Statistically Speaking - Super Bowl Edition
Champ Bailey

Jan. 29, 2014

by Dave McMahon

Super Bowl Sunday! It is almost here and if you don't have a team to cheer for then there are three Bulldogs in the game that you can cheer for. Champ Bailey and Knowshon Moreno will be in the side of the Denver Broncos and Chris Clemons will play for the Seattle Seahawks. All three players will be making their Super Bowl debut. Champ, one of the most versatile and talented football players ever to play for Georgia has been in a NFL cornerback record 12 Pro Bowls, but this is his first time ever on the big stage. Moreno who had his best season as a professional will be playing less than an hour's drive from his former home of Middletown, New Jersey. Although Clemons is playing in his first Super Bowl, his uncle (former Bulldog) Charlie Clemons played for the St. Louis Rams during Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. Chris also played high school ball at Griffin for current Director of On Campus Recruiting, Daryl Jones.

So for all you passionate fans, here are some more notes, nuggets and tidbits of information all things Georgia Bulldogs, statistically speaking of course. For the most complete information on a specific upcoming game please check out the individual sport and game you are looking for on and for even more statistical insights you can follow me on twitter @dave_mc_stats.

Maybe one of these three players can win the Pete Rozelle Trophy or the Super Bowl MVP. If one of them does, they would be the fourth Bulldog to do so. Georgia is the only school with three different players to win the award. Here are the four colleges or universities to have won three total.

Georgia - Jake Scott (Super Bowl VII) Terrell Davis (Super Bowl XXXII) Hines Ward (Super Bowl XL)



Alabama - Bart Starr (Super Bowls I and II) Joe Namath (Super Bowl III)

Michigan - Tom Brady (Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII) Desmond Howard (Super Bowl XXXI)

Notre Dame - Joe Montana (Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIV)

Here are some of the achievements by Georgia Bulldogs in Super Bowls (these are not records unless noted.)

Most Games ---

Richard Seymour4 Super Bowls
Clarence Kay3
Guy McIntyre3
Jake Scott3
Bill Stanfill3
Fran Tarkenton3
Hines Ward3

Most Wins ---

Guy McIntyre3 Super Bowl Wins
Patrick Pass3
Richard Seymour3
Zeke Bratkowski2
Terrell Davis2
Jake Scott2
Bill Stanfill2
Bobby Walden2
Hines Ward2
Danny Ware2

Passing Stats ---

Most career pass attempts
Fran Tarkenton89 pass attempts
Zeke Bratkowski1
Most career completions
Fran Tarkenton46 completions
Most career pass yards
Fran Tarkenton489 pass yards
Most pass yards in a game
Fran Tarkenton205 pass yards
Fran Tarkenton182
Fran Tarkenton102
Most career TD passes
Fran Tarkenton1 (8-yard pass to Sammy White in Super Bowl XI)

*** Fran Tarkenton became the 2nd Super Bowl after Bob Griese to start three Super Bowls.

Rushing Stats ---

Most career rushes
Terrell Davis55 rushes
Fran Tarkenton5
Mack Strong2
Verron Haynes1
Patrick Pass1
Hines Ward1
Danny Ware1
Most career rush yards
Terrell Davis259 rush yards
Hines Ward18
Fran Tarkenton17
Mack Strong7
Danny Ware6
Verron Haynes2
Patrick Pass0
Most rush yards in one game (top-3)
Terrell Davis157 rush yards
Terrell Davis102
Hines Ward18
Longest rush
Terrell Davis27 yards
Most career TD rushes
Terrell Davis3 (all in one game)
Fran Tarkenton1

Receiving Stats ---

Most career receptions
Hines Ward14
Andre Hastings10
Terrell Davis4
Jermaine Wiggins4
Clarence Kay3
Jimmy Orr3
Mack Strong2
Danny Ware1
Most receptions in one game (top 4)
Andre Hastings10
Hines Ward7
Hines Ward5
Jimmy Orr3
Longest reception
Hines Ward43 yards
Most career TD receptions
Hines Ward2 (one each in two separate games)
Most career receiving yards
Hines Ward244 receiving yards
Andre Hastings98
Terrell Davis58
Clarence Kay44
Jimmy Orr42
Jermaine Wiggins35
Mack Strong15
Danny Ware8
Most receiving yards in one game (top 5)
Hines Ward123 receiving yards
Andre Hastings98
Hines Ward78
Terrell Davis50
Hines Ward43

Defense Stats ---

Most Career Interceptions
Jake Scott2 (both in same game)
Most Tackles in one game
Will Witherspoon11
Dannell Ellerbe9
Richard Seymour7
DeAngelo Tyson4
Tim Jennings3
Richard Seymour3

Special Teams Stats ---

Most Field Goals Made
Kevin Butler3
John Kasay1
Longest Field Goal
John Kasay50 yards
Kevin Butler28
Kevin Butler24
Kevin Butler24
Most Career Punts (stats for punts were not kept for all seasons)
Bobby Walden11 punts
Bucky Dilts4
Most Career Kickoff Return yards
Patrick Pass102 return yards
Jake Scott47
Hason Graham18
Most Career Punt Return yards
Jake Scott45 return yards
Andre Hastings18

