Georgia Football Policies/Procedures


Ticket stubs should be available throughout the game to assist in seat verification and entry into each aisle or section.


Spectators are urged to arrive at their seats well in advance of kickoff. Excessive movement on the part of spectators during the game is a common complaint to our Game Administration officials. As a courtesy to other patrons, please remain in your seat until the play has ended.


No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Sanford Stadium. Any ticket holder apprehended in the stadium with an intoxicant will be subject to ejection without refund.


Service animals are welcome in Sanford Stadium. All other animals will not be allowed to enter.


Artificial noisemakers (air horns, cowbells, etc.) are not permitted in Sanford Stadium. Be considerate and allow your neighbor to enjoy the game. Please keep portable radios at a low volume.


Locations include Sections 105, 109, 320, as well as Gates 6 & 9.


Wheelchair seating is located in the West End of Sanford Stadium, three locations at the top of the lower level, as well as the 600 level. All spaces are reserved and must be purchased at regular price through the Ticket Office.

For more information regarding available disabled seating, please click here.


Pregame festivities have become increasingly high-tech in recent years. Televisions, satellite dishes and sound systems are now common sights in the midst of parked cars, lounge chairs and grills. Fans who want to watch television or use any other entertainment devices must provide their own power and video sources.


Drinking fountains are available at Gates 6, 7, 9, Section 610, Reed Plaza and the West Endzone.


Elevators are located on the East side of Sanford Stadium, South Tower Entrance, at Gate 2, as well as Gate 4. Elevator access is limited to credential holders and wheelchair patrons only.


In case of emergency, the public address announcer will notify fans of developing situations in order to make informed decisions concerning their well-being. Please familiarize yourself with the nearest exit points of the stadium.

In the case of an emergency, please report the situation to any of the stadium ushers. A Red Cross station also is located at Gate 7 of the upper level. If assistance is needed with a health emergency, please report the situation immediately to any of the stadium ushers, Red Cross volunteers or uniformed officers. Red Cross volunteers wear white shirts with the Red Cross emblem on the shoulder.


A UGA football Saturday should be safe and fun, even for fans who never set foot in Sanford Stadium. Portable toilets are placed all around campus, alleviating long lines and making the day more comfortable for all. In addition, permanent restrooms are available at multiple buildings on campus — Tate Center, Student Learning Center, Georgia Center and East Village Commons. We have also added a designated area for corporate tailgates, allowing more space in traditional areas for regular fans. Rest assured, legal and responsible consumption of alcohol will not be affected by these regulations, so be smart and enjoy the day.

NOTE: Deep fryers and low country boils are NOT permitted on campus. Hot oil and large boiling pots are an unsafe cooking method with large groups of people (or others throwing a football) not paying attention to their surroundings. Also, grills are not allowed to be used inside of nor on top of parking decks, nor on North Campus.


All gates will open 1 ½ hours prior to kickoff. ALL PERSONS MUST HAVE A TICKET REGARDLESS OF AGE.


Faculty members are encouraged to use Gates 6, 7, 8 and 9. Each person is required to show proper UGA identification along with faculty season tickets.


Event service personnel are authorized to conduct an inspection of patrons entering the stadium for the sole purpose of eliminating hard objects and containers of any type entering the stadium. This procedure is conducted for the purpose of patron safety. Ushers inside the stadium offer seating assistance and general information regarding the stadium. Uniformed police officers are available throughout the stadium.

Additional staff will be on hand inside the stadium to answer questions and handle any concerns. These Stadium Response Teams will be pairs of CSC staff roaming the stadium and will be visible by their green and black uniform. If at any time you need assistance, please find the nearest CSC staff member.


The Athletic Association has implemented a text messaging system that allows fans to communicate directly with the stadium's command post if assistance is needed in dealing with any special needs inside the stadium. Should fans need assistance while inside the stadium, they will be able to contact event management staff by sending a text message from their phone. Simply text "DAWGS the Issue and Location of incident" to 69050. Please note that standard SMS rates apply. Be sure to include the problem and location of the incident, including section row and seat number (if applicable) in the message.


