Statistically Speaking
Aaron Murray

Dec. 28, 2013

by Dave McMahon

Aaron Murray came to Georgia a winner and he will leave Georgia a winner. He may not have won a SEC title or a BCS title, but he gave as much as a person can give (probably more if it was possible.) He graduated with a double major and is a class act off the field as well. He also volunteers with many different organizations. I can go on and on with numbers like this, but is hard to do a statistical article like that that many people would understand. Heck, I probably couldn't understand it. So I decided to an article just on his football numbers. Georgia's sports communication staff did an excellent job showing the entire list of SEC and school records that Murray broke, but I decided to delve even deeper.

So for all you passionate fans, here are some more notes, nuggets and tidbits of information all things Aaron Murray, statistically speaking of course. For the most complete information on a specific upcoming game please check out the individual sport and game you are looking for on and for even more statistical insights you can follow me on twitter @dave_mc_stats.


As all of us know Aaron Murray is the all-time leader in career pass yards by a SEC quarterback. He is the only quarterback in conference history to have four 3,000 yard pass seasons. To get that many pass yards you have to have many big pass yard games. Here is a breakdown game-by-game on how many pass yards he had in a game and Georgia's record in those games.

Under 150 pass yards31-2
150-199 pass yards118-3
200-249 pass yards107-3
250-299 pass yards1711-6
300-349 pass yards64-2
350-399 pass yards11-0
400 or more pass yards43-1

His 11 300-yard pass games is the second most by a Georgia quarterback. Here are the top four.



Eric Zeier15
Aaron Murray11
David Greene8
Quincy Carter8

Here is the most by a Georgia quarterback in terms of 300-yard pass games in a single season.

Eric Zeier19937
Aaron Murray20125
Quincy Carter19995
Eric Zeier19945

He is also second on the list of most 400-yard pass games in Georgia history.

Eric Zeier7
Aaron Murray4
Cory Phillips2

Here is the most in one season.

Eric Zeier19944
Eric Zeier19933
Aaron Murray20132
Aaron Murray20122
Cory Phillips20002

Aaron Murray also holds the SEC record for most passing touchdowns in a career. Here is breakdown game-by-game by the amount of passing touchdowns in a game and Georgia's record in those games.

5 TD passes22-0
4 TD passes98-1
3 TD passes1410-4
2 TD passes1310-3
1 TD pass73-4
0 TD passes72-5

He destroyed the Georgia record for most games with four or more touchdown passes. Here are the top three.

Aaron Murray11
Eric Zeier4
David Greene3

The top two marks in a season by a Georgia quarterback with 4+ TD games are both him.

Aaron Murray20124
Aaron Murray20114
Eric Zeier19933
Aaron Murray20133

In just five touchdown pass games. He is the only one at Georgia with more than one.

Aaron Murray2
4 tied with1

My rushing stats are not as clear. So instead of finding stats on all quarterbacks at Georgia, I broke it down by quarterbacks in the Mark Richt era (Quarterbacks that played from 2001 to 2013.) Here are some of Murray's impressive running stats.

My first stat is career rushing touchdowns since 2001.

TD rushes
Aaron Murray16
D.J. Shockley7
Matthew Stafford6
David Greene5

Here are the most rushing touchdowns in a season.

TD rushes
Aaron Murray20137
Aaron Murray20104
D.J. Shockley20054

Aaron Murray is also the only quarterback under Mark Richt to have more than one rushing touchdown in a game. He has done that four times in a game.

In terms of quarterbacks under Richt, Murray has had more games with at least one TD rush and at least one TD pass in a game. Here are those top three.

Aaron Murray10
David Greene5
D.J. Shockley4

Under Richt, no one else besides Murray has had games with 2 TD rushes and 2 TD passes in the same game and he has done that three times. Here are those games.

2010 vs Tennessee 2012 vs Florida Atlantic 2013 vs Vanderbilt

You see above all his incredible numbers, but when he throws the passes is just as important. Here is a breakdown on many of these situations.

Comp PctTD passINT

TD passINT
1st Quarter2811
2nd Quarter4516
3rd Quarter267
4th Quarter226

TD passINT
1st down5517
2nd down2112
3rd down4012
4th down50

TD passINT
When winning7020
When tied1510
When losing3611

Here is a breakdown in career numbers vs SEC opponents and against Georgia Tech. He did not face Texas A&M.

RecordTD passINT
vs Alabama0-111
vs Arkansas0-111
vs Auburn2-2121
vs Florida3-177
vs Kentucky4-092
vs LSU1-153
vs Ole Miss2-061
vs Mississippi State1-133
vs Missouri1-163
vs South Carolina1-382
vs Tennessee4-071
vs Vanderbilt3-172
vs Georgia Tech3-091

Against ranked teams he has thrown 41 career TD passes and 20 interceptions.

The only thing left is to count is which teammates he has thrown it to the most.

In his career he has completed passes to 41 different Georgia Bulldogs. Here are the top ten players he has completions to. (I have all 41, if you want a complete list, please send me a request via twitter.)

Tavarres King115
Michael Bennett88
Malcolm Mitchell84
Orson Charles69
Chris Conley67
A.J. Green57
Marlon Brown53
Rantavious Wooten50
Arthur Lynch44
Todd Gurley41

He has also thrown touchdown passes to 23 different players. Once again I am doing the top ten. (If you want all of them please send me a request via twitter.)

TD Receptions
Tavarres King20
Michael Bennett12
Chris Conley12
A.J. Green9
Rantavious Wooten9
Malcolm Mitchell8
Arthur Lynch8
Marlon Brown8
Orson Charles6
Aron White4

His longest pass in his career was the 98-yard strike to Reggie Davis against North Texas earlier this season. His shortest pass in his career was for negative 3 yards. That pass was in the 2012 Outback Bowl against Michigan State. The player who caught the ball was Aaron Murray, himself. (The pass was originally batted down in the backfield.)

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