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Kevin Butler

June 1, 2011

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by Kevin Butler

As I said before, Bowl games are big. They are expected to happen every year and the next memory was the biggest Bowl game you could have ...#1 vs. #2, Georgia vs. Penn State for the National Championship.

We were back at the Sugar Bowl for the third straight year and it was like 1980 but this time I was on the field, not behind the TV.

You cannot imagine the build up to this game: North vs. South, Paterno vs. Dooley, Dawgs vs. Lions. This game had it all and what a game it was, right down to the final minutes.

Most fans would think all the memories players have from their careers are of the great things that happened during their time at UGA but that is not always the case.

Teams, athletes and coaches do everything they can do to prepare to perform at the top of their game for 60 minutes on game day. That is who we are. We try to perform a skill over and over so many times that we can do it in our sleep. Then we must execute it on game day when it counts the most with no excuses.

Unfortunately, the memories are not always from the wins. Those few losses stick in the side of your brain and will never go away.

One memory that will never go away is the loss to Penn State for the National Championship in January, 1983. The reason you want to remember those type of games is because it makes you a better team, player and person to face the challenges you will face in the future on and off the field.

So, you have to take the good, the bad and find an even balance so you will have real memories to pass on.

What did I get out of the loss? Everyone loves to win but winners hate to lose and will do something about it. The University of Texas did not learn that lesson until a year later when it was to late. What time is it in Texas?

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