Individual Rank among all Super Bowl players

Most career rush yards
Franco Harris354 career rush yards
Larry Csonka297
Emmitt Smith289
*Terrell Davis259
John Riggins230
Most rush yards in one game
Timmy Smith204 rush yards
Marcus Allen191
John Riggins166
Franco Harris158
*Terrell Davis157 (Super Bowl XXXII)
Most receptions in one game
Deion Branch11 receptions
Jerry Rice11
Dan Ross11
Wes Welker11
*Andre Hastings10 (Super Bowl XXX)
(5 more with 10)
Most career receiving yards
Jerry Rice589 receiving yards
Lynn Swann364
Andre Reed323
Deion Branch321
John Stallworth268
Michael Irvin256
*Hines Ward244
Most total TD in one game
*Terrell Davis3 - 3 TD rushes (Super Bowl XXXII)
Roger Craig3 - 1 rush, 2 rec
Jerry Rice3 - 3 TD receptions
Jerry Rice3 - 3 TD receptions (yes he did it twice)
Ricky Watters3 - 1 rush, 2 rec
Most Interceptions in one game
Rod Martin3 interceptions
*Jake Scott2 (Super Bowl VII)
(10 more with 2)
Most Field Goals in one game
Don Chandler4 field goals
Ray Wersching4
*Kevin Butler3 (Super Bowl XX)
(10 more with 3)
Longest Field Goal
Steve Christie54 yards
Jason Elam51
*John Kasay50 (Super Bowl XXXVIII)
Jeff Wilkins50
Longest Punt (stats for punts were not kept for all seasons)
Lee Johnson63 yards
Rich Camarillo62
Jerrel Wilson61
Chris Gardocki60
*Bobby Walden59 (Super Bowl X)
Sean Landeta59
Ken Clark59

Here are more stats on the three Georgia participants in this game starting with the player who finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy in 1998. He did get six first place votes though. Champ Bailey was injured throughout the 2013 season. This was his only NFL season where he did not record an interception. He does have 52 in his career, which is tied for 26th on the all-time list. The 52 is just one behind Deion Sanders and two behind Darrell Green, who were both teammates of Bailey's with the Washington Redskins. The 52 is also the most by a former Georgia Bulldog. Here is the top five list.

Champ Bailey52 career interceptions
Jake Scott49
Terry Hoage21
Tim Jennings20
Sean Jones17

For a single season, Champ is also the leader.

Champ Bailey (2006)10 interceptions
Tim Jennings (2012)9
Champ Bailey (2005)8
Terry Hoage (1988)8
Jake Scott (1974)8

He has never played at Met Life Stadium, but at the old Giants Stadium he had two career interceptions. One interception was against Kerry Collins and the other against Eli Manning.

Knowshon Moreno would love to be the second Georgia Bulldog running back to win the Super Bowl as a Denver Bronco running back. Terrell Davis won Super Bowl MVP for his performance in Super Bowl XXXII. Moreno had a career-high 1,038 rushing yards this past season and that total gives him 3,468 in his career. That total is already seventh on the NFL career rush yard list by a former Bulldog. Here is that list.

Herschel Walker8,225 career rush yards
Garrison Hearst7,966
Terrell Davis7,607
Rodney Hampton6,897
Fran Tarkenton3,674
Charley Trippi3,506
Knowshon Moreno3,468

He was tied for 4th in the NFL in rushing touchdowns this season with 10. That is also tied for 6th for the most touchdown rushes in a season by a former Georgia Bulldog.

Terrell Davis (1998)21 TD rushes
Terrell Davis (1997)15
Rodney Hampton (1992)14
Terrell Davis (1996)13
Herschel Walker (1986)12
Knowshon Moreno (2013)10
3 more with10

I guess if you have an offense with Peyton Manning they are going to throw a lot. Moreno had a career-high 60 receptions in 2013. This season he was 6th in the NFL with the most receptions by a running back. Here are the top six in that category.

Pierre Thomas (Saints)77 receptions
Danny Woodhead (Chargers)76
Matt Forte (Bears)74
Darren Sproles (Saints)71
Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)70
Knowshon Moreno (Broncos) 60

Chris Clemons has played in the NFL for nine seasons including the last four with the Seahawks. He had 4 ½ sacks this season, but the previous three he had more than ten in each season. If you just count the last four seasons, he is tied for 12th for the most sacks in the NFL in that time period.

He has 58 sacks in his career. Since 1982 (that's as far as my sack category goes) that mark is the 2nd most in a career by a former Georgia Bulldog. Here are the top five.

Phillip Daniels62 career sacks
Chris Clemons58
Richard Seymour57 ½
Charles Johnson54
Mo Lewis52 ½

If you look at a list of most sacks in a NFL season by a former Georgia Bulldog, you will see Chris Clemons mentioned a lot near the top. Ironically the number one spot is held by his Uncle Charlie.

Charlie Clemons (2001)13 ½
Geno Atkins (2012)12 ½
Charles Johnson (2012)12 ½
Chris Clemons (2012)11 ½
Charles Johnson (2010)11 ½
Chris Clemons (2010)11
Chris Clemons (2011)11
Justin Houston (2013)11
Charles Johnson (2013)11

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