Georgia-Georgia Tech Post-Game Quotes
Todd Gurley

Nov. 24, 2012

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Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

Opening Statement... "This was a game that everybody was worried about us looking ahead. You don't do that when you're playing Georgia Tech. This game means a lot for us. Our coaches prepared hard, they were diligent, and the players took to the coaching, I thought we played a superb game. I'm so proud of everybody. I could not have asked for a better day than today."

"Our goal was to win every phase of the game, for every unit to win. I think we may have done that. That's more than a coach can ask for really."

"Turnovers are huge when you play this team. The time of possession was 40-20 in their favor and they look to control the clock and move the ball down the field methodically. When they hold it, it reduces your number of possessions. To end a possession for them with a turnover was huge. Then to score, that was huge, too. Offensively, early on, we did whatever we wanted to do. It was a great job by everybody staying focused. They did about as well as you can do."

"When you go to practice and the scouts are in full pads and slashing you on every down, you'd better be focused or you're going to get hurt. Our scouts are awesome. They play for the love of the game and for their love of Georgia. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them. If you're looking to make a hire, hire a walk-on. Those cats are serious about team and hard work."

"Rambo had a big day. It was great to see him tie that record. He's a fantastic player."

"We'll be grinding and working hard and coming up with the best plan possible as quickly as we can. We know it's going to be a battle. We're looking forward to the opportunity to get back to that game, and it's another chance for us to play well. That's the goal."

Linebacker Christian Robinson

On playing his final home game... "It was emotional. I got down there and saw my family, and it's the first game that everyone has been here, and it was emotional. It was a great day, a great win and a great way to go out.

On moving forward... "It's an opportunity and we have to take advantage. We have to see next week as just another game. Sure, where we're ranked might mean certain things, but bottom line is that it's just another week. We're still in it and this is everything that we've worked for all year.

Tailback Todd Gurley

On moving forward... "We have to be ready. This is the biggest game of the year so far, so we have to come out this week and be prepared."

On his play today... "The offensive line was playing great and I was just running behind them. We were just going from the beginning"

On today's gameplan... "We wanted to start the game with tempo and we did and then kept it up the entire game. We just rode [the momentum] the whole game."

Tight end Jay Rome

On moving forward... "We going to go into this week like it's any other. This was the situation that we wanted to be in and now we're here. We're going to gameplan, practice hard and then when its time for the game we'll be ready to go."

On scoring his first career touchdown... "It was a great feeling. I've been waiting a while for it so I'm happy to have finally gotten it. Coach has been telling me to just keep grinding and eventually [a touchdown] will come. Let's hope the first one was the hardest."

Wide Receiver Rhett McGowan

On today's game... "We put our foot on the pedal from the start and didn't let up the entire game. I think that we executed in all three phases of the game--offense, defense and special teams--and it showed out there today."

Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson

Opening Statement... "If you watched the same game that I did, it was a pretty good thumping. We could not slow them down and we could not finish drives offensively. It was almost like de ja vu. The same kid made a play against us two years ago when he took the ball out of our guy's hands. You have to give him some credit because that play was a killer. We couldn't match Georgia score for score, which is what we have been doing all season.

On the offensive struggles in the red zone... "We had some penalties and couldn't convert a couple of fourth downs. You can't do things like that against a good football team and they have a pretty good football team. When you do that against a good team, you don't give yourself a chance. What we couldn't do is turn the ball over and we did. We knew we had to maximize the possession. I think in the first half we had the ball four or five times, we get down there and miss two field goals. They get the ball out of our hands on the 12-yard line. In the other games we have played this year, we have managed to score touchdowns when we get to the other end of the field and we were still in the game. This one we couldn't."

On the turnovers... "Any time you turn the ball over it isn't a good thing, but I think it hurt the flow of the game. They got off to a great start, scored, and we got the ball back and went right down the field and looked like we were going to go in for a score and turn it over. Instead of us having a first down inside the 10, they had it at midfield and went back and scored in about four or five plays."

Quarterback Tevin Washington

On today's game... "Today was very frustrating. We've been preaching all week to take care of the football, and we did just the opposite. We just went out there and laid an egg. We didn't play good as a team today. It was just a bad overall effort. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot, but we've still got a shot at an ACC Championship and a BCS bowl game, so we've still got a lot to play for."

A-Back Robert Godhigh

On Georgia Tech's offensive performance... "We moved the ball on them pretty much the whole game, but we lacked the focus to finish out our drives. We also didn't take care of the football. Georgia's fast, and they play with a lot of effort. They're always flying to the ball."



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