1982 Football Lettermen

Bobo, Timothy Owens
Broadway, James M.
Brown, W. Norris
Carver, Dale K.
Case, R. Timothy
Chafin, Charles Steve
Charping, G. Stanmore
Clark, J. Matthew
Crowe, Timothy F.
Forts, William B.
Frix, J. Mitchell
Greene, Daniel T.
Harris, Ronnie W.
Jackson, R. Kevin
Jones, Lanice (Chuck)
Junior, Charles S.
Lindsey, Jack R.
McCarthy, Christopher A.
Morris, Carnie
Paulk, Jeffrey A.
Payne, Jimmy C.
Radloff, Wayne R.
Spangler, Thomas E.
Steele, Michael D.
Taylor, Nathaniel
Arthur, R. Matthew
Brown, James A.
Dean, Charlie
Dooley, Stanley M.
Gilbert, Freddie G.
Gray, Warren D.
Harper, Jimmy L.
Hoage, Terrell L.
Hood, Winford D.
Jones, Daryll K.
Jones, Michael D.
Kay, Clarence H.
Lastinger, John A.
McIntyre, Guy M.
Butler, Kevin G.
Chumley, Donald W.
Culpepper, W. Knox
Harrell, James K.
Harris, Kevin G.
Hewatt, Carlyle
McAlister, R. Jay
Sims, Kenneth
Weaver, Michael
Williams, E. Scott
Butler, Kevin G.
Culpepper, Knox
Harrell, James S.
Hewatt, Carlyle
Loy, Andy L
Render, Antonio
Weaver, Michael
Williams, Scott
Chambers, Doug
Chandley, Dave
Lowery, Brad
Maughon, Chris
Styles, Randy
Tsiklistas, Tony
Wright, Hank
Chapman, Andy
Guest, Judson
Tanner, Jody

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