Only authorized personnel with proper credentials will be permitted on the field before, during or after a game. Violators will be subject to prosecution.


First Aid Room Locations:

  • Section 119
  • Section 138
  • Section 202 (Club Level)
  • Section 229 (Club Level)

Paramedics, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Physicians are stationed in all First Aid Rooms. Red Cross volunteers also are located throughout the concourse.

If you need first aid or medical assistance while at Sanford Stadium, please contact any event staff employee for assistance.

First Aid Stations are located beneath Section 138, behind Section 119, and on the North (203) and South (229) sections of the Club Level. Persons having any type of chronic medical problems are requested to leave their name and seat location with the Red Cross personnel on duty at the Main Station, located beneath Section 138.

If assistance is needed with a health emergency, report the situation immediately to any of the stadium ushers, Red Cross volunteers, or uniformed police officers. Red Cross volunteers wear white shirts with the Red Cross emblem on the shoulder. Red Cross lookout stations are located at the top of selected aisles in the concourse of the lower level. A Red Cross station is also located at Gate 7 of the upper level. Red Cross personnel are positioned on the 300 and 600 levels.


Food and drinks are prohibited from being brought into the stadium. Aramark Corp. is the official concessionaire for Sanford Stadium. Fans will find traditional ballpark foods throughout the stadium.


Game programs will be sold inside Sanford stadium as well as numerous locations outside the Stadium. The Program House is located at Gate 10 which is near the Main Gate.


All gates open 90 minutes prior to kickoff.


  • Monitor the weather prior to the game. Take the necessary precautions to protect your family and friends should severe weather be encountered before, during or after the game.
  • In the event of an emergency inside the stadium, remain calm at all times, assist others and, if necessary, leave in an orderly fashion.
  • During any emergency inside the stadium, follow the directions of the announcer, event staff and emergency responders. Assist individuals who may not be able to hear the emergency announcements.
  • Always designate a pre-determined location both inside and outside the stadium to meet friends and family in case you get separated or in the event of an emergency.
  • Upon arriving at your seat location, first find the nearest exit/emergency exit and then locate an alternate exit in case of an emergency.
  • Specific emergency instructions are provided for the guests in the sky suites and other private areas. Patrons at those locations should read and be familiar with the emergency evacuation instructions located there.
  • Do not use elevators in the event of a fire evacuation or power failure.
  • Listen to AM 1650 for gameday traffic updates and other updates in the event of an emergency
  • If you see or become aware of any activity that is unusual, suspicious or causes you concern, please report the activity to the nearest police officer or event personnel.
  • Remember, text messaging may be an option when voice phone calls do not work.


Don't feel like preparing a meal on gameday? Whether it is just a snack or a full meal, a host of dining options, convenient to parking areas, are available to fans on campus. UGA Foodservices serves hearty fare at multiple locations on gameday, including East Village Commons, the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Snelling Dining Commons, Oglethorpe Dining Commons and the Tate Student Center.

NOTE: For safety reasons, certain items are not allowed on campus during gamedays, including:

  • Deep fryers and low country boils
  • Grills inside of or on top of parking decks
  • Golf carts and ATVs

For more information on gameday tailgating, parking, dining and transportation, please visit Gameday Game - plan is your source for gameday planning information with interactive maps, tips for a fun and safe tailgate and answers to all of your gameday questions.


Handicap permit holders can park in the North Handicap, Conner Hall, East Campus Parking Deck, Hardman Hall, Hull Street Parking Deck, Psychology-Journalism, Railroad, Field Street, Field Street areas and Tate Center parking lots by permit issued through the Athletic Association.


Spectators are urged to arrive at their seats well in advance of kickoff. Excessive movement on the part of spectators during the game is a common complaint to our Game Administration officials. As a courtesy to other patrons, please remain in your seat until the play has ended.


Look for the Bulldog Information Stations outside and throughout Sanford Stadium for event, stadium and public information. Located at Gates 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9, these customer service stands are the best source to answer your game day questions.


