorrells, Alfred Tyrone
Strozier, Wilbur Lamar
Tang, Shou-Shin William
Belflower, Charles (Mgr.)
Bennett, Brad (Mgr.)
Blank, John F. (Mgr.)
Chapman, Andy (Mgr.)
Clarke, Greg (Mgr.)
Eberhardt, Robert (Mgr.)
Florence, Michael (Mgr.)
Guest, Jud (Mgr.)
Pullen, Todd (Mgr.)
Tanner, Jody (Mgr.)
Walker, Jo Jo (Mgr.)
Brackett, Neal (Trn.)
Chambers, Douglas A. (Trn.)
Chandley, David I. (Trn.)
Doubek, Richard F. (Trn.)
Lammert, Steve (Trn.)
Lewis, Jimmy (Trn.)
Lowery, Bradley E. (Trn.)

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