Georgia vs. Florida - Post Game Quotes
Michael Bennett

Nov. 2, 2013

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Georgia coach Mark Richt

On the win: "I'm thankful for the win and I'm proud of the effort from everybody. We played tremendously in the first half, then gave them some life and got their blood pumping. It could've turned bad, but we got some big stops on defense and the offense finished with that beautiful drive. ... Any time you can get out of here with a win, it's special."

On Corey Moore's sack: "That was a free safety blitz, kind of a sic-em blitz. When you do that, you're exposed to a lot of things one on one. But we got there and got the big loss. It was a gutsy call and Corey finished it by making the tackle."

On Todd Gurley: "He helped a little bit, didn't he? He played so well those first couple of series. It was so good to have him back. ... After his long touchdown, his stomach got to him a little bit. He was queasy. But we settled him down and he was fine after that."

On the play that was ruled a lateral and a fumble: "When it happened, I thought it was a lateral quite frankly. That's why I was screaming for them to get on the ball and then to tackle the guy. We just cut it too close. ... We really were controlling the game until that play. Then everything changed. The momentum changed and they got adrenaline, they got juice. To their credit, they almost pulled it out. But to our credit, we settled down and finished the game out. It's a beautiful thing to get into victory formation, especially here in Jacksonville."

On staying alive in the SEC East: "No doubt about it, it's good to be in a position to know we've still got a shot. We've got to continue to heal up and correct the mistakes."

Aaron Murray

On beating Florida three consecutive years...

"It's awesome. You always say 'Every game is the same. Every game is the same.' But this one is different. There's a different feel to it. The atmosphere is different. To go out and beat these guys three years in a row, which hasn't happened in 24 years, is just an awesome feeling."

On the flow of the game in the second half...

"There were some key turnovers and things that we screwed up in the third quarter to give them life and get them back in the game. We can't do that. Every week, it seems like it comes down to the very last drive. I'm proud of our guys and we kept fighting."

On the last drive...

"I wanted the ball in my hands. It reminded me a little of last year when we were up but we needed one more drive to try to wrap it up."

Garrison Smith

On his individual performance...

"I wanted to win. This game means a lot to me. I just wanted to give my all and play as hard as I could. I'm in tears right now. This game means that much to me. I ain't cried in a long time. These are tears of passion for this game. It means so much to me. I'm just happy to win."

On playing a complete game...

"We've got to finish. We've got to do a better job. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot. We're doing so many self-inflicted wounds. We've got play better. We've got eliminate all these small mistakes and errors. I'm so proud of the guys. They never gave up. When it counted the most, they came through."

On beating Florida three times during his career...

"I'm happy. To God be the glory. Without God, none of this would be possible."

Michael Bennett

On returning to action...

"It was tough to be out but it is what it is. There's a reason for everything. Us coming back really shows the resiliency that this team has. It's sort of like the Clemson game when we came back after a loss and had a big win. We did the same thing this week."

On the offense's performance in the first half...

"I think we're unstoppable but some times we shoot ourselves in the foot with errors. We had some drops, I had one myself, but it's something we can clean up."

On playing against Florida...

"Emotions were running high. There was a lot of jawing on the field. You could see that. That's always going to be the case when it's Georgia-Florida. You've got to keep your cool."

On Aaron Murray...

"He's a phenomenal leader and he played awesome today. He put it on me every time. Before the half, he put one on me that I wasn't expecting. He put it in my stomach, but I barely caught it. I can't say enough about him."

Jordan Jenkins

On Georgia's final offensive drive...

"I was definitely praying. I wanted this win pretty bad. I wanted it for the seniors. I hate losing to Florida."

On stopping Florida with Corey Moore's sack...

"We felt a little more at ease after that. That play sums up how we want to play as a defense. It showed our emotion and really excited us."

Will Muschamp, Florida Head Coach

Opening statement:

"I'm very proud of our players and the effort, their intensity, their fight, their resolve to battle back. We dug ourselves too big of a hole, especially the big plays on defense early in the game. We had a third-down situation and gave up a 73-yard touchdown when we had a four-man pressure to the running back. We made a change call with our defensive end, missed the back and missed a tackle in the middle of the field.

Defensively, field position got us a little bit. They made the run on the over route. They hit that on us and the throw back to the tight end. We settled down in the second half. I think they had about 250 yards in the first quarter and 155 for the rest of the game.

