Neil 'Hondo' Williamson's FOR BULLDOGS ONLY
Carlton Thomas

Nov. 16, 2011

In This Edition:

• Dawgs Spike Tigers
• Size Of The Dawg
• Road Pavers
• The Handoff To Smith, Who Laterals To Jones
• But...Didn't We Beat Both Of You Guys?
• Leaving Early and John Lennon
• A Good Bulldog Could Use Your Prayers

Dawgs Spike Tigers!

Before the sun had set at Sanford Stadium Saturday, the play of our Bulldogs reminded me of a successful volleyball rally...SERVE...RETURN...PASS...SET...SPIKE! Georgia tattooed the defending National Champions 45-7 between the hedges.


After Brandon Boykin returned the opening kickoff to the UGA 30-yard line, the Dawgs slogged their way through eight plays and three penalties for a meager 15 net yards. We did not look sharp. Far from it. Facing third and 15 from the Georgia 45, Malcolm Mitchell then reminded us how much we missed him over the past five games as he reeled in a deep Aaron Murray pass down the North sideline, spun, and fought his way to the Auburn 10-yard line -- a third down pick-up of 45 amazing yards!

Three plays later Tavarres King - talk about clutch, for the third consecutive conference game - scored on a TD pass and UGA owned a 7-0 lead.


Auburn countered immediately, and with the assistance of two trick plays the Tigers found the East end zone to knot the score. Just less than nine minutes had elapsed in the first quarter and it appeared that the Bulldog Nation was in for a nail-biting night.


If volleyball had such a term we would actually re-name this segment "CATCH" because -- while Aaron Murray delivered a beautiful ball -- freshman receiver Michael Bennett's sensational catch is the feat that will be remembered for years when Dawg fans recall this historic victory.



Making like Willie Mays, Bennett's twisting, over-the-head (and -- unlike the "Say Hey Kid" -- ultimately diving) haul-in of Murray's throw lifted the Bulldogs on top, to stay, 14-7.

Y'know those rockin' good videos they play in Sanford Stadium minutes prior to kickoff -- one with Larry Munson's voiceover and the other which is accompanied by Nickelback's cover of Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting? You can probably expect to see Bennett's catch in one or both of those highlight rotations for years to come.


On the ensuing kickoff freshman special teamer Quintavious Harrow "set" the tone for the rest of the night. Auburn's Tre Mason gathered in Brandon Bogotay's kick at the goal line. 22 yards later Harrow filled a return lane, clocked the Auburn return man, and Mason dropped as though he'd been on the wrong end of an Ernie Shavers right hook.

The Georgia sideline went nuts. After the game coach Mark Richt described Harrow's freight train hit as a catalyst for the team.

From the moment of Harrow's hit through the final 17:57 of the first half, Auburn would gain 16 net offensive yards. 16.


Okay, so Cam Newton wasn't under center for the Tigers this past Saturday. Still, one year ago our Bulldogs also led Auburn 21-7 in the first half only to see the Tigers rally behind the eventual Heisman Trophy winner.

This go round, however, the only rallying would be by the red and black as we poured it on like a six-year-old with a waffle and a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's. The "spike" through Auburn's heart was delivered by Bacarri Rambo who stepped in front of a Clint Moseley pass and returned it 24 yards for a touchdown.

I know, I know...the "official" return yardage was 24 yards.. But the officials only count "north/south" yardage. Rambo's juking, planting, cutting, tackle-breaking, diving return took him from beyond the far hash across the field in a zig-zag pattern until he crashed the end zone to the right of the right hash.

Go back and check out the two blocks that Rambo got on the play. Jarvis Jones led him into the end zone by pushing Moseley to the ground. Before Rambo got that far, check out the devastating blind-side pancake that Shawn Williams laid on Auburn receiver Emory Blake. POW - right in the kisser!

Size of The Dawg

You've heard the saying, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." Carlton Thomas and Brandon Harton - Oompah and Loompah - have shown everyone just how large the size of the fight is in those Dawgs.

Road Pavers

Georgia's offensive line. Wow. We threw but two passes after intermission, both during the first series of the second half, and treated the Tigers like they were cubs. The last 25 U-G-A offensive plays were runs. As my old street hockey teammate J.R. used to exclaim, "Line 'em up, and mow 'em down!"

Ben Jones - SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week. Cordy Glenn was mauling people.

Chris Burnette gets a new nickname after Saturday. The erudite 315-pound guard should be called "BurNasty" after the way he manhandled the Tigers D-Linemen. Great to see Chris play as physically as he did from start to finish.

Orson Charles caught one pass for five yards and an important first down on Saturday. As a blocker Orson Charles was a beast, clearing out Auburn defenders so our runners could rack up more than 300 rushing yards.

Don't forget Bean Anderson and Kenarious Gates who did plenty of pulverizing too!

The handoff to Smith, who laterals to Jones, who pitches to Bell, who throws deep to...

Can't anyone score on our defense without employing a trick play?

But...didn't we beat both of you guys?

Now that both Boise State and Stanford have lost, imagine this scenario...
• #1 LSU wins its last two games and heads into the SEC Title game undefeated.
• #6 Oklahoma knocks #2 Oklahoma State from the ranks of the unbeaten.
• Georgia "shocks the world" and topples LSU for the SEC Championship.
Unless Oklahoma plays leapfrog over Alabama and Oregon, LSU could watch two other one-loss schools -- teams it beat this year -- play for the National Title!

John Lennon and Leaving Early

This past Saturday was the most important late season home game that we've had in the four years. Yet, with 13:22 to play in the fourth quarter -- and our Dawgs mopping the floor with the Tigers -- our fans poured out of Sanford Stadium.

Wouldn't it be great this Saturday to knock off Kentucky and be part of the Sanford Stadium crowd when it explodes in celebration of an SEC East title?


Imagine there's no traffic.
It isn't hard to do.
No rush to parking lots.
And no frat parties too.

Imagine all the Dawgs fans
Staying till the end,

Imagine Coach Richt riding
On players' shoulders high
Redcoat band is blasting
Seniors wave goodbye

Imagine all the Dawgs fans
Staying till the end

You may say-ay-ay "I've a long drive"
Well, you're not the only one.
I hope this weekend you will join us,
And 93,000 cheer as one.

Imagine final horn sounds
"We won, hey ain't this great!
This party is far more fun,
Than sitting on 78."

Imagine all the Dawgs fans
Staying till the end,

You may say-ay-ay "I've a long drive"
Well, you're not the only one.
I hope this week you will join us,
And 93,000 cheer as one.

Let's stick around for the final gun and tell Coach Richt, our players and coaches and our recruits in the audience that we appreciate the never-say-die attitude and - hopefully - the SEC East Championship.

Go Dawgs!

A Good Bulldog Could Use Your Prayers

It was heartening to see a great Bulldog and fine columnist and author, Darrell Huckaby, at Saturday's game. Keep fighting the fight, Huck. A Nation's prayers are with you.

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