Parents should report any lost child to the nearest usher, security personnel, or uniformed police officer in your area.


To report or claim any lost items, please locate the nearest usher or security personnel. To check for any lost items after an event, contact the Event Management Office with a description of the item. Items left more than 30 days will be donated to charity.


Media entrance is limited to the Player's Gate off of East Campus Rd., Gate 8, 9A and Gate 10. Proper media credentials are required.


Media Will Call credentials should be picked up at Gate 8 on the South side of Sanford Stadium off of Field Street.


Reserved priority parking areas will be controlled by specific color. YOU MUST HAVE AN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PARKING PERMIT TO PARK IN THE COLOR CODED LOTS. All vehicles parking in Athletic Association parking areas must not be oversized and must fit into a conventional parking space.

View the Georgia Football parking map.

For information on game day, please call our Parking Hotline at 706-425-3052


Event service personnel are authorized to conduct an inspection of patrons upon entering the stadium for the sole purpose of eliminating hard objects and containers of any type from entering the stadium. Crowd control officers and stadium ushers are available to handle any inconveniences you may experience in the stadium.


The family and guests of Georgia players will enter Sanford Stadium under Sanford Drive Bridge through Gate 10.

The family and guests of the visiting players will enter Sanford Stadium off of East Campus Rd. through Gate 5.


Stadium security has the right to inspect any item at any time for the purpose of spectator safety. Prohibited items must be returned to cars or disposed of before entry. Prohibited items include:

  • Bags Larger Than 10"x12" - If you bring a backpack or bag larger than 10” x 12”, we will provide you with clear plastic bags to bring in the items you need to bring inside the stadium. You will not be able to bring the empty bag into the stadium but can return it to your vehicle or check it at the Tate Center.

    Patrons can also check the backpack/bag at the stadium bag check which is located in room 138 of the Tate Center. Bags checked at the Tate Center must be picked up after the game.
  • Backpacks
  • Thermos Bottles
  • Infant Seats
  • Artificial Noisemakers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Hard Surfaced Materials
  • Ice Chests
  • Cameras with detachable lenses
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Laser pointers
  • Food/Drink Containers
  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers
  • Bottles & Cans
  • Ice Bags


Game programs will be sold inside Sanford Stadium as well as numerous locations outside the stadium. Official game programs will be sold for $5.00 at Gates 2, 4, 6, 9, & 10.


Messages for the public address announcer are acceptable only for medical emergencies and must be approved by the Press Box Director.


There are no public telephones inside Sanford Stadium.


All football recruits should enter Sanford Stadium through Gate 10 only.

All non-football student-athlete recruits should enter Sanford Stadium through Gate 10A.


Ladies and mens restrooms are located on all concourses. Additional restrooms are located underneath the West End stands. Family restrooms are located in Reed Plaza and the 600 Level of the North Side of the stadium.


Tickets may not be sold on UGA premises except by authorized personnel of the Athletic Association.


Stadium Seatback chairs can be purchased at booths located at Gates 2, 6, 7, & 9.


The Athletic Association provides shuttle bus service to and from the Ramsey Center parking deck. This service is free of charge and starts 5 ½ hours prior to kickoff and runs after the game for two hours.


SkyClub ticket holders may access the SkyClub Lounge 90 minutes prior to kick-off through Gate 7A or the Southwest Tower Gate on Field Street on the south side of Sanford Stadium. SkyClub ticket holders will access the SkyClub lounge via the elevators or the stairs at Gate 7A. There is a SkyClub entrance sign at these locations.

As you enter the elevator or stairs at Field Street, your SkyClub ticket will be torn, a hole will be punched in your ticket, and you will receive a wristband that must be placed on your wrist at this time. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET STUB AND WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES TO ACCESS THE SKYCLUB LOUNGE. For your convenience, SkyClub ticket holders may access the stadium through the SkyClub elevator in the East Wing of the SkyClub Lounge or the aisle openings at Sections 327 & 335.

SkyClub ticket holders may exit the SkyClub via the stairs at the center, east, and west sides of the SkyClub Lounge. The SkyClub elevator may also be used for exiting.