We dug ourselves too big of a hole. We moved the ball offensively. I thought we did protect well for the most part. We gave up one sack on a seven-man protection. I think the other two situations were scrambles. We ran the ball effectively at times. We threw the ball well at times. We just got to figure out somehow a way to create more explosive plays for our football team to gain momentum. I give our guys credit defensively. Third down was a killer obviously there at the end not being able to get off the field. In those situations, we've got to be able to convert some third downs and force a punt in that situation, especially with that much time on the clock. I'm disappointed in that, but I've been very pleased with our players and how they continue to play hard, and that's what we'll continue to see."

On defensive struggles at the beginning of games:

"We need to get out of the gate quicker and create more momentum for our team."

On the missed field goals:

"The first drive, we need to get points out of the drive. We hit the ball on the second play of the game (83-yard pass from Tyler Murphy to Quinton Dunbar). It's what we wanted, and we have got to convert those situations and get some redzone touchdowns. We're very disappointed that we couldn't get them or a field goal in on either situation."

On the crucial penalties, such as the unsportsmanlike ones:

"It's hard to see some of that. Whatever they call, they call. In the last 24 years, the University of Florida, we've led the SEC in penalties, 20 out of 24 (years) either first or second. That was long before I got here. So, it's interesting, but it is what it is."

On decision at the end of the half to go for it on 4th and 10:

"We want to play aggressively. I told the players coming into the game that we want to play an aggressive style. We got exactly what we wanted. We got a pressure look off the back side and a block four weak on the pressure. We got exactly what we wanted coverage-wise. We just got to run through the catch. We got to convert that situation. We got man coverage, exactly what we drew up and exactly what we wanted, and we just have to convert."

"If they had had timeouts, I probably would have kicked, but they didn't have any timeouts, and I felt like we needed to call the game aggressively and let our players play aggressively."

On the attitude at the end of the game:

"They're upset, hurt. We'll rebound, and we'll be fine."

On inconsistency:

"We've certainly been inconsistent. That's the frustrating part for me right now."

On hostility from the crowd:

"I don't spend two seconds thinking about that. I just move on. We have to coach our football team and control the things you can control, and that's what we're going to do."

Redshirt Junior QB Tyler Murphy

On how Florida's offensive line improved:

"Definitely, they stepped up today and they took it upon themselves to do better so they did a good job. They gave me a lot of time in the pocket."

On how Florida will move forward:

"We're just going to keep fighting each and every week. We'll try to knock everybody off. We have Vanderbilt at home. They're a good team so no one's going to feel sorry for us. We're going to come out next week and be ready to play."

On feelings after losing despite the Gators' comeback in second half:

"It definitely hurt. To come out of halftime you could feel the energy from guys. We definitely believed we could come back and win it. We had so much momentum, you couldn't tell me we weren't going to win it knowing that we felt assured. It was unfortunate, but you know I'm proud of the guys."

Senior WR Solomon Patton

On the team's offensive struggles in the first half:

"Everybody just really had to calm down. This is such a big game and I think everybody needed to calm down and that's what everybody did coming into the second half." On team's mentality going into halftime and second-half adjustments:

"Everybody had to come together and just keep fighting and that's exactly what we did. We took off after the defense made a couple of plays and we all came together."

On the atmosphere in locker room at halftime:

"We went over stuff that we were going to do for the next half. Nobody was down; we were being positive."

On RB Kelvin Taylor

"I think he did well. He has been stepping up for the last couple of weeks."

Redshirt Junior LB Michael Taylor

On coming back in second half after being down 20 points:

"We knew that we could play a lot better than how we were playing in the first half; we just came out and played how we knew we could play. We started executing our calls, like they were in the first half, so it's a disappointment that we just couldn't pull it out."

On what wasn't working in the first half:

"They were executing, we didn't; and then in the second half, we executed and they didn't. We showed a lot of fight out there. I'm really proud of the guys; we all went out there and really fought in the second half."

On shutting down UGA's RB Todd Gurley after big first half:

"We had to do a better job in the first half of stopping him so he didn't get into rhythm. But, we did a pretty good job in the second half. We knew that they didn't have the weapons that they had outside to start the year so we knew that he was their main weapon and we knew they were going to go to him so we keyed in on him."



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