Georgia vs. Appalachian State - Post Game Quotes
Jordan Jenkins

Nov. 9, 2013

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Georgia Post-Game Quotes

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt On the win...

"Appalachian State played great, in the first half especially. They had a great plan. They had four field goal attempts and it could have been 14-12. The defense did a good job of forcing field goals instead of touchdowns. That was the best thing we did. In the second half, we played a whole lot better. We created some turnovers and played so many young guys, so that was great."

On Appalachian State's offense...

"Appalachian State did a very good job with the short passing game. The QB didn't hold it long, so it was hard to get a sack, and his guys caught the ball and moved the chains. Once the field got squeezed, they had to settle for the field goal attempts. But they had a good plan."

On Aaron Murray's SEC touchdown record pass to Michael Bennett...

"It's great for Aaron, and it's great for Michael to be on the receiving end of it. A record like that reflects the blocking, the catching, the schemes drawn up by the coaches - everything. It's a feather in everybody's cap right now." On Hutson Mason... "It was nice to see Hutson get in and operate the offense. He did a lot of good things. I know he hated that last pick, but it's good to experience that too. He'll make those corrections. ... It was good to see (Jonathon) Rumph take off, (Kenny) Towns had a catch or two, (Blake) Tibbs got one and (Michael) Erdman got one. A lot of good things happened."

Starting QB Aaron Murray

On setting the SEC record for career touchdown passes...

"I'm more glad that it's over and we can move on and I don't have to worry about that question anymore, not just from [the media] but also others. It is a huge honor to be out there and be lucky enough to play four years here and that's the biggest thing. You have to be able to go somewhere and play for a significant amount of time, and I've had that opportunity here. I get to play in a great offense that really allows me to move the ball around and make plays with great [players] around me."

QB Hutson Mason

On the game...

"It felt great. Getting back out there after not really doing that for two years was a great feeling. The process that I've had to go through made it that much sweeter. It's not just the playing part, but to come and wear the 'G' for all of these fans at home was awesome. I haven't really been able to prepare on a week-to-week basis how I would if I was the starter, so I was really happy with how I played."

DE Ray Drew

On the play of the defense in the redzone...

"Any time that the other team doesn't score a touchdown in the redzone, it's a good thing. If my team is scoring touchdowns and they're kicking field goals, we're going to win ten times out of ten. I thought we did a pretty good job down there all day There are certainly some things that we need to work on though (in other parts of the game)."

TB Todd Gurley

On today's game...

"I was feeling pretty good - really much better than I thought I would. I knew that [the injury] was there, but it didn't really bother me too much. I would have liked to have been able to play a little more, but I wanted to be cautious. It was a good day."

SE Rantavious Wooten

On notching over 100 yards receiving in a game for the first time of his career ...

"It feels pretty good. For me, this game is all about fun, and today was that. It's also all about seeing preparation and opportunity turn into results. I was glad to make some big plays today and help us get the win." On Aaron Murray setting the record for career touchdown passes... "It's a testament to him as a quarterback. It's great to have a quarterback of that stature throwing is the ball. He's done some really great things while at Georgia and I'm happy to have gotten to play with him."

Appalachian State Post-Game Quotes

Appalachian State Head Coach Scott Satterfield

Opening Statement...

"It was the tale of two halves, there is no question about it. We had a really good game plan. We started out strong and didn't shy away from this game. Our guys played with great effort to start the game. We certainly had some opportunities to put some more points on the board in the first half. We shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times in the red zone, got a couple of penalties that backed us up. If we could have punched it in during the first half, maybe taken the lead, it might have been a different game."

On the game...

"We were moving the ball well in the first half. It seemed like when we got off the sticks, we stopped moving the ball as well. We had some penalties and some lost yardage plays in the end zone that put us behind the sticks, and it is hard to overcome that against a team of this caliber. You have to stay in rhythm. We did a good job of clicking them off in the first half and did a good job on third down because they were manageable third downs. Once we got off the sticks, it started to snowball a little bit."

On what Georgia does well...

"Georgia does a great job offensively. They run the ball really well and so as a defense, you are trying to get a lot of hats around the ball. If you don't do that, then they will just kill you at running the ball. When they have their ground game going, they do a really good job at play action, and their guys are able to get open in the intermediate level. They also got the time to have their receivers run double moves, which I thought they were really successful at."

On the environment...

"I'm not sure this game would have been any different if we had played it at Kidd-Brewer Stadium or here. This is a great environment here and it is a great environment for our kids to come and play in front of 93,000 fans. Our kids looked forward to the game. We have some Georgia kids on the team and they were excited about coming down here and seeing where they were competitively. We will take away the first half of this game. We understand that there are four quarters in a game, but we are going to take away the positives of how well we played in the first half of this game before we got worn down."

WR Andrew Peacock

On the offense's early performance...

"It was just an awesome game plan. We prepared real hard this week. We knew what our game plan was, which was to spread them out and hit the short passes, try and get as many first downs as we could, keep the offense off the field, and grind away at them. We had big success with that in the first half. We have just got to carry that into the second half."

On Georgia's defensive adjustments in the second half...

"They made some adjustments. They didn't expect that score to be what it was at halftime so I'm sure some of their leaders stepped up and said some things during halftime to those guys and got them pumped up. They came out fighting in the second half."

LB Karl Anderson

On his interception in the first half...

"It was just a clear run-pass read. The offensive line, with their size, they have to get back pretty quick so it was easy for us to get our depth as linebackers the entire game. Murray was staring down that tight end the entire time so I just got underneath it and he threw it right to my chest."

On the team's confidence going into the second half...

"We were very confident, not just as a defensive unit but as an entire team. We said earlier in the week that if we just play our fundamentals and play our technique and execute the defense that's called, then we'll have our shot. If you try and do more than that is then they'll gash you. I think we did that for the most part. We stopped their running game. Their longest run from scrimmage was 23 yards and that was Murray's scramble. I think Gurley had a long of ten, so we did a really nice job against the run but at the end of the day their size and speed on the perimeter was just able to get us in the passing game."



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