The exclusive SkyClub elevator is NOT handicapped accessible. Entrance and exit will be via the West elevators of the South Tower gate. Please see a SkySuite Ambassador for assistance at South Tower Gate.


On the day of a football game in Sanford Stadium, the SkySuites shall be available to suite holders 90 minutes prior to kick-off for the football game and remain available until one (1) hour after the game concludes.

Access to the SkySuites South will be from an exclusive gate along Field Street located between Gates 7 and 8. The gate will be known as the South Tower Gate. Four large elevators will provide an entrance for suiteholders and their guests to their suites. The elevators will access Field Street (gate entrance level), both levels of suites and the Club Level. Every individual entering the South Tower Gate must present a SkySuite game ticket. At entry, each ticket will be hole punched.

On the day of a football game in Sanford Stadium, the SkySuites shall be available to suite holders 90 minutes prior to kick-off for the football game and remain available until one (1) hour after the game concludes.

Access to the SkySuites (North) will be from Gates 2,3 or 4. Two passenger elevators located inside Stair Tower #2 and two located inside Stair Tower #5, located directly inside the stadium, will take the SkySuite ticket holders to the North SkySuites level. Every individual entering the North SkySuite Level must present a SkySuite game ticket. At entry, each ticket will be hole punched.


Signs, banners, pictures, etc. that are offensive to individuals and teams, that are not in good taste, that block the view of spectators, or create a safety hazard will not be allowed. The hanging or displaying of signs on stadium walls, bleacher areas, ramps or an area of proximity to the stadium is prohibited as a safety precaution. In the event of a special banner day being conducted, all signs and/or banners will be admitted through Gate 10 and must be pre-approved by game administration personnel.


Strollers are not allowed inside Sanford Stadium.


All current UGA students with a student ticket should enter Sanford Stadium through the Student Ticket gates located at Gate 1, Gate 3 and Gate 4A. You must provide a valid student ID when using a student ticket.

Student Seating Map and Gate Information


Cans, bottles, beach balls, balloons or any items which might be thrown on the field are not permitted in Sanford Stadium. Violators will be subject to prosecution.


  • All persons must have a ticket regardless of age.
  • No re-entry is permitted at any gate. If you leave the stadium, you must have a new ticket to be admitted.
  • Holder of the ticket is restricted to section, row and seat of ticket held.
  • All sales are final.
  • Tickets cannot be refunded nor replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • The University of Georgia Athletic Association reserves the right to revoke tickets by refund of purchase price.
  • Holder of tickets to the University of Georgia athletic events agrees to abide by stadium and university policies.
  • When available, reserved tickets will be on sail at the East End Ticket Windows (East Campus Road) the day of the game.

Cash, Visa and Mastercard are the only forms of payment that will be accepted the day of the game. Tickets cannot be left for pickup at the WILL CALL Window unless paid for in advance. If tickets are ordered on Monday prior to the game, tickets paid for in advance may be placed at the WILL CALL Window. If tickets are not picked up, no refunds will be made.



In accordance with the University of Georgia policy, the Georgia Athletic Association has declared all areas of Sanford Stadium smoke/tobacco free. Anyone violating this policy will be subject to removal from the stadium.


There is no designated pick-up area.

Limousines may not park in the Athletic Association parking lots. All oversized vehicles are encouraged to park near the Ramsey Center and take the shuttle into Sanford Stadium.

There is no designated bicycle parking area outside of Sanford Stadium. Bicycle riders are encouraged to lock their bicycles at the Tate Student Center.

RV parking is available on a reserved basis in the Intramural Field parking lot. There is no general admission parking for these vehicles. There are other parking lots in the community coordinated by Prestige Parking (706) 208-0380. No reserved parking for these vehicles. Lot accessibility begins at 6:00 pm, Friday, before the game.


Umbrellas are not allowed inside Sanford Stadium.


All ticket problems and patron Will Call tickets should be directed to the East End ticket window located off of East Campus Road adjacent to the Georgia Letterman's Club.

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